Chapter 50: Partners forever

Vegeta sighed very lightly, staring blankly at the ceiling. Every morning it was harder for him to leave his bed, not because he had lost all will to do anything like that stupid Kakarot, but because his body was changing now. His physical aging had begun a few weeks ago, when he had spotted a stray of snow-white hair into his usually perfectly dark flame-shaped hair. Then everything had followed: fatigue, painful articulations, tensed and tired muscles even when he did not do anything special. He had been pushing his body his whole life, but now that time was catching up with him, his body was making him pay all those years of drastic training.

Vegeta knew what it meant: his time was almost over. Quite frankly, he did not care. Even if he had Trunks and Bra around, life without Bulma had no flavour at all. It was plain. Gray. Boring. To make a short story, it wasn't worth living at all. Sitting in the bed he had shared with his mate for so many years, he glanced up at his reflection in the mirror. He hadn't changed that much, actually. Even when they started their physical aging, Saiyans did not change that much.

If you forgot the fact that his hair was all white now.

"Hey dad," Bra said cheerfully as he stepped in the kitchen. "No, don't," she said, lightly tapping his fingers with the spatula she was holding when he tried to open the fridge. "Just have a seat, I'm making some French toasts for everybody."

He did not move, glaring at her in what was meant to be an offended way.

"I said have a seat, dad," she ordered, glaring back at him and pointing the table.

Vegeta gave her a faint smile, shook his head, but obeyed. She looked so much like her mother, it was almost painful for him to look at her now - and she even had the same authority over him. It had to be genetic or something.

Trunks looked at his father with the corner of his blue eyes. Even if he pretented to be just fine, since he wasn't "a damn over-emotional imbecile like that clown", Trunks knew it was not true. Vegeta had changed since Bulma had died. He had never been the most opened-up person in the world or the one that spoke the most around the table - quite the opposite actually - but it had been worse those last twenty years. He reminded him of the man he was when he was only a little child himself: colder, more bitter. Silencious and serious. Vegeta barely reacted when his two grandsons dropped on their chairs.

"Here you go, careful over there-" Bra said, coming with a huge plate topped by at least a hundred French toasts. "Super-yummy French toasts for everybody that I love - but you can have some too, Trunks. I give you permission."

The half-Saiyan rolled his blue eyes as Iris did her best not to laugh. She and Bra had become very good friends through the years.

"Thank you so much, Bra," he said, glaring at her. "You didn't put poison in there now did you?"
"You'll have to worry about poison the day I will cook something only for you," she slyly replied with a cunning smile.

Vegeta's dark eyes glanced up at the ceiling briefly. He was bored, really bored, but it was only a matter of days now.

Crazy and noisy mornings. You would've loved this...

His arms crossed in his signature posture, Vegeta walked in the huge office. Everything was the same: except that, this time, his death had not occured in the middle of thousands of murders, thus, for once, he did not have to take the queue. Yemma smiled faintly at him before glancing down at his oversized book.

"Prince Vegeta - again," he said. "Are you making a contest with Goku or something?"
"Cut the crap, will you?"
"Heart attack... well, it definitely proves you had one," King Yemma joked.

Vegeta growled, and Yemma nodded:

"All right, go on, Vegeta, you are free to go wherever you wish. However..."

Yemma bent over his desk, and Vegeta could swear he had winked at him.

"I suggest you make Heaven's gardens your first destination."
"This place is boring," the prince scowled. "I want to train, it's been months."
"Do as you wish. But I ensure you, you will not be disappointed. The view is... breath-taking."

As soon as he was sure that Vegeta was too far away to hear him, Yemma called:

"What is it again?" the old witch said, floating on her crystal ball as usual.
"Take Bulma Briefs' body to the gardens, will you?"

She frowned.

"What for?"
"Well, for Vegeta's reward, of course."

Baba scoffed.

"You kept her for that thick-headed Saiyan?!"
"Yes," he replied, glaring at her. "It is the gift given to the Saiyans who prove themselves worthy of this ultimate reward - eternity with their mate."
"But, but... this is ridiculous, none of them deserve that much!"

Yemma slammed his hand on his desk, his eyes throwing knives at her.

"Oh but they both do, I'm afraid! For creating the Dragon Radar that saved the world so many times, for caring deeply and sincerly about a man that did not give a damn about anyone, including herself, for helping him when no one would, for making him atone for his numerous murders, for melting his icy heart: Bulma Briefs deserves to spend the eternity with her mate."
"But Vegeta," Baba insisted. "Would it be Goku, I would be more than glad to agree, but Vegeta-"
"Vegeta deserves this as much as Goku, if not more. It is easy to be good your whole life when it's all you've ever known, but to be raised in coldness and finally learn love, to commit millions of murders and then atone, to become good when all you've ever known and learned is being evil... that is what makes Vegeta so worthy, Baba. Now," he concluded, "Bulma's body, to the gardens. Vegeta is much faster than you and I doubt you want to make him wait. As much as he has changed, the man is still quite impatient."

