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"Miss Nash, welcome to World Wrestling Entertainment."

Those were the worlds that changed life as Kadee Nash knew it.

The glint in Vincent McMahon's eye across the table told her that he was not giving her a contract for the right reasons, but she didn't even care. They were both going to benefit from her decision, and that was it. This would be a mutual agreement.

She had no clue just how anyone would react, though she did think she had a small idea. There would be a lot of shock, yelling and a fair bit of anger-and that was just what she expected from her father. She couldn't bring herself to even imagine the response her friends would give, the disappointment would be too much for her to handle.

But she had to do this; that much she knew.

It was either go to the WWE and make a name for herself or officially sign with TNA and be 'Kevin Nash's daughter' her whole career. Of course, she still expected to get a lot of it, but distancing herself seemed like the best option, at least for now.

Reaching over the desk to shake the hand of both her new boss and the Talent Relations representative, Kadee could feel her hand shaking terribly. She wasn't a nervous person, but this was huge.

"It's a complete pleasure, sir. Thank you for this opportunity."

"Oh no, the pleasure is all mine, Miss Nash. I have to leave you with my colleague here to discuss how soon you'll leave and debut, traveling arrangements and any other essential points we have yet to cover. I'll also send in Stephanie to discuss your on-screen persona and any storyline ideas that you may have had, or that our Creative department have come up with already. Thank you for giving this company a chance."

Kadee took note of the hidden meaning in his words, but did nothing to mention it.

"Thank you, sir."

With a nod of his head the elder man left the room and she felt herself let out a deep breath she didn't realise she had been holding, but there was still a lot to work through. The moment that he left the room Kadee was overloaded with information. She was to pack a bag for at least two weeks, travel with the company and work a few dark matches in order to work out any kinks before her official television debut. They would be using her real name, which she didn't mind, she wanted to come in as a heel, though-she wanted to play a character. Then the most important piece of news came: she was to leave Saturday.

That meant she had three days to tell her father that she had signed with what was seen as the 'rival' company of the one for which he worked and that she was leaving before the week's end. Kadee dreaded making that announcement.

The feeling that came over her later that night was never one of complete content. She immediately began to pack, her nerves dealing with the situation were mixed with utter excitement despite the backlash she expected to come. This wasn't just a case of Kadee trying to be defiant; this was her dream. Everyone wanted to wrestle for the top company in the world and she got to do so, even if it was because of her looks or her now-boss's hidden agenda. She obviously had an agenda of her own, albeit more innocent, but it still propelled her forward.

She had been competing in developmental territories since she had turned sixteen. Now, with her twenty second birthday only a little over three months away it was finally her time to shine. Then again it wasn't as if she was on Raw, but she didn't want that straight away. She had been on television only twice before, and that was only in the crowd to support her father on TNA, she felt that ECW was the best, and safest place for her to begin.

The sudden ringing of her home line brought Kadee out of the deep thought that had distracted her from the task at hand.

Standing up and moving from her closet to her bed, where the phone had been carelessly discarded after the last call she had made, she picked it up and answered without even thinking of checking the caller ID.

"Hello, Kadee speaking." She greeted whoever was on the other end. Shifting her position to cradle the phone between her shoulder and her ear, Kadee moved back to her seat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by clothes.

"Hey Kay," The deep voice responded, making her almost drop the phone. She gulped; her father.

"Daddy, what's up?" While she tried to sound as natural as possible despite her fear she actually felt that her voice was ready to give out on her at any moment.

"I just wanted to check in with you. We haven't spoken in a week."

"I know, Dad. I've been really busy." Kadee's eyes were squeezed shut. He inadvertently made it so hard for her.

"That's great sweetie, I-" She cut him off, wanting, and having decided, to get it over with before she lost all nerve completely.

"I have news."

"Oh? Go ahead."

Kadee took a deep breath, her heart was pounding more than it had in that conference room with a multi-billionaire.

"I got a job..."

"Really? Congratulations!"

"...with the WWE."

The silence on the other end of the line said it all. She couldn't help but let a tear drop down her cheek.

"Daddy?" She croaked, not able to hide the break in her voice.

"I wanted... We planned..."

"I know. I'm sorry, I-"

"What were you thinking? You know how I feel about them; about Vince!" All sensitive tones in his voice had left, as if he were trying to mask them more than anything. Kadee knew how it was for men, showing emotion was deadly.

"I just... I"

"Why don't you call me back tomorrow," He snapped and the click told Kadee that her own father had hung up on her.

She stared blankly at the wall, tear after tear slipping down her cheeks. After her mother and father had gone through the divorce Kadee and her father had stuck together. They had never had too much in common at all, they got along but didn't particularly interact, but at that point she decided to begin wrestling. It was a means of bonding with the one parent she felt she still had.

Yet it had turned into so very much more. To Kadee wrestling was everything. She had never had too many friends and never too many hobbies or interests, until wrestling, that is. She had tried to keep to herself, but with being around backstage at TNA every other week and being the daughter of Kevin Nash, that was virtually impossible. The backstage mood and camaraderie quickly rubbed off on her and she was forced out of her shell.

Going to the WWE was everything she had ever dreamed, but she did wonder where it would put her socially. Would she crawl back into the shell inside of which she had hid for so long or would there already be friendly people awaiting her, who would take her under their wing? She didn't think so. In her mind it was more likely that there would be people waiting for her with pitchforks. Perhaps it just came with being associated with a rival company, but the amount of negative things Kadee had heard was innumerable. Perhaps she was making a huge mistake.

Kadee clutched at the plane ticked she had been given, her fingers trailing over the words slowly. She had made up her mind long before meeting Vince McMahon and the people of World Wrestling Entertainment. She wasn't about to let the rumours and fodder get to her now, not with her immense determination. Even if she became a loner, an outcast, or any number of things. She was going to do this for her.

Determination at its very peak, Kadee began to pack once more, she was an employee for World Wrestling Entertainment, even if her father disagreed with her decision. This should have been the happiest moment of her life. From that point on she was not about to let anyone get her down.