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Chapter 1:Failed Attempts

Blair glanced down at her phone and then took a sip of her coffee. It was late in the afternoon and she was finally done. She had had one long day filled with lectures and one grueling test. She was finally sitting –resting- and drinking a much needed cup of coffee. Blair was about to get up and leave when she spotted a figure walking towards her. She smiled and sat back down. He walked up to her and grinned.

'I thought you'd be here.' He took a seat next to her. They were at a secluded part of the university where Blair liked to go to. All around them were trees and one building where lectures occurred in. Towards the left side of the courtyard there were two large trees that bloomed purple flowers and in the middle of the two trees was one brown bench that Blair had discovered and adored sitting at. Blair smiled at him.

'You're just the person I wanted to see.' She replied in an excited voice. He gave a half chuckle and turned to face her.

'I know that voice. What is it? What do you want?' She grinned.

'I love that you know me so well, it saves so much time. There's this party-'

'No. Not another one. Aren't you bored of them?'

'Yes. Of course I get bored of having fun all the time.' She replied sarcastically while nodding her head at him.



'Blair, those parties are torture-'

'Will you let me finish? It's not the normal college-get-drunk-don't-remember –what –happened- the- next- morning type party. It's only for a select bunch of people its very elite.'

'That sounds worst than the normal parties those are-'

'Stop talking, Dan. I know what you're going to say it's pompous, it's superficial, whatever. Pick me up at 8.' Dan sighed and ran a hand through his black hair.

'How'd you get us in?'

'Being Blair Waldorf has its advantages.' Dan laughed.

'You owe me for this.' Blair leaned closer to Dan and dropped her voice to a whisper.

'It's ok Dan, you can drop the act it's only me here. I know you really want to go.' He shook his head. Stood up and held out his hand for her. Blair stared up at her friend and smiled. She took his hand and together they made their way back to their dorms.

Serena leaned over and kissed Nate softly on the lips. He immediately replied and pulled her closer while simultaneously deepening the kiss. He could feel a smile spreading over her lips. Her hands moved to his hair and tugged it in just the way he liked it. He moved his hand down to her waist and then moved one across her stomach-knowing that it sent her body into an array of different feelings. Serena was about to remove his shirt when a knock sounded at the door. Nate stared at her and kissed her again intending to ignore the knock. But a few seconds later the knocking continued on at a constant pace. Serena sighed and broke away.

'Chuck!' Nate yelled out and got off his bed and went to the door. Serena rearranged the books on the bed so it looked like she had been studying. Nate opened the door and glared at Chuck. 'What?'

'Sorry was I interrupting?' Chuck asked and entered the room.

'Serena.' Chuck greeted.

'Chuck.' She replied.

'Enjoying the studying?' he asked her and grinned.

'Enjoying being a pain?' he laughed and turned to Nate.

'I came to drop these off.' He handed Nate two envelopes.

'What are these?'

'Invitations to that party I was telling you about.' Serena suddenly jumped off the bed and made her way over to Nate taking one of the invitations from him. She grinned and turned to Chuck.

'Listen closely now Chuck, cause I'm about to compliment you and that will generally only happen about once every year. You're awesome. Thank you.' She went over and kissed him on the cheek. Serena had wanted these invitations but had had no luck in her attempts to get them. She had gone to all the wrong people. Chuck laughed and was about to say something when Nate interrupted him.

'You couldn't have just pushed the envelopes under the door, Chuck?' he asked frustrated.

'And miss giving you a legitimate reason to stop studying, Nathaniel?' Nate walked to the door and opened it.

'Goodbye, Chuck we'll see you later.'

'Alright, I'm going.' Chuck nodded to Serena and walked out. Nate closed the door and turned back. Serena gave him a mischievous grin. He walked back to her and within in seconds the "studying" session resumed.

It was about 8 o'clock and Blair was wearing a short black dress that had an open chest style and was tight at the top and flowed out at the bottom. She had also decided on red heels. Her hair was down in a wavy curls and she had a red hair band in her hair. Dan had just arrived and was waiting for her to finish her final make-up touch ups. Five minutes later she was finally done and came out and smiled at him.

'You're going to be having a lot of boys chasing after you tonight.' He commented. Blair smiled at him.

'It's a good thing then that I can look after myself, considering I cant rely on you to help me get rid of the unwanted attention.' She replied and took a step closer to him.

'Does that mean I don't have to go with you?' Blair laughed.

'No Dan, it means I remember you making out with that girl at the last party we were at. Nothing could have stolen your attention away from that girl. And you say you don't enjoy those parties. ' Dan just looked down and then at his watch. Blair laughed.

'We should get going.' He moved to the door and opened it for her. The place was about twenty minutes away.

