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-Summary- Sasuke has been caught cheating on Naruto. Only thing is, Naruto hasnt said anything yet. Will Sasuke stop and realize the hurt in his blonds eyes before its to late?

Dont Trust Me

"A Shattered Heart"

He stood there, watching as the man he fell for and let capture his hear three years ago, pinning a girl he though of as a sister and best friend, to the lockers of there high school, kissing her deeply. His hands roamed over her body, making her moan even more into there heated kiss. It took every ounce of strength within him to not scream and walk over there to beat the shit out of the guy he thought loved him. 'I guess I.....I guess I was wrong when I th-thought you loved me...'

Tears started to run down his cheeks relentlessly. 'What did I....do wrong....I....S-Sasuke....' He couldnt take it anymore. He turned himself back around the corner he'd been hiding behind, and walked away. "...Sasuke....why...?" Naruto grasped tightly around the pendant of the necklace Sasuke had got him for his birthday last year.

It was a beautiful sterling silver cross. On each end was a black stone embedded into it and in the middle was a larger blue one. He had told him "The black ones represent me and the blue you. I surround you on all sides with my love. I love you so much Naruto". Naruto felt like ripping the thing from his neck and throwing it away. But he just couldnt. He still loved Sasuke with every fiber of his being.

'What...should I do...?' He was so confused. The sound of the bell signaling for the end of the current classes being in session, woke him from his thoughts and he snapped his blue eyes to his watch. Cursing silently, he made his way to his next class. He thanked God it was study hall so he had time to think and calm himself down.

Naruto stopped at the door that led to his study hall, composed himself and placed the best smile he could on, and walked in. He made his way over to his seat and sat down. He took in a few silent deep breaths and let them out. It was slowly calming him. He just hopped he wasnt showing any signs of being upset or distressed.

That was the last thing Naruto needed right now. Someone telling him "Oh its ok." or "Dont worry everything will be fine." But it wont be fine. It never will. He sight, exasperated. What was he going to do now? Theirs no way he could face Sasuke without breaking down. 'I'll just have to do my best...at least till I can think of a way to confront him on this...'

All of this was giving him a head ache so he lay his head in his folded arms and closed his eyes. Without realizing it, he had fallen asleep(I always loved study hall X3 I didnt need it cause my work was always done and did correctly. I just liked it cause the teacher didnt care what we did so I would sleep through it. Never got much sleep at night so why not? XD) The sound of the bell again woke him up.

He collected his things and left the room, heading to his locker to get what he needed before heading home. Unfortunately, someone must hate him up stares 'cause the last person he wanted to see right now, was leaning casually against his locker. "Hey Naru, how was your day?" The raven haired boy walked over to him and embraced him like always as if nothing was different. When Naruto stiffened at his touch, Sasuke leaned back to look at his blonds(possessive prick lol) face.

"Is something wrong? You look a little pale. Are you feeling ok?" Naruto looked into those endless onyx eyes filled with worry and concern. He tore his blue ones away to look at the floor. "I'm fine Sasuke. Really." He lifted his head up and smiled at the raven. But Sasuke knew better. He knew when Naruto was lying to him or when he wasnt fine when he says he is. But wanting him to tell him when he was ready, Sasuke let it slide. For now.

"Do you want to come over to my house? My parents are away on some business trip so its just me and Itachi...and you know when I'm stuck with him I'm nothing but bored." Naruto smiled lightly at him again and shook his head yes. With that, they left the school on Sasuke's motorcycle, on there way to the Uchiha mansion. Little did the raven know that he was in for a rude awakening when his precious blond starts to grow more and more distant.

'Sasuke....why did you break my heart...?'

The once bright sun

Now shining dim

No longer grants warmth

Appon pale skin

The dark cant see threw

His own devious deed

Snuffing out the light

With lust and need

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