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Pairing: Vegeta/Bulma. 'Cause they're so funny.

Context: Ever wondered how the heck they had ended up having Trunks (I mean, that seemed quite... unlikely to happen), and how he ended up being quite "fond" of her, as he admitted himself? Well I did wonder, and he's my attempt at finding a proper answer.

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Chapter 1: The other one

"Hey, Vegeta!" a cheery voice said.

Bulma's face had just appeared on the screen of his gravity room. He grunted at the sound of her voice and turned to look at her.

"What the hell do you want, woman?! Can't you see I'm busy?"

She flushed and her blue eyes darkened with fury.

"The name's Bulma, and I just wanted to tell you that dinner's ready."

She sighed and crossed her arms angrily.

"Next time I'll just let you starve."

Her face disappeared from the huge screen. Vegeta sighed heavily, but he stopped the training program anyway - for he was really hungry after all. No, actually, he was starving, like she said. Oh well. She is kind of useful, he thought as he got out the capsule.

He sneered with disdain when he noticed that Yamcha - one of the most worthless people Vegeta had ever seen - was sitting at the table, calmly eating and speaking with Bulma, who was standing in front of the oven. Her blue hair was tied up on her head and she was wearing a short, tight red dress.

That's indecent.

She smiled at him (which was even more indecent), but the prince only raised an eyebrow at the sight of the plates on the table.

"Tell the weakling to get the hell away from my food."
"Fat aw fou chrying to chay?" Yamcha asked, his mouth full.

He swallowed.

"What are you trying to say?" he repeated more clearly.

Vegeta smirked and dropped on a chair, as far from him as he possibly could without putting himself to far away from the egg rolls. They smelled absolutely delicious. He had to give some credit to that female for at least knowing how to cook properly.

"Vegeta, don't be silly," she said reproachfully. "I made it for both of you."

He blinked, stared at the food on the table, and then looked at her again.

"You must be kidding. Unless the weakling eats like a bird, this is never going to be enough."
"Who are you calling a weakling?"

Bulma sighed heavily as she bent over to get a plate out of the oven.

"I'm not done cooking, dammit! I know you Saiyans eat like ten normal people, so will you just shove some delicious food in your mouth and stop complaining?"

She put the perfect looking lasagna on the table. Vegeta's eyes narrowed as he stared at his new victim. That lasagna smelled even better than the egg rolls he had been putting in his plate since he had spotted them.

Target locked. Vegeta picked a huge part of lasagna before Yamcha could realised he had actually moved.

"Everytime I cook for you or Goku, I feel sorry for Chi-Chi. Two Saiyans must be a pain in the ass to feed on a daily basis."
"I still don't get were they put all this," Yamcha said to Bulma, not taking care of Vegeta anymore.

Being called a weakling or a worthless piece of shit every minute had somehow lost its charm after so much time. At least he could pretend he didn't hear the Saiyan, which usually annoyed him a lot.

"Especially Vegeta. He's so small."

Vegeta swallowed his food and shot him a deadly glare. Him, small? Small?? Small?!! Really, was that dumbass of an Earthling serious about this?

"Just let me lay one punch on your stupid face and I'm sure even you will be able to see where the food goes. If you survive, that is."
"No one's going to lay a punch on anyone's face," Bulma said with a severe gaze at both of them. "And, more importantly, no one is going to kill anyone. Get it?"
"Yeah, yeah," Yamcha mumbled, while Vegeta said nothing because his mouth was too full.

Yamcha blinked.

"Oh, great - Bulma, do you have some more egg rolls? Please? Vegeta took all of them."

Somehow, his words seemed to upset her. And, if Vegeta had learned something on Earth, it was that most female were mentally unstable, and that you did not want to cross an upset woman whatsoever. There was no telling what they could do when they were pissed.

"Well eat something else!" her voice snapped back angrily. "It's not like the table isn't full, and I'm not your goddamn servant!"

Yamcha blinked as she turned around. Vegeta did nothing but smirk with content as he ate another egg roll. For some reason, Bulma would allow him to ask for more food or more anything-he-wanted, but would get angry when asked the same very thing by anyone else (especially that Yamcha guy), and would make it very clear to that person that she was not there to serve him or her. Oddly, she seemed to like taking care of him, which actually felt kind of good for him. Of course, he'd rather die than admit it or show it in any way.

Speaking of taking care of him...

"Ew, Vegeta," she said while putting one last noodle plate on the table. "You really smell like you trained a lot, if you know what I mean. You want me to prepare a bath for you?"

Vegeta smirked with content again, but this time only mentally.

"Sure," he replied in a voice that was meant to sound like a I-don't-care-of-course voice.

Bulma simply walked away, and Yamcha stared at her, looking dumbfounded.

Or just dumb, Vegeta thought. Indeed, that fitted him better.

"Well I'll be damned. She yells at me because I ask politely for some egg rolls and then she just offers you a bath. I'm supposed to be her boyfriend for godness' sake."

Vegeta's lips arched in a cunning smile.

"Well, what do you know. Maybe I finally found someone who respects my status as a prince."

Yamcha's hand closed in a tight fist, but he said nothing and left the table.

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