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Could Have Been Colder


It was a beautiful day. A day that seemed to be picked to bring happiness for just an occasion. For just a little while. Daniel held his mother's hand as the limo drove through the streets of Manhattan. Each looking out the window not a word exchanged.

Christina and Evan too sat quietly in their car. Evan again playing with his tie, it had become a nervous habit. Christina reached for his hand to pull it from his collar. She continued to hold it in her own. Evan watched has she gently laid their joined hands on her lap. He looked at his wife and smiled. She placed her free hand on his cheek tenderly. No words were needed.

As their limo pulled in to its destination, Olivia squeezed her son's hand causing him to look at her.

"I'll be okay Mom." Daniel gave her a big grin. "This won't be that bad. Granddad will be here." He tipped his head toward the car pulling in front of theirs.

"Be mindful of your surroundings, son." Olivia looked out the window past her son. A crowd had already begun to gather. "Remember what your mother always says."

"Yeah. Decisions today affect the choices tomorrow."

"No, always have chocolate." Olivia pulled a Hersey's bar from her purse and gave it to Daniel. "Put it in your pocket and don't let your Grandmother see it."

"Our secret Mom." Daniel turned to open his door. He saw the crowd and lost his courage. He closed his eyes and whispered a prayer. Olivia reached out and began to rub his back. He turned, "Ready, Mom." He opened the door and stepped from the car.

"Wow, who knew Alex was so popular." Evan said peering at the crowd.

"Evan really. She'd walk into a room and everyone would look at her. Popular please, commanding yes." Christina ran her hands through her hair and checked her lipstick.

"Shall we?" Evan knocked on the window. The driver dutifully opened the door. "Thank you, Preston." He simply bowed in respect. Evan turned and offered his hand to Christina. She graciously took it and exited the car. The pair turned and saw Daniel and Olivia standing on the sidewalk waiting for them.

"Hi kiddo." Evan said giving his grandson a hug.

"Hey." Daniel replied trying to break free. It was hard to breath being engulfed in Evan's coat.

"You look handsome." Christina simply just smiled at her grandson.

"Well, we should get going." Olivia said reluctantly.

The group turned and looked up at the stairs of the courthouse. Jack McCoy, Elliot and Kathy stood at the top waiting for them.

"One step at a time everyone." Christina gave the order and the family began their climb to the waiting crowd.

"She looks great." Kathy whispered to Elliot.

"Daniel is so grown up." Elliot added standing like a proud father. Kathy looped her arm in his and calmly ran her hand over his coat sleeve.

"So many stairs." Christina stated under her breath. Photographers began snapping photos of the arriving family.

"Just two more Grandma. Almost there." Daniel was doing his best to not trip on each step while helping Olivia. He hated getting his picture taken.

Jack McCoy skillfully stepped in front of the reporters and photographers. Elliot and Kathy moved on cue.

"Olivia, Daniel." Jack greeted them with a handshake. "Christina. Evan."

"Always so formal, Jack. You would think after 15 years you would lighten up a bit." Evan said moving past the district attorney.

"Uncle Elliot." Daniel was happy to see his second favorite male role model.

"Hey, squirt. You're looking.." Elliot lost his words. He was proud of the boy that stood before him.

"Rather handsome." Kathy added. "Olivia how are you holding up?"

"Let's get through this and then I'll tell you." She smiled at Kathy.

"We are ready to start." Connie Rubirosa announced to the small group. She directed them to the front row. A mahogany podium with the City of New York crest stood just under the grand entrance to the city courthouse.

Several of the sitting judges were on hand. Most of them Alex had either gained has a friend or at least an admirer. Defense attorneys where scatter in the crowd. Their best thousand dollar suits getting warm under the early spring thaw.

Mayor Bloomberg rose and approached the podium.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are here today to honor one of our own. Alex Cabot proved to be a worth opponent both in and out of the courtroom. She was tenacious in her fight against crime and cancer. Her legacy will forever be etched in the walls of this building. And for some of you, in your lose columns." A chuckle ran through the crowd. "Jack McCoy," the mayor turned to acknowledge the standing DA. "was instrumental in proving the citizens of New York a safer city to live in. Prosecuting countless unwinnable cases and winning. He will be sorely missed in these hollow halls." The mayor stepped from the podium and shook Jack's hand. They exchanged pleasantries.

Olivia reached for Daniel's hand and squeezed it for support. Christina took Olivia's other hand and held it lovingly. All seemed to take a deep breath in unison has the mayor returned to the podium.

"I know under new leadership, this city will continue to thrive. The streets will be safer and our justice while swift, will be fair and unwavering." The mayor turned to his secretary and took the red leather book from her hand. The crowd stood in silence. A familiar clicking began to echo off of the pillars and walls. Cameramen fought to get "the shot."

Alex waved at Daniel and then Olivia. The mayor extended his hand and Alex took it with a gentle force. He then raised the book and Alex placed her left hand on the book and raised her right.


"You know I won't be too far, Moms." Daniel said placing the last of the boxes in the back of his SUV. "You two will be just fine." He spread his arms encompassing both women.

"Yes, but who will be here to make a mess in the kitchen when getting a midnight snack?" Alex said giving him a jab in the ribs. "Or forget to lock the door before leaving the house?"

"Well," Daniel said looking down at Olivia. "Mom O is will still be here to do all of that stuff."

"Confession time." Olivia said raising her right hand in the air. Alex gave her a disapproving grin. "Hey a captain can get hungry after a stakeout. And when your late your late. Besides we have the auto alarm."

"For heaven's sake. I spend all day putting the bad guys in jail while my wife has let our son take all of the blame all these years for her household crimes."

"Well that's something I won't miss." Daniel said kissing each one on the head before releasing them. "I love you both. Enjoy. Thanksgiving is not that far away."

"Neither is Boston." Alex chimed. Daniel climbed in the driver's seat and started the engine. Olivia shut the door. Both women fought for space in the open window.

"One at a time." He kissed each of his mothers and then put the car in drive. "Now step away and go to the curb. I have to go if I am going to miss traffic." He waved them to the sidewalk. They dutifully obliged. They waved has he pulled away. They waited until he had turned the corner before turning and climbing the front steps.

"So, Madame DA, what shall we do with all our free time?" Olivia gave Alex's behind a soft slap.

"I think you just assaulted a government official, Captain Benson!" Alex said playfully. She held the door open for Olivia to follow her inside.

"Well then cuff me." Olivia gave her a sly smile. Alex raised Olivia's handcuff with her index finger.

"A step ahead of you, officer. Has always." She turned and raced up the stairs.

"I am beginning to like this empty nest thing." Olivia said. She paused before racing after Alex.

"What?" Alex said from the landing.

"I Love you." Olivia began a slow climb up the stairs. "For twenty-seven years you have been in my every thought. And I have loved the whole journey." She reached the landing and took Alex in her arms.

"I Love you too. But we have yet to begin the real journey." Alex kissed Olivia on the cheek.

"Yes we have." Olivia spun Alex around so fast and had her right arm cuffed before Alex realized what had happened. She placed the cuff on her own left wrist.

"Seriously!" Alex exclaimed.

"Seriously mine until Monday at eight a.m." Olivia gave Alex a gentle nudge.

"Seriously yours forever." Alex

And that concludes this story. Happy ending just like at home.