I have no idea where this came from.

I was reading Alister's Girlfriend's story, "Under the Stars," when this plot bunny hit me over the head with a carrot and commanded me to write it. As a result, we have another Ishtar centered fic (that's surprising, considering that it's been a while since I wrote about anybody besides the bikers). This one is short, non-yaoi, fluff-ish, and leave reviews on your way out. FYI, Marik's dialogue is going to be a little hard to understand, but it should be easy enough to figure out.

"Wishid! Wishid, come hee-wer!"

The Egyptian three year old child giggled madly in euphoric joy. He was almost dancing on the sandy floor, impatiently watching his elder brother walk toward him in bemusement. "Huwwy, Wishid, huwwy!"

"Master Marik? What is it?" asked Rishid, blinking as the small boy grasped his hand and began bodily dragging him forward with all of his strength. Ishizu had gone to bed a while ago, and Marik was supposed to be in bed as well.

"Quick, Wishid, you see dis! P'ease, Wishid, huwwy!!" said Marik insistently, tugging on Rishid's hand jerkily.

Marik dragged his brother all the way down the torch- lit sandstone hallway, giggling the whole way. Rishid did not even try to resist him; he was all too used to his brother's unusual whims. "What has you so excited, Master Marik?" he asked.

"You see when ged de-wer, Wishid! Bud you huwwy, or dey won' be de-wer!" replied Marik, his lavender eyes glimmering in the firelight from the torches.

Rishid chuckled. "All right, Master Marik. I'm walking as fast as I can," he replied, his golden eyes twinkling in amusement.

Marik took Rishid all the way down the corridors, winding through them with an amazing sense of direction. The two Egyptians ended up in a large stone cavern, beneath an open well cover. The moonlight bathed the sand in a soft light, making it appear to be made of silver. Rishid knew where they had ended up, but he was not sure what his younger brother had seen.

"Wook, Wishid!" cried Marik suddenly, pointing towards the night sky with eyes filled with wonder. "Pweddy wighds up de-wer. Whad wighds awe dey, bwother?"

Rishid looked up at the night sky silently, not answering Marik's question at first. Marik tugged on his brother's tunic impatiently, and when Rishid looked down he asked, "Wishid, whad awe pweddy wighds?"

"…They're called stars, Master Marik."

Marik's eyes widened. "Sda-wers? Whad dad?"

Rishid went silent again, thinking over his answer; most likely, he was trying to think of a way to make his young brother understand what they were. At length, he said, "You know how we use our candles to give us light?"

Marik nodded, looking at Rishid attentively.

"Well, stars are the skies' candles. The moon, you see, is virtually helpless in the dark without them, even though it is so bright; it can only see so far. Stars light up the night sky to help the moon rise, the same way our candles guide us."

There was a long but comfortable silence, in which neither of them said a word. They just silently watched the stars overhead, reveling in their beauty.

"Can you catch de sda-wers fow me?"

Rishid looked down at his younger brother in surprise. "What, Master Marik?"

"Can you catch de sda-wers fow me, Wishid?" Marik repeated his question slowly and solemnly, lavender eyes filled with longing as he gazed at the sky.

"I don't know…" began Rishid doubtfully.

"Pwease, bwudder, twy! Twy fow me!" begged Marik earnestly, a pleading expression on his face.

Rishid did not respond for a moment, contemplating on the sight above him. Then, silently, his hands lifted into the air and he stood taller, even going up on his tiptoes as he reached for the faintly twinkling lights above them. A few seconds later, Rishid dropped his hands and glanced apologetically at Marik.

"Sorry, Master Marik—they are too far away."

Marik's face fell slightly, but he replied, "It a'wight, bwudder. I knowed you cou'nt weach."

The small child looked up at the stars, his smile replaced by a somber look. "Wishid, why awe sda-wers so faw 'way? Why awen't dey down here?"

Rishid looked down at his brother sadly. "Because, little one, their place is in the sky."

"…so den, owr pwace is he-were?"

Rishid nodded, his eyes softening as he watched Marik's face fall. "I'm sorry, Master Marik," he said simply.

The blonde child looked up at the night sky, his eyes filling with a look that was full of wonder and longing; he imitated Rishid's earlier actions, keeping his hands raised as if the stars would really descend to his open palms.

"I wish I was up dere," Marik said softly, reaching to the sky with a forlorn expression on his face.

Rishid said nothing, but his eyes spoke the same message.

There's probably going to be another chapter to this, which is why I won't post it as complete for a while. But I am not sure if I should...reviewers? What do you think?