PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: This fanfiction features a fancharacter of my own I created for this story. It will revolve alot of times around him, but there are enough official character interaction parts to balance it out. The fancharacter's name is Rick Pellegrino, a 11-year old young boy from the Netherlands who picked up Snowboarding as a hobby in order to get more active and make some friends, and his father and mother just moved to Snow Town with him, his father owning a local store, and his mother having a job as a script writer currently. He has a usual very friendly and helpful attitide, but can get carried away by things of his interests, and when truly angered he means buisness. He has seen alot of Pamela Rasteri's movies and has developed a secret crush on her, but he doesn't know yet about her attending the same school as where's he going now...

I hope you'll enjoy this fanfiction and many thanks for reading this first.

It was a sunny morning as Linda and Nancy were chatting up while they were on their way to school in the morning. Linda, not wanting to be brought to school by limousine on the last day before spring vacation, took the occasion to snowboard with her best friend to school, a fresh change of the usual routine, as she liked to call it.

'So, did you do anything special last night, Nancy?' Linda asked as they went down the still quiet streets at a steady pace.

'Nothing special, I just continued to work onto today's book report, I had to read the last chapter a bit quickly through as my parents wanted me to help a bi---*poof!*

With that, a snowball plowed against the back of Linda's head, letting out a quick shriek as she wiped the cold snow out of her hair. 'What the?!'

Just then, from the sidelines of the streets a familiar laughing was heard as 2 boys also went downhills towards the school on their snowboards.

'Hey, Linda! I thought your hot head could chill off a bit!' Slash yelled as he and Jam started to speed up towards the direction of the school.

'GRRR!!! COME BACK HERE YOU TWO!!' Linda shouted as her face turned red and she also increased her speed shaking her fist. Nancy just sighed and slightly increased her own speed to catch up.

Indeed it was the last day of school before spring vacation would kick in for a whole 2 weeks. After Christmas and New Year Celebration the kids all went back to their usual routine and everything was still going good. Of course a few new people moved into town, but it was still the same old Snow Town the residents loved.

As Slash and Jam placed their snowboards at the storage room where snowboards and other stuff would be placed until the end of the school day, they quickly runned to the classroom as they heard Linda approaching with fury. 'Come on, quickly!' Slash shouted as he and Jam ran down the filling class room and went to their places. Linda barged in a few seconds later, seeing the boys sitting all whistling at their desks, but she saw that Mrs. Steeder also was in the classroom, and thus quickly dismissed her revenge thoughts for now and walked to her desk, giving the 2 boys a quick glare and they just grinning in response.

Eventually the rest also made their way in amongst them Nancy, Wendy, Tommy and Ruby, and then English class began.

As the rest of the class all quietly sat down trying to read the required paragraphs of their books for the first few 10 minutes, a pointy-nosed boy with messy brown hair, small glasses wearing black jeans and a blue shirt came in unnoticed by the rest of the class except Mrs. Steeder, to whom he headed to.

'Excuse me, is this class 10-A?' He asked her politely. 'Ah, yes. You must be one of the students from 10-C, whose teacher was sick today and that all of the students have to sit in individual classes for the day, right? I've been informed of your arrival already.' She pointed towards a empty desk behind Nancy. 'You can sit there, behind that blonde girl. Please take a English book from the shelf and go to paragraph 12.'

The boy nodded and headed towards his appointed desk after he grabbed a English book and sat down behind Nancy, just going along with the reading until 20 minutes later, reading session was over and Mrs. Steeder asked for attention.

'Dear class, before we start answering questions, I'd like to inform that for today in connection with a teacher being sick, a boy from another classroom will join us for the day. Would you like to tell us your name?' She looked at him as did the rest of the class, to which the boy just got a bit red in the face from all the faces looking at him, and tried to respond.

'Oh! Uh... my-my name's Rick Pellegrino, nice to meet you all.' He waved a bit before quickly hiding behind his book again to avoid any more attention, and the class went on. Though Jam muttered something in himself: 'Odd, but a friendly guy.'

As the bell ringed for lunchtime, the kids all went to the cafeteria where they got their lunch trays loaded with spinach, some ham sandwiches and a banana, and sat down in a group, Slash, Jam, Tommy, Linda, Nancy and Wendy sitting all on one lunch table to talk about their plans for the vacation. Though they didn't discuss much, or somebody approached them. It was that Rick guy.

'Um, hi there. Sorry if I disturb you all in something important, but the other lunch tables seem all occupied, can I sit with you guys, if that's okay?' The boy asked a bit shyly.

'Sure!' Nancy replied. Rick sat down and wanted to introduce himself a bit more properly. 'I'm sorry if I came across really awkward back there in class. I'm not used to so many people looking at me.' He scratched a bit behind his head. 'But it's nice to meet you all. The name's Rick Pellegrino, I've just moved over here from The Netherlands about 2 weeks ago.'

