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Martha gently tried to toss and turn while trying not to wake up Jack. He was sleeping peacefully with his arms around her and she'd prefer to keep it that way. Just because she was losing sleep didn't mean he should too.

"Bloody heat wave," she cursed as she gently tried to pry Jack's arms off of her. As much as she loved sleeping in his arms, right now it was too hot. Unfortunately detangling herself from Jack was proving to be a bit harder than anticipated.

"Come on," she muttered, squirming out of his grasp gently.

"For God's sake," she whispered as she felt Jack's grip tighten around her.

"What the hell are you doing?" She froze as she heard a sleepy voice.

"I'm hot," she said softly.

"My, that's quite the ego, isn't it?" He joked. Martha rolled her eyes good naturedly.

"Not what I meant, jerk, I meant that it's hot."

"Sorry, must be my fault," he joked again, still lying down next to her with his eyes closed.

Martha slapped him playfully, "Be serious."

He opened his eyes and smiled up at her, he loved annoying her.

Martha smiled back, "I mean, it's warm in the house, and I can't sleep with your arms around me."

"Okay, now I'm offended," he pouted.

Martha smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss. "You know that's not what I meant."

Jack sat up, rubbed his eyes and looked at her for a couple of seconds before speaking, "alright, I know."

"What?" Martha asked.

"Just lie down," he said.

Martha did as told and got into a comfortable position.

"Alright, you good? No more squirming?" Jack asked.

Martha grinned, "No more squirming."

"Good." He gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before laying back down himself. He placed one arm over her stomach. "There, that better?"

Martha clasped her hand in his.


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