Chapter 1: still missing you

Authors note: OK so basically yesterday I was watching Chicken run and I have had the most awesome idea ever. So I hope this meets with everyone's approval. So enjoy.

Four months after Ginger and the other chickens escaped from the Tweedy's farm everyone was settled. Babs and Bunty relaxed and enjoyed their 'holiday' as Babs would call it, Mac and Fowler were both teaching the new chicks a thing or two and Ginger just did job to keep her mind busy.

Since they had came to paradise Ginger couldn't stop thinking about Rocky. He was probably out there being 'a lone free ranger' as he always put it, out there having an adventure not a care in the world. Ginger was sad yet disappointed I Rocky since he left the barn and left them to face the tweedy's by themselves.

Everyday as the sun would set over the hills Ginger would always sit there in a world of her own thinking about Rocky. "I can't believe I fell for him!" Ginger thought to herself angrily "I thought he cared about us and I fell for it! ME! Oh I must have been so stupid to think other wise" Ginger furiously hit herself on the head quite hard.

As Ginger continued hitting herself on the head the two rats Nick and Fetcher walked by looking half flustered,half amused "you OK there love?" Nick interrupted Ginger who looked up to see two smirking rats "oh I'm fine thank you" she said calmly "well you don't look it. Did you just see yourself? You were punching yourself like a punch bag on legs" Fetcher explained as he and Nick started to burst out with laughter "like I said before I am fine thank you" Ginger explained slightly irritated by the rats presence. "Well if you need anything just tell us and we will be here" Nick explained "and if you have any eggs to spare we would make sure that they won't be wasted" Fetcher added before they turned around and headed off in the other direction. Ginger just turned back round and continued to stare off into the distance.

About ten minuets later Ginger was still thinking about Rocky. She just couldn't get him out of her mind no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get him to leave her thoughts.

"Ginger are you OK?" came a voice from behind her, Ginger turned around to see her best and closest friend Mac "Oh hello Mac I'm fine I was just thinking" Ginger explained "about what?" Mac asked "Oh about a few things" Ginger explained "like what?" Mac continued "OK you got me!" Ginger surrendered

"I guess I just miss Rocky" Ginger sighed sadly "oh...right we all miss him your not the only one" Mac said "what you mean even Fowler still misses him?" Ginger asked chuckling slightly at what happened between the two cockerels a few months back. "Well I think even he does but I don't think you could get him to admit to that" Mac explained as she and Ginger both started to laugh at the thought.

For about ten minuets both Mac and Ginger had a hen to hen chat about things as it grew dark. One by one the stars started to appear and the moon shone brightly. "Do you want to join the others now?" Mac asked Ginger just looked up to the sky "I will come down in a minuet Mac you go and get yourself some sleep I'll be fine" Ginger reassured her with a smile "OK then good night Hen" Mac said as she descended down the hill "good night Mac see you tomorrow" Ginger said focusing her attention back to the stars.

"I hope your having fun Rocky being a lone free ranger" Ginger said standing up and descending down the hill to get some sleep.

Authors note: OK that is chapter one I hope you liked it. I will update soon. Please review thank you.