Chapter 13
Written by: Murdock & RazorsLove

-Salvage yard-

Jake was up and walking around the yard, the cuts on his face had healed up; his bruises had disappeared and his sore throat had cleared up.

The small brown tom stood in front of the garage, he leaned against the stone exterior of the building quietly.

The clouds passed over slowly, but in the distance they became darker and a low rumble.

His ears slightly flattened as the wind picked up a bit, Murdock came out of the garage and looked at the brown tom; then out into the distance.

"Looks like a bad storm." Murdock said quietly.

Jake looked up at his canine friend standing next to him then back out to where the storm clouds churned angrily in the sky.

"Any luck with finding the compound, or at least any signs of Aliee and her friend running around the woods?" Jake asked quietly.

"No Jake, there hasn't been any." Murdock replied.

Jake nodded quietly.

"It's been a few weeks since we last saw them, Dark Kat probably isn't happy with them; and the Enforcers are still busy with finding Feral." Murdock continued.

"Thats right, Feral was the other one with me." Jake added.

"I know." Murdock said gruffly.

Jake's ears flattened down all the way, his eyes directed at the dirt ground.

Murdock watched his friend quietly, Chance came up behind Murdock and put his paw on his shoulder.

"I'm going out for another look around the mountains." He announced.

Murdock looked over his shoulder at the tabby and nodded.

"I'll be down in a few to go with you." Murdock continued.

Chance nodded and walked towards the hatch, Murdock looked back to Jake.

"Are you going to stay here? Or did you want to go instead?" Murdock questioned.

Jake looked up at him and shook his head.

"No I'll stay." He answered.

Murdock nodded and walked to the hatch.


Dark Kat looked over his pets as they walked in front of him.

They were heading to the his aircraft, this was going to be it they were going to kill those meddlesome Swat Kats once and for all.

The cuts on cuts that went down the middle of their heads, had disappeared quickly within a few hours nearly a day ago.

Dark Kat was the first to walk on to the craft, followed by his pets.

"This shall be a glorious day." Dark Kat said happily.

The craft shuddered as it took off to Mega Kat City, Dark Kat grinned as he circled Cody and Aliee quickly.

"Once you see the Swat Kats you will kill them with out a hesitation." he said to the black wolf.

Then he turned to Cody and looked over the war kat.

"If any Enforcers show up you take care of them or help her." Dark Kat added.

Cody nodded slowly and growled lowly in response to the purple tom.

Dark Kat looked at the both of his pets as they stood silently in front of him, they breath appeared in thick clouds of mist.

"Soon it will be all over and I shall take over." Dark Kat grinned triumpantly.

He turned and started down the hall, the two beasts followed after their master as he made his way to the hanger.


The bomb was being loaded into the haul of Dark Kats aircraft, where it would lie and wait.

Cody and Aliee snapped at each other irritatedly as they bumped into each other in the hall, on the verge of breaking out in a fight Aliee backed off and stood away from Cody.

The blonde War Kat kept his distance away from the black wolf, he was ready to snap her neck in half.

He walked steadily behind his master in front of him, a foot or less away was the black female trailing behind him.

Cody would watch her scratch at her forehead as they trailed behind Dark Kat quietly, it started to bleed when she dug her claw into her forehead.

Dark Kat spotted her once and got onto her quickly about it, her forehead had healed quickly with in a few seconds.

Her ears were pinned against her head for the remander of their walk to the hanger.

Dark Kat entered the hanger first as always, followed by Cody then Aliee closely behind him.

In the middle of the hanger Dark Kats aircraft, the bomb bay doors where wide open with the bomb hanging between them.

Under the cockpit of the craft was an on ramp, Dark Kat walked up it quickly; Cody followed up after him, Aliee hesitated and sniffed the craft before entering.

The ramp slammed closed as it closed the entrance in the middle of the haul, the bomb was installed into the bomb bay.

The craft shuddered as it exited the hanger, Dark Kat sat in his over sized seat in the middle of the large cockpit.

Cody and Aliee stood behind him quietly, the craft hit a minor bit of turblance that sent both of the mosters tmbling over each other.

Aliee hit here forehead in the corner of one of the panels and it made her jerk violently to the side where she landed on the ground; she growled loudly and got off the floor after the turbluance ended.

Her red eyes flashed bright green then turned back to their new crimson color.


T-bone sat in the pilots seat quietly as he flew over the forest, in the seat behind him Doc sat and looked over the forest; switching from one side to the other.

His ears flattened as he spotted nothing thought the large gapping holes in the forest canopy.

Doc growled frustratedly as he sat back in the seat and put his paws on his face.

"I can't see anything from this high up." he growled.

T-bone looked at Doc's reflection in the cockpit glass and his ears flattened.

T-bone manvers lower to the forest canopy, He to looked out the side of the canopy and spotted nothing.

"Do you think it would be a good idea just to start heading back right now?" T-bone questioned.

Doc looked at the tabby though the reflection.

"Yes." Doc replied, defeat echoed in his voice.

T-bone sighed softly and acended quickly and turned back around to head home.

As T-bone acended quickly and out of the corner of his eyes he spotted a large craft moving quickly towards the city.

The tabby's head turned quickly towards the craft, as he continued to acend quickly.

It was slow moving compared to the average commercial airline, and no commercial airline would paint their jets black.

T-bones heart pounded as he noticed the craft was still acending.

"Doc..." T-bone called as he continued to watch the dark craft acend.

Doc looked up at T-bone's reflection in the glass cockpit cover, his head was turned in a different direction.

Doc slowly in the direction T-bone was facing, he spotted the craft acending into the clouds and disappearing.

"It's them." Doc Hissed lowly.

T-bone manuvered to follow the craft, in the back Doc tensed in his seat.

Every muscle shifted in Doc's body, the voice returned to his mind in an uproar.

Doc's paws tightened hard on the arm rests of the navigation seat, an anxious feeling came over him suddenly.


T-bone radioed Razor back at the hanger, it took more than a few minutes until the brown tom answered.

"What is it T-bone?" Razor responded to his first broadcast.

"Razor get your uniform and head into the city, We've spotted Dark Kat's ship heading towards the city." T-bone announced to the tom on the other side of the satcom's.

"Are you sure it was them." Razor questioned wryly.

"Positive Razor, now hurry up buddy." T-bone ordred softly.

"I'll be in the city soon." Razor added.

The radio went quiet quickly, T-bone followed a great distance behind the black and red vessle.

-Dark Kat's Plane-

One of the toms turned in his seat and looked to Dark Kat with his ears pinned.

"Master, our radar has detected an air craft directly behind the ship about a quarter mile behind us sir." The pilot announced.

Dark Kat looked at him quickly.

"Bring an image of this "Air Craft" up on the visual screen." Dark Kat ordered.

The co-pilot next to the other, immdently brought up an image of a black, red, yellow jet coming straight at them from behind.

Dark Kat cursed under his breath and looked to his two pets standing behind him.

"Land in front of city hall, make sure those baffons fallow us!" Dark Kat ordered angrily at his servants.

The pilot and co-pilot nodded at Dark Kat quietly as they started to manuver though the thick, white clouds.

Dark Kat motioned for his two pets to approach his chair in the middle of the huge cockpit.

Aliee and Cody approached slowly and sat on their hauntchs quietly, they eyes blazing with rage.

"Kill the SwatKats, leave none of them alive." Dark Kat hissed at them.

Cody and Aliee growled lowly in response to their masters order, Dark Kat dismissed them quickly allowing them to go into the haul and wait.