Chapter 30: The End…For Now/ Epilogue

Blair sat on down on her favourite bench and took a sip of her coffee. Term was coming to an end and she had just written her last semester test. She smiled; relieved that soon she would be away on holiday with Chuck, Dan, Nate and Serena. They were spending the summer together and she was beyond excited for that. She was so caught up in her thoughts that it took a second for her to notice the figure which had just taken a seat on the bench next to her. She turned to Dan and noticed the huge smile on his face.

'Spill, Humphrey.' Blair said quickly and handed him the cup of coffee she had gotten for him. His smile grew even bigger, however he was slightly nervous as well.

'Ok,' he took out an envelope from one of the books he had been carrying and handed it over to Blair. She took it and gave him a confused look. 'We got in.' He added a moment later.

'Got in where?' Blair asked confused and took out the letter from the already opened envelope. She read it, and couldn't quite believe what she was reading. 'Dan…' she trailed off and looked up at him and smiled. 'How?'

'I applied for both of us,' he began to explain. 'This was our dream in high school, Waldorf, and so earlier on in the year I decided to apply. But I wanted my best friend with me, so I applied for you as well.' Blair sighed. This was incredible.

'We got into Yale.' She finally managed to say.

'We did.' Dan replied and laughed. They were currently attending Columbia due to some logistical reasons but their dream in high school had always been to go to Yale. She hugged her friend and then sat back. She read her letter again and then Dan's acceptance letter. Suddenly her phone went off. It was a message from Chuck telling her about some party going on tonight. She looked back up at Dan and something hit her. This had been their first year at Columbia and they had finally settled in. Not to mention that Chuck, Nate and Serena attended Columbia. Dan could tell what she was thinking.

'We don't have to decide, which university to attend next year, just yet!' he squeezed his friend's hand. 'Let's just enjoy the summer and decide on Columbia or Yale later.' Dan finished and Blair smiled at him. Everyone else in the group was done with semesters test, she was the last one to finish, and she realized that tonight's party was the first party to start off their holiday together. She organized with Dan to meet him later and then she left to go get ready for tonight.

An Hour before the Party

Serena walked out of the room, and went over to Nate. She stood in front of him and moved her hair to the side. She turned around.

'Can you zip me up?' Nate stood up, and took in the appearance of the black dress she was wearing and just how beautiful she was. He kissed the side of her neck.

'Do I have to?' He kept kissing her neck and Serena sighed happily.

'I guess we can be a bit late.' She replied and turned around to properly kiss him. Things had been going well for Nate and Serena. They were happy and enjoyed spending as much time together as possible. They were also just as excited as Blair was, to be going away together with their friends.

Blair put her shoes on and heard a knocking at her door. She stood up and went to answer it. She was surprised to see Chuck standing outside her room door, considering she was supposed to be meeting him at the party. She smiled though and stepped aside so that he could enter. He entered and then turned towards Blair and pulled her into a kiss. A few moments later they broke away. Blair took a hold of Chuck's hand and they walked further into her room.

'What are you doing here?' she asked him, and he pulled her onto the couch with him.

'I felt like seeing you before the party.' Blair's smile grew and she leaned in and gave him another short kiss. When they broke apart Chuck took a box out of his jacket pocket. Blair watched him curiously, he smiled at her and handed her the box.

'I saw this and thought you'd like it,' he paused for a moment and smiled at her, 'it reminded me of you.' Blair opened the box and sighed happily.

'Chuck, this is beautiful.' She leaned over and gave him another kiss- one that was much longer than the others had been. 'Thank you.' It was a thin silver bracelet, with blue topaz stones embedded along the silver. Blair took it out the box and Chuck helped her put it on. She smiled and stood up.

'I want to wear this tonight, but it doesn't match this dress. So I'm going to change it.' Chuck stood up, 'I'll help.' He said and grinned at her. She laughed and took a hold of his hand.

The Party

Blair interlinked her arm with Dan and they went to find Serena and Nate. Chuck had gone to get them drinks. They had turned a corner when a cute girl caught Dan's eye. She had brown hair, green eyes, and a smile which had drawn Dan to her. He sighed and kept walking. The last time he met a girl at a party… it didn't end up sp well. They kept walking and found Nate and Serena a moment later. Blair glanced up to check on Dan, he seemed fine. She sighed. She had no idea how Ok Dan was currently, but she definitely knew that eventually he would be more than Ok. She was distracted form her thoughts by Nate, who had maneuvered over to her.

'You feel like doing a shot?' he asked her and smiled.

'Only if I get to pick the shot,' she responded and Nate laughed.

'Nothing purple!' was his reply and this time Blair laughed. She then looked over to Dan and Serena.

'Maybe we should all do a shot?' Blair suggested. As if Chuck had read her mind, he appeared with drinks and shots for them all. He placed them on the table and then went and stood next to Blair. They each picked up a shot from the table.

'To a great summer.' Blair said. They all then did the shot. Chuck then pulled Blair into a kiss, which she immediately responded to. Serena broke them apart a moment later. They all continued to have a good time that night. There was no drama, just pure fun, like it should be.

After the Party

Nate walked Serena to her room and they stopped outside it. He sighed and placed a kiss on her forehead. She looked up and pulled him into a proper kiss. During the kiss she felt him take a hold of her hand.

'Stay with me tonight,' Nate said when they broke away. Serena smiled at him.

'Ok, but give me a minute.' She then opened her room door and went to gather a few things, like her toothbrush. Nate waited for her, feeling absolutely content. They had had a good night and things were great between them. He hadn't been this happy in a long time. He was brought out of his thoughts when Serena emerged and took a hold of his hand.

'Come on, Archibald, the sun is beginning to rise.' He laughed and placed a kiss on the top of her head and then headed back to Nate's room.

Blair shifted in bed and turned over. She shifted again and then felt Chuck's arm wrap around her waist. He pulled her closer to him, and placed a small kiss on the side of her neck.

'You ok?' he asked her softly. Blair just nodded and moved a bit closer to him. Finally comfortable. Blair knew that she had had some rough times these past few weeks, but she also knew that she would do it all over again just to be where she is with Chuck now. She didn't know what the future held for them; all she did know was that she wanted to be with him, and he with her, and that was all that really mattered at the end of the day.

They all slept peacefully that night- with the excitement for the summer holidays brewing in the back of their heads. Together they were sure to have an interesting holiday and tons of fun. Any drama that came their way- they all knew that they were strong enough to deal with as friends, couples and as a group. At the end of the day they were all just hoping that nothing would come between them. Soon enough, the summer would either prove their hopes correct or shatter them and deep down inside each of them realized this.

The End…For Now


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