Ah, the next story…. Thank you Murdock for writing the first chapter.

Title: Fight

Written by: Murdock & RazorsLove

Chapter 1- Christmas Surprise


It had been a year or a bit more since Blackout had been heard of majorly in the news, since he had attacked Aliee, Murdock and Miss. Briggs then.

Things had basically returned back to normal for them, though Aliee's scar was still there, but now covered by the black fur that covered her body.

Murdock's ankle still from time to time ached and would get stiff, but it was rare and to a small degree.

This had been one of those days though it seemed. The weather outside was cold this time of year, which made it act up more than usual it seemed.

Not only that, but the shopping didn't help either. It was Murdock's day off and Aliee was able to swing her day off at the same time with a smaller work load now.

The husky smiled as he looked around the large Megakat City Mall looking up to the glass ceiling he could see some of the snow stuck to the transparent panels and showing the clear blue sky outside.

The husky had to give a sigh as his glance came down and his vision fixed on the shop he had planned to go to in the first place when he agreed to do the Christmas shopping with Aliee.

Also, since he managed to talk her into letting him go off on his own to do some of his own shopping, he was able to pick out something special for her.


Meanwhile a black feline made her way through a bustling store that was kind of crowded with other felines, typical of the time of year though.

In her mind she still had no idea what to get her mate for Christmas, she had gotten everyone else something, but was still puzzled as what to get him.

Letting out a frustrating sigh as she pushed her way through the people in the store looking around for ideas, checking things off mentally that may or may not be a good gift for him.

She had been in the tool section, and knew he had anything that they had there, and probably better tools.

The she-kat went through the suit section, but figured he wouldn't wear a suit much anyways.

Heck in the time she knew him, he never really wore a suit, so she ruled that out. Just as she was going to leave the store frustrated about not finding anything she saw a dummy in long trench style coat in the corner of the store.

Looking at the coat, she made her way to it, thinking this maybe a good gift for him. Finally after pushing her way through what seemed like a hundred people, she made it.

Eyeing the coat up on the manikin she gave a smile as the coat seemed to please her.

Looking around she only one left and checking the size she gave a small sigh of relieve to see it was a size that would fit her beloved. She quickly grabbed it and made her way to the cash register.

Back to the other part of the mall, the brown and white husky gave a chuckle as he looked at the two small boxes in a plain white plastic bag he got.

Both were already wrapped so no chance she could peek and find out early. His glance moved up from the bag and couldn't help but to smile as he saw the all too familiar female figure approach him.

"Hey, get your shopping done?" he asked looking down to the black she-kat in front of him.

The she-kat gave a nod looking up to him and smiled hiding her bag behind her back, "Yes, but no peeking though."

Murdock couldn't help but let out a chuckle giving her a soft smile which she returned and then she glanced down to the bag in the canine's hands. "Did you get your shopping done?"

He gave a nod as he looked down to his own bag, "Yep, but you won't get to see until Christmas." He replied with a chuckle as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

-Salvage Yard-

An off-white door with black finger prints stained on the door due to grease opened into a small hallway letting sight to a green bristly object being pushed through the door.

"Come on Chance…This thing is heavy." Grunted a small chocolate colored tom in his blue coveralls, which like the door, was also stained with grease.

A larger blonde colored tom gave a chuckle as he came through the door with the end of the dark green colored tree. "Why is it too much for you buddy?"

Jake gave a grunt as he yielded the top of the tree into the tight door frame of the room.

The room wasn't much, but it had an old brown leather couch that had been patched with duct tape against an off-white wall just like the door.

A coffee table sat in front of the couch, slightly stained and worn like the neighboring couch.

"No, I just would like to get this up before Mur and Aliee arrives." Replied the smaller tom as he backed up against a wall and the larger one swung the trunk around and set it into a tree stand.

After a while the two toms had the tree standing and positioned in the corner of the room. While outside a black car drove up to the side of the building.

The occupants, a she-kat and a dog exited and proceeded to head inside.

