Three things went through Toph's mind.



3) These nitwits better not aww or I'll kill them

Aang stared into to Toph's blank eyes. He prayed the answer would be yes, and that if it wasn't she wouldn't laugh or earth bend him to another nation. Aang waited with his knee on the ground, Toph's hand in one hand and the betrothal necklace in the other.

"Aang- I- Don't know what to say." Toph said blankly. "Except YES!" She shouted and pounced on him. She kissed him like there was no tomorrow and he was so happy. He pulled away and put the necklace on her. She smiled, and actually started crying if you can imagine Toph doing that. Aang stood there hugging her.

"I'm so happy." He whispered in her ear. She smiled and whispered back.

"Me too."

Sokka went back to his room at the Palace. What a day, he thought collapsing onto the bed. First Crystal or rather Ty Lee shows up, than she gets kidnapped, he finds out that his girlfriend is a psychopath who kept him apart from the girl he loved, and Suki was on her way back to Kyoshi Island at this moment, and they would probably never see each other again. And yet, Sokka felt relief, something about knowing he didn't have to spend the rest of his life with Suki was comforting. Knowing, that one day in the future he might be able to ask Ty Lee to marry him was a happy thought, that led him into his dreams.

A few hours later Katara shook Sokka awake.

"Ah What?" Sokka jumped on the bed into ninja position. He looked down and saw Katara with a condescending look on her face. He hopped off the bed smoothed out his shirt and cleared his throat. "Hey Katara, what's happening?" He asked. She rolled his eyes.

"Well you haven't missed much, well except for the fact that Aang and Toph are engaged." Sokka's eyes widened.

"They are? I thought he was waiting until her birthday!" Sokka exclaimed.

"Well he didn't, we are all going to celebrate, and I thought you'd like to come, unless you want to be alone." Katara offered.

"I'd love to come." Sokka led his sister out the door, and out to the group.

"Hey guys, Aang, Toph congrats!" He hugged them both. They all went to Iroh's tea shop in Ba Sing Se (they are in the earth kingdom). All of a sudden Zuko started laughing hysterically. The gang wanted to know what was so funny.

"Hey do you remember the couples four years ago?" They all looked at him like he was insane.

"I mean compare the person you were with four years ago to the person you're with now, I think you'll get a kick out of it too." He chuckled drinking his tea.

"Hm Aang to Zuko, Avatar to Fire Lord Did I make a mistake?" Katara mock pondered. Zuko glared at her.

"Oh you better not have." He told her. She kissed him.

"Of course not." She told him.

"Oh I had the biggest crush on Sokka!" Toph laughed. The whole gang laughed at that one.

"Wow, boomerang boy to twinkle toes, who would've thought?" Katara laughed along.

"Katara to Toph. Not bad two outstanding girls." Aang kissed Toph's cheek and squeezed Katara's hand. "But Toph won my heart." Everyone awed.

"What about you Zuko!" Toph announced.

"Well I was dating Mai and I married Katara, I think I win on the biggest switch." The group laughed.

"Emotionless non-fire bender to Cheery, supportive, most powerful water bender." Mai told them. She learned to get a sense of humor.

Sokka and Ty Lee sat and observed their friends, knowing that they shouldn't stick there noses into it, seeing as Sokka was single and Ty Lee had only ever dated Jet. At one point Sokka had stood up and walked out. Ty Lee remember Katara's words about giving him time, but followed him anyway. It was a clear night and the moon was starting to rise. Sokka stood on the edge of the cliff looking into the distance. Ty Lee was quiet as a mouse.

"Oh Yue, what do I do? I know that Suki was cruel and what she did was unforgivable but I loved her for so long and I can't just get over it in a day. But it's not fair to keep Ty Lee waiting, because I love her more. Please help me." He bowed to the moon and turned to leave. Ty Lee came out of her hiding place behind the tree and tapped his shoulder.

"Ah! Ty Lee what are you doing out here?" Sokka half yelled half asked.

"Making sure you were alright." She told him. He leaned against the tree.

"I'm fine." He lied.

"You know I may not be able sense you're lying through my feet like Toph, but I have enough intuition to know that that's a lie." She smirked. He looked at her.

"Look, I do love you, but I need time to get over Suki. I know it may be hard to understand but-" Ty Lee shooshed him with a kiss. It was only for three seconds but to Sokka the best three seconds in his life.

"I'm not asking you to rush into this, I want you to be fully committed to not just me, but us. And I know that you can't be when you're trying to get over someone else. I've waited four years Sokka, and I'd wait another four more, just knowing that someday we'll belong to each other, is enough to hold me over." He pulled her into a hug. She was wonderful and he was grateful.

"Thank you Ty Lee, thank you." And there they stood hugging on the cliff, a slight sea breeze blowing at them and the moon shining directly on them.

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