Vegeta reluctantly entered Heaven's gardens. It was a beautiful place, all right - if you liked walking around without any purpose, surrounded by flowers, glass and trees, that is. Since it had never been the prince's cup of tea, he truly wondered why in the world he had been urged by Yemma to go there first.

The view's breath-taking. Who cares, really! Vegeta mentally grunted, walking down a sand path, already bored out of his damn mind.

But then he froze. Had his heart still been beating, it would've stopped right now, without any doubt.

He could see a young woman sitting under a huge tree. She was turning her back on him, but that silhouette... blue hair that barely brushed her shoulders, perfect fair skin...


His voice was rough, hesitant: the name felt rusted in his mouth. It had been so long since he'd spoken it, but this couldn't be her, could it? That woman clearly had a body, you had to have saved the world or something like that to deserve this reward. Bulma did not really qualify for this. The woman's head slowly turned upon hearing the name, and then everything faded to the background for Vegeta. Beautiful face with elegant features, stricking blue eyes and inviting lips.


She was there, smiling at him, the younger version of his mate, the one that had pissed him off royally, then changed him completely. The one who tamed him and bore his two children.

Every fiber of his being wanted to run and hug her, yet he dared not move a single muscle. What if it was only an illusion, what if it was some kind of a sick joke? It'd be like losing her again.


Not even an illusion could be speaking his name like this, right? It sounded too perfect, too real. Tears rolling down her pale cheeks, she got on her feet and jumped in his arms, her arms locking around his neck as she held him tighter than ever before. She was there, she was real, touching him: and he could touch her back. He closed his arms around her and deeply breathed in, taking in the scent that he had missed so much. He felt something wet on his cheek, and he knew it wasn't Bulma's tears. It was his, though he hadn't cried for so many years, though he had not even actually cried when she had died. He had hold it all inside, like he always did: but now, as he held her after twenty long years, while she should not even be there, he couldn't anymore.

"How come... how come you have...?" he started.

She shook her head, still refusing to let go of him.

"I don't know, I didn't when I died, I was in Heaven but I didn't have a body, until now..."

Vegeta slightly frowned. So Bulma did not have her body until he died? They said Saiyans mates were partners forever, was that what it meant? That they should be partners even in death?

He shook his head. Screw the explanations, really, he did not care. She was there, he could talk to her, touch her, love her: it was all that mattered right now.

Plus, if this was some kind of mistake, he was certainly not the one that would be pointing it out to Yemma.

"I've missed you, woman," he whispered, his fingers caressing her wet cheek softly.
"The same here," she murmured back, digging her fingers into his now white, still flame-shaped hair.

He captured her lips with his own, and she softly moaned against his mouth: it had been so long, so very long, she had almost forgotten how good it felt. Even when she was still alive, he had to go easier on her at the end. She was old and fragile in her last years: now she was dead anyway and, though she did not quite understand why, she had been given back her youth.

"Oh Vegeta," Bulma sighed when he made them fall on the green grass, pressing his firm body against her.

Her hurried hands pulled his shirt, partly tearing it apart in the process: she wanted this, she wanted this so bad it almost hurt. She wanted him pressed against her, she wanted him inside her, she needed it. It felt like centuries had gone by since the last time Vegeta and her had made love, especially so fiercely. A long moan escaped her lips when she finally felt Vegeta inside her, and she moved her hips to meet with his deep thrusts, begging for more at each of his fierce, almost brutal move. It was a passion as burning and violent as the one that had driven their first times that drove him right now, and yet wasn't enough, it wouldn't be enough before they'd spend the eternity making love like this: she had missed it so much...

Bulma's voice echoed around delightfully as her back arched abruptly: he grabbed her hips more firmly as he thrusted one last time, leaning in to kiss her passionately.

"I love you," she purred to his ear.

He smirked at her.

"So, woman," he said playfully, "You think you can make me a Gravity Capsule in here?"

She punched his stomach lightly.

"You jerk," she said, trying to look mad even though she was looking rather amused and was still breathing heavily.

She inverted their positions, lowering her head to nibble his ear as her hips started to move yet again, more slowly this time.

"All right, I guess it can wait a little," he said, his smirk growing bigger.

Vegeta's hand caressed Bulma's cheeks.

"After all, we've got the eternity ahead of us..."

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