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Several weeks after that night in Booth's apartment things were slowly back to normal. Booth's nightmares hadn't stopped, but he was dealing with them the best way he could, with Brennan by his side.

It was late at night and the clouds in the sky were promising a thunderstorm. The team had found the murderer of a 15 months old baby girl. All of them were shocked when they found out that the baby's father was the killer and no one could feel satisfied even after the arrest.

Brennan was supposed to meet Booth at his place for a drink but when she knocked his door, nobody answered. There was no chance that he had forgotten it as they had talked a couple of hours ago, so she tried to think where he could be. Seconds later, she was heading to the rooftop, as she remembered him telling her how often he went upstairs to admire the view and clear his head. As she expected, he was there sitting on a bench. Moving a step forward, she could see the whole city beyond the building. It was really impressive as she would never expect to see this kind of view from his apartment. Booth broke the silence as if he was listening to her thoughts.

"Nice view, right?"

"You were right, it's amazing. Although don't you think we should head inside?"

"Oh come on Bones, it's so nice up here… It's quiet and relaxing, why would I want to go back inside?"

"Maybe because it's cold!" he scanned her appearance to find out that she was dressed with light clothes

"You didn't wear your coat? Here, have mine, I don't mind the breeze. Just sit here for a little while and then we'll go inside." She sat next to him and he wrapped his left arm around her in an effort to keep her warm

"Better?" he asked her and when she nodded, they sat there in a comfortable silence

Brennan's eye caught the sight of his slightly bruised right hand and she took it gently in hers to examine it. The baby's father had tried to escape so Booth ended up punching him.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, it's nothing serious. Besides the sight of him I jail made the pain disappear." Booth said with a sad smile

"Your pain couldn't possibly disappear by…"

"I know Bones. I'm just saying that I don't care if I got a small wound hurting him. To be honest, I would prefer to shoot him that would have made me feel much better."

"You don't mean that, you hate killing people."

"For this particular case, I could easily do an exception. He deserved this and much worse…"

"Why do people do that? Why would he want to kill his own child? I mean I didn't grow up with the best example, my father has committed multiple crimes, but I don't think that he would do anything to hurt us physically..." Booth interrupted her

"Bones, your father loves you and he has proved it in many ways. He might have hurt you by leaving you and that's something unforgivable, but he did his best to protect you. I told you before that I respect him for that."

"I know. On the other hand, a big percentage of foster parents would do everything to hurt us. What I want to know is why do they take this responsibility of raising a child if they didn't want it in the first place? Is it possible that a child would provoke actions of great violence? How could this be a baby's fault? This is unacceptable…"

"No Bones, it wasn't the baby's fault. It never is. Parents are the ones who are called to protect and shape the personality of their children. The only thing that babies and children need is love and care. They are the most innocent creatures who cannot harm anyone. The thing is that lots of people don't want to become parents and an unexpected baby is a burden for them. Some of them are so cruel that they don't change even in front of the view of a beautiful baby. As for foster parents, I don't know… I hate them for what they're doing to little children and for what they did to you. Each one of them is a different case but overall they have nothing good in them to offer Bones. What I wish is that we could do something to save those children."

"So basically there are some people who are incapable to provide this kind of love?"

"Exactly! I mean I'm not the ideal father but I try my best. I keep doing whatever I can to make my son and the people I care about happy and I hope that this is enough. But there are some people that don't even make an effort."

"You are a very good father Booth. I never thought that I was capable of any kind of love, but I can't imagine myself hurting anyone, certainly not my own child!"

"Bones, what are you talking about? You are more than capable of loving. You have such a big heart and I don't mean a heart as a muscle. You care about some people around you, you love them and you try to do everything to keep those people safe and happy. Maybe you don't recognize it and that's normal because no one was there to teach you what love is, but let me tell you something. You, Bones, have this amazing ability to care and love without even realize it. Trust me, there are people who were raised under the best circumstances and they have no clue how to love. Everyone who has the privilege of being around you, should be grateful. At least I am."