Once inside Murdock sniffed and could smell a fresh cut evergreen tree over the usual smell of grease and oil of their home.

Taking the scent in deeply and closing his eyes for a second, he felt a bit more at home.

Compared to usual that is. As a smile rose to his face standing in the door way he felt a nudge in his lower back and a black she-kat passed him.

His eyes snapped open as he looked down and smiled wider to his mate moving out of the way.

"Your fuzzy tail was blocking the door." The she-kat gave a chuckle as she went into the living room noticing the tree. She too smelled the crisp scent of the tree when she entered and smiled at the tree the two toms had picked out.

"Oh, Jake and Chance got a nice one this year." Murdock replied walking into the room behind her. He set the bags down beside the couch and stood there admiring the tree.

"Yes they did." Replied Aliee as she stood next to the husky who put an arm around her shoulder.

"Glad you like it." Replied a familiar voice as the two saw the other two toms standing behind them.

"Took us all day to find it." Replied the smaller chocolate colored tom as he moved into the room, past the couple who were both smiling at the in appreciation.

The rest of that day was normal, especially for this time of year, and as the next few days unfolded around them things began to slow down a bit.

All the shopping had been done, the tree fully decorated and lit. Even the outside of the garage had its share of Christmas lights.

This was mainly part of Mayor Banks tidying up of Mega Kat city, because as he had said in his last speech, "A clean city…Is a happy city."

So everyone was told to clean up and to have everything decorated before the first weekend of December.

This meant a huge workload for the salvage yard, inventorying everything and reorganizing it, via the instructions of Commander Feral.

Who once and a while actually came out to check the progress, but the truth be known made Murdock highly nervous about the secret they had below.

Apparently though no one was the wiser and things got back to normal rather quickly from then on.

Except for a certain chocolate and white canine that grew more and more nervous every day.

He wasn't sure if anyone else noticed, but he had gotten rather clumsy and shaky come Christmas day.

Murdock was already up before everyone else, sitting and waiting for his beloved to wake up so he could give her his gift.

"Mur, what are you doing up?" Asked a sleepy sounding female voice, which made the quiet husky jump a bit.

"Oh…too nervous to sleep." He replied looking to her and his eyes quickly darted back to the gift.

"Why is that?" she asked walking over to him in PJs that where a bit long for her as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She sat down beside him and stroked the top of his head.

"Oh umm…About the gift I am going to give you…" He said nervously as he got up and went to the tree getting the gift from under it. He looked at the tiny gift wrapped box for a moment and slowly made his way back to her. Sitting back beside her he handed it to her, "Open it."

"But shouldn't we wait for…"

"Please, go on and open it." He asked giving her a nervous smile as he looked at her. He could feel his stomach tightening as he watched her open it and setting the wrapping paper to the side.

As she opened the square box slowly he slide off the couch and knelt before her biting his lip as she looked at the contents in the box.

Then her eyes looked at him as if just noticing he was on the floor and going to ask what he was doing, he felt his heart leap out of his chest as he asked her, "Aliee…Will you marry me?"

There was a pause for what seemed like forever to him, hoping for one answer and regretting the other and finely the tension broke as she answered softly, "Yes…"

Giving a sigh of relieve through his nostrils he leapt up and hugged her pulling her close as he sat on the couch. "Thank you for saying that."

Aliee smiled and gave a soft purr as she slipped the silver colored ring on her finger before returning the hug and resting her head on her now fiancée's chest.

-Dark Kats hideout-

The massive purple kat walked though the halls of his newest hideout, a little over year ago that female werewolf had been chosen to be apart of his army.

Dark Kat put his index finger to his mouth, he had to find her and bring her back to the compound; but where would he start looking.

He growled to himself, the little broad escaped with the help of her companion that had followed the van.

But this time would be different; he had what he was searching for, the mind control serum.

The she-kat was somewhere close and he knew it, he just had to find her first, bring her back and make her his own personal solider.

It was time; Dark Kat looked at the staff that followed him.

"Wake the War Kat, and get the serum ready." He ordered aloud, the staff of scientists scrambled.