'Well, nice to meet you, Rick.' Wendy smiled to him. 'My name's Wendy Lane, I've been into Snow Town not so long myself either, but it's a really nice place.' Nancy then also greeted Rick. 'Nice to meet you as well. I'm Nancy Neil! This here's Lin...da...' As she turned her head around, she saw that Linda was bickering with Slash and Jam over what happened in the morning, not really paying attention to Rick.

*sigh* Nancy continued their intro's for Rick. 'That's Linda Maltinie, she's my best friend, but also slightly hot-tempered as you can see.' She felt slightly nervous as their argument heated up. 'Though don't let that fool you, she's really friendly once you get to know her better. Just don't try to make her mad.'

'I'll definetly keep that in mind!' Rick tried to joke a bit. Nancy then pointed towards the 2 boys opposite of Linda. 'Those are Slash and Jam, the one on the left with the spiky hair's Slash, and the dark-skinned one Jam. They're always up to cause some mischief around here sometimes and are very confident of themselves, but outside of that they're pretty nice guys and best friends with each other.'

Rick then looked towards the chubby boy sitting next to Slash, who was busy eating his food. 'Oh, and who are you?' Tommy swallowed his food and smiled. 'Oh, I'm Tommy Parsy. Nice to meet you, Rick. Oh, do you want that sandwich?' He pointed at Rick's ham sandwich on the tray, to which Rick replied: 'Nah, I already had so much breakfast, you take it.' He handed it over to Tommy who immediatly began munching it away, Rick looking a bit suprised at his eating pace.

'Please don't mind Tommy on that.' Nancy informed Rick. 'He likes to eat alot, but he's a very nice boy and gets along with everybody.'

They then heard some loud voice nearby, coming from another table with a very muscular blode guy with sunglasses in a blue shirt showing off his muscles to the other kids on the table, all looking a bit uneasy.

Nancy shrugged a bit. 'That's Ruby Green. As you can see he's a very muscular kid, and he likes to brag about his appearence and muscles alot. He doesn't really hang out with us alot, but I guess he's a decent guy. Though the only times he went out to snowboard with us was on the occasions that Slash and Jam dared him to it and because of a competetion another friend of us held.'

When Nancy mentioned snowboarding, it immediatly caught Rick's attention, who then with a bit of a suprised look replied: 'Oh, you like to snowboard as well? I'm recently picking it up, plus it seems really popular around here.' Nancy smiled a bit towards Rick. 'Yeah, we like to snowboard alot. Most often it's for fun, but a few times the others like to dare each other to various races and competetions, though it's really fun to do so. Do you know about the battle races we like to do?' She asked him.

'Not so much, but I saw 2 or 3 times of other kids racing each other on courses using various items on the way while I was walking around after school.' Rick scratched his chin as he told further. 'I didn't participate in any of them yet because I'm not used so much to snowboarding yet, but I'd really like to experience it.'

Though his conversation with Nancy was suddenly cut off as Slash and Linda were then practically shouting to each other which caught the whole table's attention. 'HAH! I bet you can't even win on a course like Rookie Mountain without getting your butt hit with a weapon, Linda!' Slash remarked at her while grinning.

'OOOH, you're think you're so perfect yourself, Slash?!' Linda growled back. 'How about we'll hold a race on Rookie Mountain to see who's going to win there flawlessly after school?'

'You betcha!' Slash looked with a challenging look towards Linda. Jam looked with a grinning smile towards Linda, adding: 'You can count me in as well, I need some practice on my moves, AND I can get to throw more stuff at you, Linda!' She then glared towards Jam as well. 'Fine, I'll bury you in a heap of snow there!'

Overhearing what they just said, Nancy then tapped Linda on the shoulder. 'Oh, Linda?' She turned her head to Nancy and responded with a more friendly attitude: 'What is it, Nancy?' She then pointed to Rick sitting next to her. 'Rick likes to snowboard too. Could he possibly participate in the race as well to see how it goes on in there? He's never been in one of them before.' Rick's face turned to a awkward one, a bit nervously trying to reject it. 'Wha-what? Me joining in, this afternoon already?!' Wendy who was overhearing the entire thing while eating, tried to encourage Rick. 'Come on, Rick! You said yourself you wanted to experience it, and now's your chance! Besides, Rookie Mountain is a good place for beginners from what I've heard and experienced myself with the others when I raced there.'

Rick eased down and thought about it briefly. It would be a good way to get to know the other kids, especially after they acted so nice to him, plus it would be good practice for him. 'Okay, I'll do it. Can I join in as well?' Rick asked politely to Linda. 'OK, sure. Would give us the traditional 4-people race anyway.' Linda replied. 'Though don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're new!' She added to it.

And with that, the bell rang and the rest were to go back to their classes again, Rick pondering if he made the best choice...