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What did I do this time? Eragon thought to himself as Brom's foot yet again connected to his ribs.

His father never really needed much motivation to hurt him, though. It started off a long time ago, when his mother died. It began with just little punishments- a quick slap across the face, for instance-but the older Eragon got, the worse the "punishments" became. And for much more trivial reasons, too. Sometimes Eragon wished he was an Eliten. Their race had stricter laws and beliefs on this sort of thing. And they had their Dragonoids to protect them.

Eragon's class was learning about the Eliten and their Dragonoids this year. Long ago, the Eliten were in a war against the Dragons. Because they had magic powers at their command, the dragons agreed to make peace with them. As a result of that allegiance, every Eliten was bound to a Dragon. That Dragon then developed the ability to turn into one of the magical race while the Eliten became more powerful.

Another forceful blow to his stomach brought him back to reality.

"Boy!" His father exclaimed, with a rather reddish tinge to his face.

"Yes?" Eragon managed to wheeze out in reply.

"I'll be at my friend's place tonight, yes?" Brom got a malicious glint in his eyes. "Perhaps I will conceder selling you this time. If not....well then I'll have you as my own personal pet. What do you say to that, Boy?"

"Please don't, sir," Eragon forced out a low whimper.

Brom just sneered at him and walked out the front door.

After a few minutes with his head on the ground, Eragon came to two decisions. He wasn't going to stay another hour in his house. And even if it was just some stranger he met in a bar, he was going to lose his virginity of his own accord.

Murtagh was bored. He and Thorn had been requested by their parents to "go out and enjoy the human world for a few days". In other words, they were being temporarily kicked out of the house so their families could conduct business that they weren't welcome in. As a result, they'd nothing good to do. Unless.....

"Hey, Thorn?"

"What do you want?" Thorn snapped irritably.

"Want to go to that club a few blocks down?"

"So you can relieve your sexual tension?" Thorn snorted. "I don't think so."

"Come on Thorn! Live a little!"


Please, Thorn? It's not like there's anything better to do. Murtagh begged through their mental link.

Fine! His Dragonoid growled at him eventually.

Murtagh glanced around the crowded room, looking around for someone to, as Thorn put it earlier, relieve his sexual tension with. The club didn't offer much he was interested in. He had already noticed a few drunkards, and women selling themselves cheaply. He scanned the club again, allowing his gaze to rest on the brunette silently sipping his drink at the bar. Murtagh gave him the once over. He looked decent enough, though he could use a good night's sleep. Making up his mind, he went over to give him a closer inspection. He felt Thorn throwing up his mental barriers to give him some privacy. Murtagh sat down next to the stranger, knowing that this man would probably be able to offer what was required. The man in question looked at him inscrutably.

Murtagh spoke first. "So, what's your name?"

"Eragon," The man answered softly. "And you are?"


There was silence for a bit.

"Do you know if this place offers rooms?"

"They do," Eragon hesitated. "Are you planning on borrowing one?"

"Yes, actually," He smirked. "Come."

Eragon bit his lip as the man ordered a room for the night. It would be a good place to stay until he figured out where to go after.....that occurred. He prayed it wouldn't hurt too much.

When they got into the room, Murtagh immediately started kissing him. He was pushed carefully into the bed.

"Virgin?" Murtagh panted, starting to remove their clothing.

"Well, I'm n-new at this, OK?"Eragon managed to gasp out.

Murtagh nodded once, then proceeded to do what Eragon had come here to do in the first place.

The next morning, Eragon woke up alone. He was really sore, but at least Murtagh was gentle with him. Eragon closed his eyes briefly. Angela would take him in, he was sure of it.

I hope it wouldn't be too hard to explain to her. He sighed. Well, we're off to see the wizard.

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