"What grateful for being around me?" Brennan chuckled

"Bones, I'm serious! Yes, I am and not just grateful, but also happy, sincerely happy for letting me be part of your life." He tried to keep eye contact with her just to make sure that she understood the intensity of his words

"Thank you Booth" she whispered

"No, thank you Dr Brennan, just keep in mind that you don't have to change anything. You can love and you most definitely deserved to be loved without changing anything."

"Yeah… You too" she told him without really knowing how to react

"Good to know" Booth respond and Brennan decide to change the subject because she couldn't manage this conversation

"That's nice, we haven't done this for a while"

"Haven't done what?"

"Sit and relax without having something major to worry about"

"Oh, right" the atmosphere was still tensed and none of them was relaxing. Both of them were worried, worried about their future together.

They sat in silence for a couple of minutes, absorbing the view and listening to the thunders which were telling them that it was about to rain. Booth was cursing himself for being such a coward. He was supposed to be honest with her and he was lying both to her and to himself for so many years that it was ridiculous. How many years would he continue to pretend? Suddenly, he snapped and turned to face her.

"No, that's wrong"

"What's wrong?"

"What you said about worrying about nothing. I'm worried about something."

"Still changing your mind within 5 seconds, aren't you?" she tried to tease him but the look on his face scared her

"Bones, I'm serious. There is something in my mind, something that I can't stop thinking about and I'll probably end up crazy if I don't tell you!"

"Booth what is it?" Brennan tried to keep up with him but she couldn't understand

"I mean I promised to myself to try and tell you so many times, but I keep postpone it. I want to finally get it out of my chest and stop torturing myself because I can't do this anymore. Every day it hurts more…" this made Brennan even more scared

"Booth, are you ok? You're scaring me?" Booth raised his head and realized that he had managed to upset her

"No, you don't have to be scared. At least, I don't think so… Just please try not to freak out."

"Booth, you don't sound very convincing"

"Don't worry. I want to tell you something and I promise it's not something bad… I also promise that whatever you say, our partnership won't change. I'll always be here for you."

"Booth, what…"

"Just listen to me and promise me that you're not gonna move to another continent after this" Brennan was getting more and more confused

"I have no idea what you mean, but I promise that I won't leave. Although don't you think we should get inside?"


"Booth, it's raining" Booth was so distracted that he hadn't understood when the rain started

"No, there is no chance that we're moving from here. With my history, once we go inside, it's possible that the world would explode."

"Booth, that's…"

"Bones look at me" when she met his eyes she was taken aback from the intensity of emotions in them, emotions that she couldn't understand

"You said that you trust me, Bones and I don't want to betray your trust. I know that you are one of the best things that have happened in my life and I thank God for that. You came out of nowhere and you started driving me crazy, but honestly I wouldn't have it another way. You are the best partner an agent could ask for and you constantly giving me reasons to try and become better. But you scared me Bones. I realized that I was willing to sacrifice my work and my life for you, without really knowing you. And now, after all these years, I know that I couldn't have made a better choice. Because you, Bones, deserve the world…" her eyes were filled with tears that were threatening to drop and he was contemplating his confession.

After taking a deep breath and cupping her face in his hands, he continued trying desperately to keep eye contact with her. "But for me you are so much more than my partner. You are the person who was giving me strength to move on, you are the one who is making me breathe easier and you are the one who is making me happy. But you are also the one who has the power to hurt me. For instance, I can't stop watching you get hurt, it's killing me… Quickly you became the person that I wanted to be with all the time. I can have the worst day and once I look at you, I forget everything. This smile, those eyes… I could get lost just by looking at you… And every day it gets worse, every day it's getting more difficult to let you leave, when all I want is to wrap my arms around you and never let you go. How was it possible for me to feel like that for someone I hadn't even known for a long time? And that's the reason why I convince myself that those feelings would fade. I had no right to talk to you, upset you and destroy our partnership Bones. Because more than anything else I wanted you in my life… The thing is that these feelings never fade Bones. They were keep getting stronger and stronger. Every single day another movement, every single day another reason to make me fall in love with you… And I did Bones. I love you so much…"

