Title: Not Again

Author: slery

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Rating: FRC gen

Characters: Reid, Morgan, others

Beta: Reidfanatic

Disclaimer: Don't own, but wish I did. They would have so much more fun.

Summary: An unexpected phone call sends Reid reeling.

Morgan came back from the break room with two cups of coffee. Reid's phone rang just as he set his friend's cup on the corner of his desk. The older agent listened to the conversation and stepped over to his own desk.

"Yes, this is Dr. Reid. I see. No, I won't. Thank you for letting me know."

He watched his friend hang up and then was totally shocked when all of a sudden Reid stood up and wiped everything off his desk in one quick motion. Morgan jumped to his feet and the sound of the computer crashing brought Hotch and Rossi racing out of their offices.

"Reid, what the hell!" Morgan cried. He almost didn't catch him when Spencer's legs gave out.

Derek carefully lowered them both to the ground, "What happened, kid?" He quietly asked.

"S-she tried to . . . to kill herself again." A sob broke free and the younger man clutched the strong arms still wrapped around him.

Morgan swallowed thickly, "How bad is it this time?"

"A coma . . . they said she's in a coma. T-they d-don't know if she'll e-ever wake up."

The silent black man looked towards his boss.

"Take him home." Hotch said.

"Aaron?" Rossi questioned.

"His mother," was the only reply given.