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Ron's Horrble Summer Break

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was in his bedroom at the Dursley's house packing for his trip to the Burrow. He was so excited to be going to Ron's house. Dumbledore had finally agreed that Harry could spend the entire summer at the burrow, but he just had to stay at the Dursley's for 1 week because Dumbledore said that he wanted Harry to go so his relatives "wouldn't worry". Harry couldn't wait to see Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, and Mr+Mrs. Weasley again. They always had so much fun at the Burrow. Quidditch, Wizards Chess, eating Mrs. Weasley's cooking, teaching Ron's dad about the muggle world, and with Hermione around He was pretty sure she would make him do his homework. BUT he was one step ahead of her. He had finished his summer assignments that morning. Take that Hermione.Harry Thought as he closed his trunk, and made sure Hedwig was safely in her cage. Mr. Weasley was coming for him at 11:30 and it was 11:25. Thank god Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley are out for the day and had enough trust in me to leave me here. If I wasn't here Mr and Mrs. Weasley would wonder where I was.Harry mused to himself as he dragged his trunk down the stairs. He dragged his trunk and Hedwig into the living room and sat down on the sofa. All he could do now was wait. Just then green flames appeared in the fireplace and Mr. Weasley came into view.

"You ready Harry?" Mr. Weasley asked him.

"You bet." said Harry. Mr. Weasley waved his wand and the trunk and Hedwig disappeared.

"I sent them to the Burrow so we don't have to carry them through the fire." Mr. Weasley answered the stunned look on Harry's face. Harry nodded and took a pinch of floo powder. He threw the powder into the fireplace, stepped into the flames, shouted "The Burrow." and disappeared. Mr. Weasley on the other hand went back to the Ministry of Magic.

At the Burrow Mrs. Weasley was in Ron's room trying for the billionth time that day to get him out of bed. Now it was 11:25 and Harry was going to be there any minute. When Harry's trunk and Hedwig appeared in the kitchen she had thought she would go tell Ron, who she hoped, would be out of bed by now. Mrs. Weasley's son was still in bed. She sat down on the bed and rubbed Ron's back.

"Ron, Sweetie, get up. Harry's going to be here any minute." Mrs. Weasley told her son. Ron moaned and sat up in bed. Hermione and Ginny entered the room with shocked looks on their faces.

"Ron. You're still in bed at this hour?" Hermione asked. Ron nodded.

"Yeah, why? What tibe is it?" He asked. No one noticed that he sounded like he had a stuffy nose.

"11:28, Harry's going to be here any second." Mrs. Weasley said. Just then they heard Harry's voice float up the stairs.

"Hello? Ron? Mrs. Weasley? Hermione? Ginny? Where are you?" Mrs. Weasley opened the door to Ron's room and called down. "In Ron's room Harry!" She heard Harry run up the stairs. When he saw her he smiled and hugged her.

"Hi, Mrs. Weasley. What are you doing in Ron's room?" Harry asked. Mrs. Weasley's face turned from a smile to a concerned look.

"Trying to get Ron out of bed." Hermione supplied for her. She went up to Harry and hugged him. Harry looked confused.

"OK I know Ron loves to sleep, but even he wouldn't be sleeping at this hour. I mean it's almost the middle of the day." Harry said.

"Tell Ron that." Ginny said. She walked up to Harry and hugged him. Harry nodded and looked into Ron's room. He saw that he was sleeping. He turned to the other three and grinned.

"This is going to be fun." He whispered. He went over to Ron and turned to Ginny and Hermione. "Come here I need your help." Harry whispered. Ginny and Hermione went over and Harry motioned for them to stand next to him and grab the edge of the bed. Ginny and Hermione, knowing exactly what Harry was planning, grinned and grabbed the edge of the mattress.

"On three." Harry whispered. "One...two...three." Ginny, Harry, and Hermione flipped the matress over and Ron yelped and tumbled out of bed. Ron emerged from the other side of the bed and faced Harry, Hermione, and Ginny.

"Hi, Ron." Harry said cheerfully. Ron grinned and hugged his friend.

"Hi, Harry." Ron said. Harry and Ron broke apart and Harry studied Ron's face. Harry noticed that his best friend looked pale, and his eyes were red and puffy. Harry looked at Ron with concern.

"Ron, are you alright? It's 11:30am, even you don't sleep this late." said Harry with concern in his voice. Ron shrugged.

