A/N: SOOOOO SORRY that's it's been a long time. Both good and bad things have been happening, first of all my computer got a stupid virus and had to me shipped out for repair, secondly the girl I've got a crush started hanging out with me so I've been spending lots of time with her :D

I smiled as Ashley pushed me gently to the mat, a devilish grin on her face. I propped myself on my elbows and looked at her, quirking an eyebrow.

"Well, are you gonna join me?" I asked.

Her smirk only grew bigger as she pulled the remote for the CDs out from her pocket. She peeked her arm out behind the curtain, pressing buttons as she listened for the song she wanted. Finally, she found what she was looking for and stepped closer. I laughed a little as So Hott by Kid Rock came on.

"Really Ash?" I quipped.

"Hey, this is just my music for your little show, we'll get down to business when it's over" she said, taking another small step forward.

As the lyrics began she leaned into my ear and whispered "you got a body like a devil and you smell like sex".

With that she pulled me forward so I was sitting on the edge of the mat, legs hanging over the edge. As the music continued Ashley's body moved with the guitar, popping in ways that seemed unnatural to most humans, but she did it oh so well. Then, the first articles of clothing was shed, then the next, until she was standing in front of me in her bra and thong. My breath hitched as she sat daintily on my lap and began grinding into me.

"Ashhhh" I moaned.

This was pure torture, I wanted her inside of me, lips pressed to mine, both of us completely naked right then and there. I continued to beg and plead until the song ended and Ashley hit another button, stopping the next song from playing.

"I just wanted to make sure you wanted me" she said, pushing me onto my back.

"God Ashley, I ALWAYS want you" I breathed.

Our lips met and once again there was sparks, that always seemed to happen, though I wasn't complaining. I slid my tongue against her bottom lip, begging to deepen the kiss, but Ashley pulled away, leaving me with a slightly hurt expression.

"Something's wrong" she said thoughtfully.

I looked down; unsure of what I said or did to stop what I thought was going to be our second time having the greatest sex in the world. Ashley noted my expression and frowned.

"I know! You're wearing too many clothes" she said with a grin.

That was so not cool; in fact I was a little mad that she had made me worry so much. Although, this frustration quickly evaporated as Ashley tore all my clothes off of me and discarded what little she still had on. So there we were, naked, on a high jump mat, behind a curtain, in a gym, at my old high school...it was pretty damn hot if you ask me.

"Ashley, can we please resume kissing, because like my mother always said, kissing leads to-"

"This" she interrupted, pressing her lips to mine and tracing the outside of my core with her fingers.

My breath once again hitched, I loved the way she knew just how to touch me. My lips moved hungrily with hers, my hands on her naked waist. One of her hands still teased my now soaked center, while the other one kneaded my breast gently.

"F-F-Fuck Ash, please!" I stammered as our lips parted for air.

With that I felt two fingers plunge into me. While I thought that after last time I knew what to expect, I was so wrong, it was so much better than I remembered. I moaned Ashley's name over and over and she pumped into me, her neck buried into my shoulder. My hand began to wander as my pleasure continued. I slid it smoothly between us, reaching for her wet core. I felt her muscles tense and her fingers momentarily froze and she moaned. But within seconds her focus returned to her own to hands as we began to share our pleasure. For the first time I came with someone, my ecstasy was heightened as I heard Ashley scream for me, before collapsing her panting body on top of me. We stayed that way for a while before Ashley propped herself up once again.

"Can I try something?" she breathed.

I looked at her curiously before nodding. With that she slid backwards, leaving a trail of sweet kisses along my heated stomach. Within moments I realized what she was doing. I suddenly felt nervous, I'd never even come close to having someone with their mouth...down there. I'd try giving oral to a guy before, yeah, worst experience ever, ever since then I've been turned off the idea. But the way Ashley so delicately blazed a trail of kisses on her way to her destination, well I suddenly had no problem with it. She stopped just below my belly button and looked up at me.

"Have you ever...?" she asked.

I shook my head, but signalled for her to continue. I was so wet again, I had no idea I could just keep going like this, I really, really liked the possibilities this laid out for me. Suddenly I felt a tongue brush against my folds, sending pleasant shivers down my spine. After a few moments of teasing Ashley's mouth alternated between plunging into my core and sucking on my clit, and this once again sent me over the edge. Once I regained my breath it was her turn. I was looking forward to this time not having any cluelessness about what to do, so to get warmed up I figured I'd start with my fingers. Within moments I had Ashley taking raspy, shallow breathes, begging and pleading for more, but then I decided to try out my mouth. I tentatively licked her folds and soon couldn't get enough. I loved the way she tasted, the way I could swirl my tongue and have her scream my name. As she came down from her high we locked eyes and I rested on top of her.



"Best. Dance. Ever"