As morning dawn broke over Shinehill Valley, Slash and the others prepared to go home with Rick giving back Linda's Free Style board and getting back his own All Around board from Damien who told him it was a old board anyway, then had breakfast one more last time and all went in Linda's plane, except for Nicole who traveled back to her own home in Rockhigh City per helicopter, and as much as she hated to admit it, she actually kinda enjoyed the days with Linda, and said goodbye to each other for once in a friendly manner. And as they all traveled back a whole hour long to Snow Town, they catched a brief glimpse of Shinobin and Kaede apparently waving to them at the top of a mountain.

Ultimately they reached their old home of Snow Town again, and landed in Linda's Castle, her thanking the rest for a wonderful time over there and they all went home. Damien hurried off into the woods as quickly as possible, though Nancy wondering why he would run of so fast again before heading home with her new bunny plush toy, Tommy ate a burger on his way home to his father's restaurant. Wendy and Jam chatted up together a bit as they headed for home. Rick said to the rest he had a really great time and hopes to see them again tomorrow, especially Pamela, and Ruby just walked off still amazed over his outfit.

And Slash walked home with his own personal trophy of 90.000 G., fantasizing about what he would like to buy with all that money. Opening the door as he got home, he then greeted his mother.

'I'm home! Mom, Could you take me into town? There's something that I want!'

His mother looked around from the kitchen as she was preparing something.

'Slash! You just came home from a 3-day holiday during spring vacation, and upon returning you already want to go into town for something?'

She then noticed the large sum of cash he holded in his hand.

'Slash! Where'd you get all this money?!?' She shouted in a baffled expression, her son smirked with glee. 'Heheheh! I got it from the snowboarding competetion from where we went to! I got first place and won all this cash! Isn't that awesome, mom?'

Though unlike what he expected to hear, his mother then grabbed the sum of money out of his hands.

'Slash, you're still a kid, and kids can't go around carrying all this money. I'll keep it for you until you've grown older. I'll take this!'

Slash stood by competely baffled by his mother's action, and shouted in protest: