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When Murtagh reluctantly entered his mother's room, he was greeted intently by Stella's wrath.

"How could you! You're one of the most powerful Eliten in the Kingdom! You have responsibilities! You have a position to maintain! I can't believe you would do something like this! I should-"

Tuning his mother out, he observed the mess around him with a sort of fascinated horror. Broken pieces of pottery littered the floor, and all the tables were upturned. His Dragonoid seemed relieved that the Wrath of Kahn was no longer directed at him. Murtagh's father looked like he was laughing at him. Giving a mental sigh, Murtagh resigned himself to his fate.

Oromris glanced at Eragon worriedly. After all, it's not every day one's lesson is interrupted by one's pupil's sudden urge to by sick. He started rubbing Eragon's back gently as he bent over the library's trash bin.

When Eragon shakily wiped his mouth, the elderly scholar quietly asked him what was wrong.

"I-I'm not really sure. It's almost like something's wrong elsewhere and the kid doesn't like it," Eragon hesitantly replied.

Oromris shared a look with Saphira, who had rushed to Eragon's side as soon as she realised he was throwing up.

"I think it's the bond with Murtagh," Saphira suggested, "After all, he has to confront Stella about all this."

"You are probably right. Could you go tell her to take it easy, please? And could you also tell Murtagh to meet us in the infirmary?" Oromris asked (read: demanded politely).

Saphira looked startled, "Infirmary, Master Oromris?"

"Yes. I need to take Eragon to see Dr. Ajihad. For his bond with Murtagh to be acting up so soon after it was formed is...very odd. It's best to see Ajihad to insure that nothing is wrong with ether your bond-mate, or his child."

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