I walked up the steps to the house, anxious to get out of the LA heat. I stopped at the top step and looked up at it, a huge grin on my face.

"Come on Spence, let's get you moved in!" said my dad as he walked up behind with, several boxes stacked in his arms.

I looked at him, my mom and Glen, the grin not fading away as I unlocked the door for the first time. A few months ago while I was applying to University my parents were expecting me to stay in the province of Ontario, Canada. They had really wanted me to live at home, but they figured they'd be able to handle be being a couple hours drive away. So when my acceptance from UCLA came, I never dreamed they'd actually let me go there, I mean, it was a five hour flight back home, with another hour of driving to get to the city of Hamilton. But when they saw my face as I opened the letter, they knew it'd break my heart if I didn't go, it was the school of my dreams. Unfortunately residence dorms on campus filled up and we had to find a house or apartment near the school. We settled on the one I was standing in front of now. It was a fair sized house with two rooms and 3 bathrooms, two on the mainfloor and one upstairs with the two bedrooms. I hadn't met my housemate yet, but I was hoping we were going to get along, I mean I was spending an entire school year living with her, possibly our whole time at UCLA seeing as my parents planned on having me stay here all four years.

I snapped back from my thoughts as Glen pushed past me, tossing the contents of his arms aside and looking around the house. I rolled my eyes and picked up what he dropped.

"Sweet place Spencer, if you're housemate's cute I think I might be coming around to visit" he said with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes and followed my parents up the stairs and to my room where the heavier items had already been put. I dropped the things I was carrying and walked around, turning to look at my parents. My dad was looking out the window and at the passing cars. My mom was fighting back tears and she took my bedspread from it's bag.

"Mom, I can do that, you should relax until you head back to the airport" I said, walking towards her.

"No Spence, I just want to make your bed, *sniff* its the last time I'm going to get to for awhile" she said, trying to keep her composure.

"Awe mom, come on!" I said, hugging her.

It took some time but my room was all unpacked and looked a little more like me, causing me to smile. The hot pink blankets and sheets on my bed picked up on the random pink in my curtains and carpet. My dresser was now filled and lined with pictures and random momentos from home. The desk sitting in a corner was covered with books, my computer, printer and some other school reated stuff. My parents and Glen were downstairs, unpacking some random things it'd brought for the kitchen and such. I walked out of my room and glanced into my roommate's room, it looked like she had been here yesterday and brought a load of stuff, her black and purple bed spread, CDs, DVDs, a guitar were amoung the things sprawled around the room. There were spaces left on shelves and the desk that gave the impression she was bringing some stuff with her today. I walked out and pranced downstairs to join my family before hearing a rattling at the door, a sign someone was trying to unlock it. I suddenly became aware of the butterflies filling it and I realized just how nervous I was to meet this housemate.

"Relax Spencer, I'm sure you'll love her!" my mom said, putting an arm on my shoulder.

Just then the door open, revealing a girl in tight jeans and a short, faded band t-shirt. Her hair was a rich brown, with pink streaks in her bands, it hung in loose curls around her face and her deep brown eyes. She had a huge grin on her face as she dropped the boxes in her hand and skipped over to me.

"Spencer? I'm Ashley, Ashley Davies" she said in a happy tone.

I smiled and shook her hand and introduced her to my family. My parents and Glen hung out for a little while to get us settled and get to know Ashley, who they seemed to love which was an excellent bonus. She told us all about her rockstar dad, Raife Davies, who insisted she move into a student house to meet new people and seperate herself from the Hollywood maddness that circled her father. I told her all about living in Canada and some of my friends, I had a feeling we were going to be best friends.

I looked out the window of the lane as the captain announced our descent. Home at last I thought to myself. I turned to my best friend and girlfriend, Ashley, a huge smile plastered across my face.

The plane jarred as the wheels touched down on the runway and I suddenly realized how tightly I was holding Ashley's hand.

"Nervous Spencer?" she asked with a smile.

I nodded, partially because I wasn't a fan of flying, and partially because I had no clue how to tell my parents that the best friend I was bringing home for my two week visit was also my girlfriend. How were my friends here in Hamilton going to react when they found out their previously boy-crazy friend Spencer Carlin was a lesbian....with a totally hot girlfriend. I'd never considered myself a lesbian, but as things progressed with Ashley, I started to fall in love. She was openly gay, although not so much when my family was around, seeing as my mother was fairly religious and wouldn't exactly approve. Ever since she made her move and kissed me a few months ago, everything fell into place and I knew it was right.

Ashley leaned over me to look out the window, a look of awe on her face.

"Spencer! There's snow on the ground!" she said excitedly.

I rolled my eyes, our school was closed for two weeks because of a strike so I decided to head home and bring Ashley along too, since it was the middle of January there was a think blanket of snow outside, something you don't see looking out the window in LA.

"Yeah Ash, its winter you dork" I said with a playful smile.

"Thanks for that, but I've never seen snow before, I mean on TV and stuff yeah but never up close and personal!" she said, still excited.

We made our way off the plane and to the luggage carousal; Ashley grabbed her designer leather suitcase and snatched my pink leopard print suitcase before I could grab it.

"I've got it babe" she said with a flirty smile as she looked back at me.

I felt my cheeks flush as I looked down. Ashley had these amazing eyes. They were the dark brown and pure, almost as if you could see into her soul through them. And that smile, oh my gosh, it was to die for, the way her nose crinkled and she bit her tongue just a little bit.

"You're too easy Spence" she added with a chuckle.

"You're one to talk" I added, trying to make a comeback.

"Oh wow, that one hurt" she said, bumping me with her hip.

We looked at each other and smiled. I couldn't get over the way she looked at me; she gave me a look that mirrored the way I felt, like we were the only two people in the room. It was so easy to get lost in those eyes of hers....


I reluctantly looked away from Ashley's eyes to see my parents and brother waving us was a little embarrassing really.

"Let the fun times begin" I said with a smile, and I took off towards my family, Ashley in tow.