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Harry was born when the earth, sea and sky were still young. Harry appeared in the image of man, though his beauty was without equal, he looked around the age of seventeen years old. He had a lithe figure with skin an almost ivory white as if he had never seen the sun, with perfect flawless skin, high cheekbones and raven locks that looked as though made of the blackest ink that reached his shoulders, his almond shaped eyes were such a piercing green that they appeared to glow . Harry was everlasting never ageing or changing, which Harry never questioned due to him not having an example to go by. He walked the earth for thousands of years before the appearance of man.

It was during this time Harry learned of his various abilities: his skin was impenetrable, his strength and speed unparallel, he could drain the life from any living thing be it human or animal by absorbing there energy, just by touch, and found this was the only way to sustain his hunger. Harry could manipulate water and wind along with fire and ice; he could call down storms and shake the earth by will alone. It was also possible for him to change his shape to any animal of his choosing, though all would have those vivid green eyes. Though there were still many powers he was unaware of possessing.

He watched as man evolved how there primitive grunts became languages that reflected those of today, watched as humans built up from nothing to having great civilisations. He wandered the immense vastness of the earth, with nothing but the clothes on his back which were black and simple, but fitted for easy movement and also made his skin look paler and appeared as though it gave a faint glow, going from one civilization to another he was there for the rise and fall of each of the great civilisations: Egypt, the Romans, the Greeks, the Incas and through each he learned everything he possible could from them, he learned every language they spoke, all about their religions and their lifestyle, which he found possible as he seemed to be capable of holding vast amounts of knowledge.

He never told anyone about himself as he knew he wasn't normal compared to others and the consequences would be dire if anyone knew the truth behind his past.

It was during his time in what would later be called Southern Africa, where Harry was living in a forest which was near a small village, feasting on the animals that lived there, that trouble happened for Harry. You see Harry had met a beautiful young man; he was fairly tall, standing at a more than respectable 6 foot 3 inches and around the age of 19 years old. His shoulder-length, straight, jet-black hair was pulled into a ponytail at the base of his neck; his name was Nkosana (Which Means "prince" in Xhosa.).

He was the village Chief's one and only son. Nkosana was infatuated with Harry from the first moment he saw him, he would go back to the village and tell his friends and anyone else he spoke to about the beautiful creature that lived in the woods, that's pale skin would appear to glow when the moon was shining upon it, whose hair was as black as the night sky and eyes an even richer colour of green than the freshly grown grass. Harry's beauty lured Nkosana in and he would follow Harry around the forest, despite the warnings he got off of the other villagers' to stay away from such a creature, as he went for walks keeping a distance and admiring from afar.

Nkosana went into the forest one day and never came out. The Chief sent nine warrior men to go into the forest and search for him, when they found the body of Nkosana, he was naked and had a smile of pleasure on his face and had a puncture wounds on his neck. The Chief grieved over the loss of his son and commanded the story of what happened be passed down to future generations in case the beautiful, pale green eyed creature were ever to return to enchant and ensnare any other villagers'.

Harry had fled after what happened to Nkosana. He was shocked and confused to have lost control, he had never felt it before, he was giving Nkosana what he had wanted for so long, after all how could he not notice the young man, who followed him non-stop for months, and of course he had his own needs as well. When he was close to climax he had felt the urge to bite and when he did it was like the sweetest wine he had ever tasted the blood was so full of life and he had no choice but to drink. Harry felt a bit disgusted as the bite was made even better as the moment he bit was when Nkosana had reached the end of his climax which caused Harry to have his own release. When Harry pulled back and looked at Nkosana's face it was to see a smile of bliss on his face and that was when Harry realised that he was a real life monster.

To have beauty to entice people in and then the power to drain the life right out of them, he was the fastest, strongest and most deadly predator the world would almost certainly ever see.

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