Serena adjusted her dress and got out the car. She was wearing a blue strapless dress that had a V-shaped front and the bottom half of the dress flowed and looked as though it had creases to it. Her hair was up in a messy bun. Nate and Chuck walked over to her side. She interlocked her arms with them and they made their way inside to the party. Once inside Serena assumption had been correct. The place was decorated in a classic sort of way; everything about it was a classic upper- east -side style. Except that modern music was playing. There was an abundance of alcohol and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Really it was a normal college party that was just a bit more dressed up. She smiled at the boys and then left them to go get a drink.

She had almost expected Nate to follow her but then realized that that wasn't how they worked in public. She had just gotten a drink and was walking towards a girl she knew when someone grabbed her arm. She spun around.

'Troy.' She said anger in her voice. 'Leave me alone.' She pulled her arm out of his grasp and quickly went across the room and started talking to the girl she knew. She glanced nervously around to see if Troy was anywhere near her. They had had a drunken moment of fun one night and ever since then he hadn't left Serena alone. At first that wasn't a big problem but these days he had gotten increasingly intense, insisting that there was something between them and it had now started to make Serena extremely uncomfortable.

Blair walked into the party and sighed. This was exactly the type of party she had felt like. Elite and fun. She glanced around the room for familiar faces and found one or two. She was suddenly aware that Dan was beside her and very quiet. She turned to him.

'What's wrong?' he seemed to not hear her at first and then suddenly snapped out of his daze.

'Nothing. I'm just,' he paused and seemed to search for the words meanwhile his eyes had strayed to a blonde haired girl in a blue dress, 'surprised.' He finally muttered. Blair raised her eyebrows.

'Right. So, which girl are we looking at?' she asked him playfully. He finally tore his eyes away and looked at Blair. He grinned.

'I'm going to get us drinks.' He said and was about to walk away when Blair quickly added.

'You know I'll know by the end of the night.' Dan shook his head and walked away, with his hands in his pockets, and trying not to glance at the girl in the blue dress. Blair made her way deeper into the house. She loved the little details in it. She was about to go and find Dan when someone she knew all too well by reputation approached her.

'Chuck Bass.' He said when he reached her. He then grabbed her hand and kissed it.

'Not interested.' Blair replied.

'That can be changed.' He replied and stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. She pulled her hand away.

'You should be leaving right about now.'

'Will you be following me?' He asked and cocked his head to the side. Blair gave an incredulous smile.

'Am I not making myself clear, Chuck?'

'Every girl plays hard to get in the start I'm just trying to speed this encounter up so we get to the part where-'

'You finish that sentence and I may just have to hurt you.' She turned to walk away and then stopped and looked at him. 'And Chuck Bass is a terrible opening line. Find a new one. You may have more of chance then with some unfortunate girl.' She took another step when he called out to her.

'Wait. What's your name?' She paused and turned back, shook her head at him and walked away. She then went and found Dan - all the while she was trying to shake off the thought that she had found Chuck Bass fascinating. She had wanted to talk to him more but she knew his reputation and she knew, because of it, that it was not a smart idea to stay in the presence of Chuck Bass for too long. Dan handed her a drink which she gladly accepted.

'Enjoying your self yet?' he asked her.

'More than you know.' She replied taking a sip and tearing her gaze away from Chuck.

Serena sighed they had been at the party for quite a few hours now. She was enjoying herself a lot. The company was good. She had spoken to tons of people. Had danced with many boys and was enjoying the music and alcohol. She had just left Nate and Chuck to go the bathroom. She was looking down and wasn't paying attention to where she was going. The next minute she had felt something hard hit her. She stopped, shocked, and looked up. A black haired boy turned around to face her.

'You ok?' he asked. She smiled embarrassed.

'Yeah, sorry about that.'

'No apology necessary.' He said. Serena looked at the two other girls this boy had been talking to.

'Serena Van der Woodsen.' She said.

'Dam Humphrey.' Dan could hardly believe his luck this was the girl in the blue dress. The one he had wanted to talk to the whole night the only problem was that currently he couldn't think of what to say to her. A few seconds passed in silence. Finally Serena broke it.

'I think I owe you another apology, Dan.'

'Why would that be?' he asked putting his hands in his pocket again.

'I seemed to have chased away those girls you were talking to.' He grinned.

'Then you have just done me a favour.' He glanced and noticed they were gone and sighed with relief. 'Let's just say they were kind of strange and uh kinky.' Serena laughed.

'Well then I'm happy to be of service… wait… sorry… did you say kinky?' Dan laughed and nodded. He began rehashing the conversation with Serena. Half an hour later they were still together and having a good time. Serena was about to tell Dan another story when Troy walked up to her. He was clearly drunk and clearly angry.

'Serena!' he yelled. 'what the fuck are you doing?' She spun around to face him but just then he grabbed her arm and pushed her towards the wall.

'Dude!' Dan yelled and moved towards Troy.

'Dan, don't.' Serena demanded.

'Troy, you're hurting me let me go.' She yelled at him. His grip only tightened.

