I wanted him. And as much as I didn't want to admit it, and as much as I told myself he was an annoying git, I knew that I couldn't live without him. Even when he left my side for a little whiles, I found my heart aching out, searching for him.

I watched as all the girls, and even some guys, fawned over him at school. I wanted to tell the all to back off, that he was hers. But what right did I have, he would never, could never be mine.

Or so I told herself.

I just wanted to save myself from the heartbreak. Why would he want me? He could have anyone. Why should he have to settle for someone he was forced to follow around. I knew I was holding him back, he was always worrying about me. He gave up dates and dreams to follow me around. He held back from college for a years to wait for me.

I wanted to convince myself that he waited for me because he wanted to. Because h couldn't imagine being without me. But I knew it was only because he was my caretaker, and Grandpa had ordered him to never leave me.

As I slept that night, I dreamt of him. He had stood in front of me, covered in a hay mist, oblivious to my presence. Or so I had thought.

'You remind me of a cherry blossom. Sweet and delicate.' He turned to face me, a flower cupped in his hands. The wind blew it to me, picking it up from his hands and spinning it around. Dancing with it in the air. 'Love me.'

'Rakuto,' I had cried out to him. Shaking stole over my body and I opened my eyes. In front of me stood Rakuto. My caretaker. He put one hand on my cheek, gently stroking it. I whimpered as he pulled away. It was just a dream, I told myself. But it wasn't, I could feel the heat of his skin.

He dipped his head towards me, our lips seconds apart. HE was going to kiss me, I knew it. I wanted him to kiss me, but what if he didn't like it? What if he didn't actually want me. What if I was no good?

He didn't hesitate as he swept towards me, which I took to be a good thing. I could feel his lips on mine. It was gentle at first, it wasn't a question of my feelings for him. I knew I loved him, I could not go on with out him. But did he feel the same way?

His lips pressed more desperately to my own. Yes, he felt the same way. But I wanted to be sure. Of course words could lie, a kiss could not. But I wanted to hear him say it.

I pulled away from him, staring into his eyes, searching for an answer. He looked at me bewildered for a moment, before understanding flew across his face.

'You spoke my name.' he replied simply. 'I have always loved you, lived to serve you. But now I have hope that you feel the same way.'

'I will always love you. Even when you want me to leave and you don't want me anymore, I will still love you.'

Our lips met half way.


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