*grimaces* Possibly the worst out of any of my WC stories - but I am posting it anyways.

Peter Burke didn't have partners. He had colleagues – sure – but none of them were partner quality. Partners were supposed to have some level of equality to them and nobody in the white collar crimes division was at the same level of intelligence Peter was at. It was just a fact of life that everybody accepted. Oh – there were the rookie hopefuls – filled with dreams of becoming a big shot agent and working side by side with Peter Burke – the best agent the white collar division had. But they never amounted to much. Too cocky. Too arrogant. Not enough brains to back it up with.

So Peter worked alone amongst his colleagues.

And then Neal Caffrey showed up – with a pearly white smile, deceivingly innocent blue eyes, and a list of alleged crimes a mile long.

And to the annoyance of every agent that knew and admired Peter – Peter liked the smooth, suave, deceptive conman. It was always Neal's input he asked for. It was always Neal he turned to when he had a case.

Neal. Neal. Neal.

Caffrey was intelligent – they all knew it. Too damn intelligent. Didn't Peter remember? They all wondered silently. This was the criminal Peter had chased for three years! Sure, they all saw the use in having Caffrey hang around. Hell – they probably would've still been working on some of those cases for the next few months if he hadn't been there.

But he was still a criminal. And you weren't supposed to be friends with a criminal. You weren't supposed to be partners with a criminal.

No matter how damned intelligent they were.

You weren't supposed to have criminals eat dinner at your house – you weren't supposed to walk into the office laughing at some joke that only you and the criminal knew.

It. Wasn't. How. Things. Were. Supposed. To. Work.

The agents were supposed to be the good guys – the people that broke the law were supposed to be the bad guys. That included FBI consultants with expensive, state of the art trackers around their ankles. There wasn't supposed to be a gray area.

But now there was.

And slowly, ever so slowly – the white collar division's knight in shining armor was starting to step into the puddles of gray with frighteningly increasing frequency.

The FBI's pet criminal was corrupting their Superman.

And they hated him for it.

Basically - it is written from the FBI's (as a whole) point of view. They think of Peter and Neal's friendship as something almost criminal. It isn't supposed to work like that - it isn't supposed to happen that way - yadda yadda yadda. You get the picture. I plan on writing a sequel of sorts to this - how criminals/Neal's buddies (Mozzie - Kate) see Peter and Neal's friendship.

Even if it is horrible - would you please review?