Blair was walking the house looking for Dan. She hadn't seen him in a bit and she wanted to go home now. She wasn't feeling the best. She stopped walking and threw up her hands in exasperation. Just then someone put their hand on the small of her back.

'Dan-' she started but stopped when she saw who it was. She took a step away.

'You again.' She said and began walking again.

'I just thought I could be of service?' Chuck replied and followed her.

'Why would you think that?'

'You look lost.' She laughed.

'Chuck is that another one of your pick up lines. Am I going to say something like, "I'm not lost" And then you reply with something along the lines of, "Really because you aren't in my bed." Type things.' Chuck laughed and he shook his head.

'Never have I had to use such a line and never will. You seem to think a reputation like mine can be grown from pathetic game like that.'

'No, I think its grown from you having the skill to pick out desperate girls.'

'What does that say about you?' she stopped walking and looked at him. He then added. 'I picked out you.'

'Yeah, but you didn't pick me up.' She continued walking still searching for Dan. Chuck was about to reply when they rounded a corned. Both him and Blair stopped in their tracks. Blair watched as some girl was being pinned against a wall by a guy she knew as Troy. She then watched as Dan pulled him off her and punched him. The next thing Troy had punched Dan who was about to punch him again. When suddenly Chuck was in the midst and had grabbed Troy and threw him aside.

'Troy. If you know what's good for you you'll fuck off.' She heard Chuck say. Just then another brown haired, green eyed boy had joined the group and stood protectively in front of the girl- who was trying to calm them down. Just then Troy stepped forward and threw another punch at the brown haired boy. Chaos then broke out. Troy punched whoever he could. Then Chuck and Dan grabbed him while the brown haired boy proceeded to punch him. The girl was now trying to physical break them all apart. Blair sighed and quickly walked over to the group. She stood just close enough to them and then managed to step in the middle of the brown haired boy and Troy before he could punch him again and stalled him. Dan then yelled at her to move. She glared at him and spoke in a rather cold voice.

'Calm down boys.' She said. They all looked at her. She was now in the middle of a circle. The girl had moved to the brown haired boys side. She turned to face Troy.

'Troy.' she looked at him dead in the eye. 'Listen to me carefully now. You are going to walk away from here and never bother any of us again. Especially her.' Blair pointed at Serena.

'Why would I do that?' Troy spat out. Blair lips curved upwards and she tilted her head.

'Well, because you don't want anyone to find out about the fun you had with one of your friend's barely legal sister.' Troy looked at her.

'Fuck you. You don't know anything.' Blair laughed.

'Now now Troy, you don't believe that and my patience is wearing thin. So should I call Rob and his parents or are you going to disappear?' he looked at her.


'Apologize to her.' She said. He looked like he was about to argue when she whipped out her phone.

'Sorry Serena.' He replied softly.

'Let him go now, boys.' They did and then they all watched Troy walk away. Serena stepped forward and smiled.

'Who are you? And where have you been all my life?' Blair laughed.

'Blair Waldorf. He shouldn't be a problem anymore.' Serena nodded.

'Serena Van der Woodsen and thanks.'

'Blair Waldorf. I should have guessed.' Chuck said. Suddenly the girls were aware of the boys.

'Are you guys ok?' They said simultaneously. The boys nodded. Introductions then followed.

'I think its time to leave.' Nate eventually said. Blair nodded in agreement.

'Yes please.' Serena said. 'It was nice meeting you.' She said to Dan and Blair. Chuck put a hand on the small of Blair's back and leaned in to whisper into her ear.

'Nice meeting you, Blair. Your interest will grow.' Blair stepped away from him trying to ignore the voice in her head that was saying that her interested had already grown.


They all left the party then.

Serena had gone back to her dorm and had gotten ready for bed but she couldn't fall asleep. She finally got out of bed and made her way over to Nate's dorm. She knocked softly and then waited a few seconds. She was about to leave when his door swung open.

'Serena?' he asked sleepily.

'I can't sleep.' She replied. He stepped aside to let her into his room. He closed the door and they walked to his bed. He rearranged the pillows and she got into the bed. She lay down beside him. A few seconds later he pulled her towards him. She adjusted herself so that she was resting her head on his chest. He wrapped her arms around her. After the night she had had this was exactly where she wanted to be. That thought worried her.

'Night, Dan.' Blair said. He gave her a small kiss on the head. He then walked away with his head filled with thoughts of Serena. Blair walked into her dorm room and then got ready for bed. She was exhausted. The night had been unexpected. How fascinated she was by Chuck shocked her. She also seemed to realize that how she felt around Chuck she hadn't felt like with any other guy before. She sighed confused and then comforted herself with the thought that she'd probably never see Chuck, Serena or Nate again. She then closed her eyes and tried to sleep. She had just fallen asleep when her phone got a text message. She heard it but decided not to read it until the next morning. Figuring it would probably just be Dan.

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