Ty Lee looked at the ocean. Particularly the part of the ocean where Sokka's ship was out. She saw Sokka and Suki on board. Sokka had his arms around Suki from her back and she turned her head so he could kiss her. Ty Lee's heart broke. She was standing on the cliff staring out. She looked down at her blue dress. It was moving with the wind. The colors of the sunset fit perfectly with the ocean. The clouds wore thin but were still visible.

A single dear slid down Ty Lee's face into the ocean. She had been in love with Sokka for ages. She always found it hard to tell him. She had planned this from the moment she had seen him. She knew he would never fall for her. So she decided to try to MAKE him. She would wait for a day where Sokka and Suki were out on their boat. She would jump off the cliff. Of course she wouldn't kill herself just pretend to start drowning. Sokka and Suki would see and pull her aboard. Sokka would take care of her, and possibly fall for her. There was one more thing, Sokka wouldn't recognize Ty Lee. Ty Lee had disguised herself as a water bender. She let her hair out of it's usual braid, and bought a blue dress, and blue contacts.

Ty Lee put her plan into action. She jumped off the cliff and screamed. Sokka and Suki parted and looked out to the cliff where they saw a girl falling off the cliff. Sokka widened his eyes and jumped in the water. He swam towards her and swam her back to the boat. Suki helped her up and began CPR on her. Finally she started 'breathing' again. Ty Lee slowly opened her eyes. The first person she saw was Sokka staring at her in shock.

Sokka looked at the girl and figured she had to be from the Water tribe, she was strangely familiar, her hair was VERY wavy and she had piercing blue eyes almost not real.

Thankful to Ty Lee, she was a very good actress. "Where am I?" She moaned.

"You're on a boat. You fell off a cliff!" Suki exclaimed.

"A cliff what was I doing there? Do I know either of you?" Ty Lee asked clearly confused.

"No, but you do look familiar, are you from the water tribe?" Sokka asked her.

"Y-yes, I am are you? I feel like I've seen you before." Ty Lee asked.

"Yeah, I am actually. Are you from the Southern or Northern water tribe." Ty Lee couldn't remember which tribe he was from so she went with her instincts.

"Southern. You?"

"Southern." Sokka helped Ty Lee up.

"What's your name?" Sokka asked.

"Oh it's... uh..." Ty Lee couldn't think of a name. She thought of the Ocean... Blue, Clear, CRYSTAL!

"Sorry my names Crystal." Ty Lee said.

"Do you remember your last name?" Suki asked taking Sokka's arm.

"Um I don't have one." Ty Lee said.

"That's all right. Sokka you know the boat why don't you show her an open chamber."

"Alright, I'll be right back." Sokka swiftly kissed Suki and Ty Lee shuddered. Sokka led Ty Lee to a room where she could sleep until they could get her to the Southern water tribe.

"So, your name's Sokka?" She asked.

"Yeah, so Crystal do you think your memory was affected at all?" Sokka asked.

"Um, no let me think a minute. My parents names were... uh... Paku and Flascent. I am 17 years old, I have no bending powers and I don't remember what I was doing on the cliff." Ty Lee told him.

"Well it doesn't seem like you lost your memory. Do you know what you were doing so far away from the water tribe?"

"Uhhh yes! I do! I was looking for the water benders brother in the avatar's group. I wanted to learn the ways of the sword." Ty Lee rushed.

"Well then I'm your guy!" Sokka smiled proudly.

"You know where the brother is?" Ty Lee asked.

"I AM the brother." Sokka told her.

"Oh great! Do you think you could teach me the sword?" Ty Lee pleaded.

"Well... i dunno... I have a lot to do..."

"Like what?"

"Well, I'm supposed to meet up with the avatar and his wife, Toph and Katara, my sister, and Zuko her husband, in a few days, and I was going to propose to my girlfriend, Suki." Sokka explained. Ty Lee's heart broke. She could barely stand to see them kiss, but MARRY? Ty Lee couldn't help it but she started crying. Sokka spun her around to face him. "Is something the matter?" He asked her.

"Y-y-yes!" Ty Lee threw her arms around him and cried into his shoulder. Sokka didn't want to hurt this girl so he didn't push her away.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah, that'd be nice." Ty Lee pulled back and looked in his eyes.

"Ok. So what's up?" Sokka asked her.

"Well... I love this boy-man, and during the war we were enemies, but now we aren't. I still don't think he realizes how much I love him, and I found out that he is engaged to another women... who I don't believe he loves as much as he thinks he does." Ty Lee cried.

"Damn, I wish Katara or Iroh were here they were good with advice... umm have you tried talking to him? Katara says that works sometimes." Sokka suggested.

"Well, no. He hasn't seen me for four years, since the war ended, and he JUST got engaged, I had this plan but I don't think it'll work." Ty Lee sobbed.

"You should try to talk to him, you know I know what it's like to lose someone you love, I went through it. Twice." Sokka told her.

"What happened?" Ty Lee asked.

"Well, the first girl I loved was Yue, she's turned into the moon spirit." Sokka said.

"Oh well, that's sad." Ty Lee replied.

"Yeah, and the second girl. Well it's kind 'a like the same thing your going through. She was an amazing warrior, not a bender, but she had this rare talent, she could kill someone by poking a pressure point. She was amazing. The first time we met she tried to kill me... while flirting with me... It was weird, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was just amazing. I saw her once after that. Me, Zuko my Dad and Suki were fighting her and Azula. It was pretty much me and Zuko against Azula and Suki against Ty Lee, that was her name." Ty Lee's eyes widened. Sokka loved her.

"W-w-what happened?" Ty Lee asked quietly.

"Well I looked for her after the war ended, but I couldn't find her. She used to be a Kyoshi Warrior, but Suki ended up kicking her out. I finally gave up my search and came back here to Suki. I didn't know what I would do If I saw her again. I wouldn't know if she would kill me or flirt with me!" Sokka laughed.

"That sounds like something I would do." Ty Lee laughed along.

"Huh?" Sokka was confused. Ty Lee took off her contacts and put her hair in a braid.

"Hi Sokka."