"I don't know. I'b just exhausted." Ron moaned. He coughed and leaned against Harry for support. Harry looked at Mrs. Weasley.

"I think we now know why he didn't want to get up this morning." Harry said. Mrs. Weasley nodded and waved her wand so that Ron's mattress and sheets were back on the bed.

"Sorry about flipping your matress Ron. We just thought that you didn't want to get up, so we just threw you off instead." Harry explained. Ron nodded.

"It's OK. I would have done the sabe thing id your position." Ron said. Harry grinned. Mrs. Weasley reached up and touched Ron's forehead which was hot to the touch.

"Ron, why didn't you tell me earlier that you weren't feeling well. I would have let you stay in bed and sleep all morning if you had just told me. Then you wouldn't have had to be annoyed by me coming to make you get out of bed every 10 minutes." Mrs. Weasley asked. Ron shrugged. Harry and Hermione exchanged concerned looks. Ron had never ever got sick since they had known him unless you counted the slug incident. They were worried. Mrs. Weasley summoned a thermometer. It came zooming through the door and into Mrs. Weasley's hand. She put the thermometer under her youngest son's tongue. Instead of beeping like muggle thermometers this thermometer produced smoke that read the temperature. If someone had a fever the numbers would be red, and if someone didn't have a fever the numbers would be green. In Ron's case red numbers came out of the thermometer saying 103.7 (AN: All temperatures are going to be in fahrenheit). Mrs. Weasley gasped as she read the temperature.

"103.7! Harry, help him back into bed and I'll come up at lunch time with some soup for him, and sandwiches for the rest of you. Harry, do you know where Mr. Weasley is?" Harry turned to Mrs. Weasley.

"He went straight to the Ministry right after he saw me go through the fireplace by floo powder." Harry explained. Mrs Weasley nodded. Harry turned back to Ron.

"Come on Ron. Let's get you back into bed, alright." Harry said. Ron nodded. Harry and Hermione helped him lie down and tucked him into bed. Ginny muttered something about going to help Mrs. Weasley with lunch and left the room. Harry ruffled Ron's hair. Ron moaned. Hermione looked at Ron with a stern look on her face.

"Ron, why didn't you tell your mother that you weren't feeling well? You know you should always tell someone when you're not feeling well." Hermione said. Ron coughed.

"I know but I didn't tell her because I didn't want her to fuss over be. She always fusses over us whed we're dot feeling well. The worst part of it is dat she's always asking us if we need anything."

"What's wrong with her asking you if you need anything?" Hermione asked. Ron looked at her.

"Because udless we're asleep or bake her go away untill we call her she cobes up and asks if we deed adything albost every 10 or 15 binutes. Tell be dat's dot addoying." Harry and Hermione nodded in agreement.

"I agree that is annoying." said Harry. "But at least you live with someone who actually cares about you. Last time I was sick which was when I was about 9, I had caught a really bad cold and Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon did absolutely nothing to help me feel better. When I met your Mum I really wished that Dumbledore had left me on your doorstep instead of the Dursley's." Ron and Hermione looked at their friend in shock.

"I had doe idea that your relatives were that bean to you. I bean I dew dey were evil but dot even dey shoud be dat evil. Mum will be interested to hear dis" Said Ron. He sneezed. Hermione coujured a box of tissues out of the air and gave Ron a couple of tissues.

"Here Ron, blow your nose." Hermione said. Ron blew his nose and was able to breathe a little better.

"Thangks Herbiode." Ron sniffed. Mrs. Weasley came up to the room with a tray topped with chicken soup for Ron and sandwiches for Harry, Hermione, and Ginny. There were four glasses of pumpkin juice on the tray too. She put the tray on Ron's bed.

"Here's your lunch, kids." Mrs. Weasley said. Ginny walked in behind her mother. Ron sneezed.

"Bless you, Ron." said Mrs. Weasley. Ron sniffed.

"Thangks, Mum. Mum?" Ron asked.

"Yes sweetie?" Mrs. Weasley paused in the doorway on her way out.

"Harry and I have sobethinkg to tell you." Mrs. Weasley came back and sat down on the edge of Ron's bed.

"What is it sweetie?" Mrs. Weasley asked. Ron looked at Harry and his best friend nodded his approval that he could tell his mum how the Dursley's treated him when he wasn't feeling well. Ron took a deep breath.

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