Ocean Catastrophe

Chapter 1: Here We Go Again

"You idiot" Amber shouted at Hex as the big pot of boiled vegetables fell to the floor. Alex looked from sharpening his knife, a grin slowly spreading across his face, which was quickly wiped away as a big salty wave face crashed on his head.

"What the hell?"Shouted Alex as he jumped up and turned around. But he did this too quickly, slipped on the water, and ended up on his arse. As he looked up and saw Paulo and Li standing in front of him, holding buckets and laughing. They had been deep sea diving and had just come back up. Alpha Force was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on Amber's uncle's boat, investigating a shipwreck from over 100 years ago.

"Good dive?"Asked Alex as he dried himself off with a towel

"Yea, we saw some exotic fish but still not what were looking for" said li. She was about to say more but a sharp cry made them look round to the other two members of their team. What they saw made Li, Alex and Paulo all burst out laughing. Amber had Hex pinned to the floor, his arm twisted painfully behind his back. Alex had almost forgotten-Hex had dropped the vegetables.

"Ow, look, for god's sake Amber it's not my fault. I just got an email on my palmtop and I had to go and check it" Moaned Hex on the floor, a piece of carrot poking him in the eye.

"You could have told me instead of just dropping it. And don't forget I brought you that stupid computer. This top was brand new and now I got bloody carrots down it. This is your fault. You are such an idiot" Retorted Amber as she tightened her hold on Hex's arm.

"I'm sorry, just please let me up" Begged Hex on the floor in a muffled way because a piece of roast potato was is in his mouth.

Amber seemed to see the light and let Hex up but gave him a stiff warning to never do it again. They both went over to the palmtop, where Li and Paulo joined them. Alex was about to go over but he remembered how Alpha force had first come to meet. They had been together on a boat as A-Watch. They had ended up stranded on a desert island but before that had happened; Hex and Amber had dropped a big pot of vegetables. Alex thought that this was funny and muttered to himself, here we go again.

"What's that" shouted Hex

"I was just remembering how you and Amber and dropped a big pot of vegetables when we were on A-Watch. Now what's on that email" Alex replied

"It's from Ambers Uncle. Alex, I don't know how to tell you this, but your dad has been shot. He was in a mission in the north east and got shot in the shoulder. He's in hospital. We have to port as soon as possible" Paulo said slowly.