Brennan was crying by now, her tears mixed with the rain which was getting stronger by the minute. She was so deliriously happy that this man loved her that she had forgotten to talk to him. All she could do was stare his eyes as she started decoding the emotions in his eyes, which were unknown to her until then. Booth loved her, nothing else was important. She couldn't control her feelings and for the first time she didn't care…

"Hey don't cry… Shhh please Bones stop crying… Remember what I've said about you crying? Probably not… Well I hate it Bones, so stop. It's not your fault. I just told you to get it out of my chest, I'm not going to blame you for anything. I promised you that nothing would change and you know I keep my promises. Just forget about it and we…"

At this point, Brennan didn't trust herself to speak, but she wanted to make him stop saying all those stupid things about her forgetting what he had just told her. How could she possibly forget this? So she did the only thing that came into her mind. She kissed him and with this kiss she tried to show him everything that she couldn't express with words. The rain was pouring around them and they were already soaking wet but none of them could care less. Their kiss was passionate, full of emotions and love that they were both trying to cover for so many years. Every line was gone and they were free to love each other without limits and boundaries ad that was exactly what made this kiss so much more special and perfect than the others they had shared. Neither of them had felt something similar in their lives and they were sure that they never would. When the need to breathe was absolutely necessary, they reluctantly broke their kiss. But Brennan didn't move from his arms and he had no intention of letting her go. They rested their foreheads against each other and they tried to catch their breath. Booth was the first to break the silence.

"We obviously have a thing with the rain but, Bones, is it possible that the next time we won't wait the next downpour to kiss?" They both laughed and when their laughter faded, she looked at him

"Booth, I'm not going to leave not because I promised not to but because I don't want. And I would prefer not to forget everything you just said."

"Bones, I don't want you to do anything unless you really want it. I'm not going to force you into anything, so I want you to feel free to tell me if you're not ok with it…" Brennan couldn't believe that even then he was trying to make sure that she was happy with his feelings towards her

"You don't understand, do you?"

"What?" she chuckled and raised her hand to caress his cheek

"I love you Booth" Booth closed his eyes to memorize those words. He never thought that he would hear them from her, even if he had let himself dreamed about it all the time.

"Please say it again…" she could see the love and the pain written all over his face, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered to his ear

"I love you" and then she felt his smile on her cheek

"Could you say it one more time?"

"Now you're teasing me! Stop it!" she hit him playfully on his arm

"I know, I'm sorry, it's just the fact that I never let myself hope that I would hear this from you" Brennan caressed his cheek one again and gave his a kiss on the lips

"Now let's go inside before we end up getting sick! Oh and just so you know, don't get used to me saying that I love you. I do, but it's still difficult for me to say it."

"Don't I know it! Trust me Bones I know I'll have to work for it, but I'm not going to give up."

"I don't want you to ever give up on us. I'm not good at relationships and I don't want to ruin this." she whispered and he touched her chin to make her raise her head and look at him

"I'll never give up when it comes to you, Bones. And you're not going to ruin anything, we're in this together and you and I are the best team. We both know that it won't be easy all the time but we're going to face everything together. I love you Bones and I'll always be here. Always…"

"Hmm I like the sound of that…" she told him as she saw his face light up by his smile

He wrapped his hand around her and he led her inside. As they were getting down the stairs, he heard her voice.


"Yes…" he was suspicious by the playful tone of her voice

"I love you" they both laughed and she was both surprised and excited that those three little words could him so happy

"Oh Bones, you're going t be the death of me… But I'll still love you" and with that they were disappeared into his apartment both ready to face the future.

Together. In his arms. Always…


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