Summary: Inuyasha's a screw up extraordinaire who sells himself for food, rent, and—most importantly—his next fix. That was, until his ever so bothersome & saintly savor showed up. The girl that bought her heart with a promise she had ever intention to keep. And a woman with a goal is a fierce thing to mess with.

Warning: this story is rated M for a reason. Language, drug use/references, suggestive content, very adult situations and some other uncomfortable mature situations, if you don't think you can handle that then don't read. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.

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hapter 1: Release |x}

"It is not enough to say that we live in a world where betrayal is possible at every moment, in every degree, and in every form."
~ G
abriel Marcel


Children's laughter floated about the dizzy dandelion infested field. It was a swirl of silly colors that could intoxicate anyone's sight. That was until a thud echoed about and a cry broke through the peace to take his full attention while he spun around to see a little girl upon her hands and knees, a few tears trickling down her lightly dirt covered cheeks as her big brown, watery, eyes wondered from the ground up to him, "Inu-kun!"

That always seemed to ring out over and over again as he walked over to kneel down in front of the smaller girl to help her to her feet, "stop crying! You didn't even scab your knees!"

"Inu-kun! You are mean," she whined all the while digging her face deep into her hands.

Flustered words attempted to leave his tangled tongue but that never seemed to happen so he raised his hands up to pat her on the shoulders instead, "it's alright," finally came out in a stutter.

Her hands slid down her face to show her shining smile before she quickly leaned up to give him a quick, innocent, peck upon the lips—his first kiss. She laughed at the way his cheeks flushed with color, "I like you, Inu-kun."

"I..." he coaxed right before his senses returned to him, "keh, don't do that! Stupid, girl."

She just giggled all the more as she took his hand and led him through the field once more, "Inu-kun, promises me something?"

"W-what?" his gaze glanced back and forth from their linked hands to her joyous face.

"When we are older, we'll always be together, OK? When we're older, let's get married!"

"What!?" He gasped as she stopped and took his other hand, "wh-what?"

"Pweze, Inu-kun? But let's not be like our parents," she pouted, "we'll be better than them. They're bad at it... but we'll be good. We'll get married and live happily ever after, promise?"

"I promise," he stumbled back.

"What are you two doing?!" shattered the happy little world as everything crumbled around his little self like an earthquake tearing through the ground to plummet him into darkness, utter, nonstop, emptiness.

The same, blood curling, ear pierced, scream echoed about the nothingness.


Always, he shot up out of his crummy bed with a deep intake of air, a tremble cascading through his body until his wide-eyes settled on what was around him. He wasn't in that field, he wasn't lost in the abyss, and because of that he could sigh and fall back in his cheap sheets.

It was a dream, just a dream… again. It was just that nightmare, all over again.

An hour or so passed before he finally decided to keep his amber orbs open and roll out of bed in nothing but his boxers. Lazily, he walked from his sleeping area into the kitchen and opened his nearly empty fridge to pull out his half-gone carton of orange juice before he grasped a box of whatever cereal he happened to have in the cabinet. After a hop he was on the container drinking straight out of the carton and sticking his hand into the box to eat it a hand full at a time.

He tried his best not to look about his shit-hole of a place but he really hadn't anything better to do at moments like that, seeing as he didn't own a TV. A studio apartment was really all he needed, it was fairly large but falling apart all over the place, the brick the walls were built of were showing here and there, the wooden floor was scuffed all around, and the ceiling had two small stains and one rather large one in the farthest right corner.

It was truly a pathetic place but his pathetic place, his home.

It was all he really had that he could say was 'his' and to him that meant the world, it was his shitty little sanctuary.


"That was good, Shin-kun," the vibrant vixen grinned in her usual alluring pose upon the luxurious bed, the sheets had long been lost in a pool at the bottom of her feet as her blue beauties hovered over him.

"Of course it was," he snorted back as he pulled his jeans back on.

"That's why you are my favorite, Shin-kun," she coaxed with a cock of her head, "your cocky attitude makes it all the more fun."

"Keh," was his simply, classic, trademark reply to anything he couldn't really think of an actual reply for. A jerk of his belt loop towards the bed got him to open his eyes as he fell back down on the mattress that they had just finished mingling upon. His reflexes were grand, though, so it took no effort to prop himself up with a knee and an arm so he didn't actually end up falling on his client. She knew that, too, and her smirk only widened at the proximity of their faces. "Kaguya…" he muttered, he knew that twinkle of mischief ever so well.

"I don't have time for more," she sighed as her fingers slipped from his jeans, "otherwise I'd just keep you all night."

He nodded as he slid off the bed to retrieve his red shirt that had long ago been discarded in the hotel room, "I've got a question for ya'."

"Go ahead."

"You're hot," he blatantly stated after yanking his shirt over his silver tresses, "so why…?"

"Why thank you," she gleamed as she rolled over on the bed to find her undergarments at the end, "why do I pay?"

"Yeah…" he'd do it with her for free if they chanced upon each other in a different situation, though, he'd never admit that.

"I have plenty of money," she shrugged as she slipped her bra back on, her blues wondering about him all the while, "and it's simpler than having to go out and find someone. I don't have the time to prowl for my prey, and besides," she winked to him, "I can get you to do anything I say."

"You are a control freak," he murmured to himself, just low enough that she didn't catch it.

"I have a question or you, then, Shin-kun," she hummed and a simple nod was her answer, "why do you do this? You are handsome, I have a feeling you could get yourself a sugar-mama with ease so…?"

"It's not glamorous," he muttered as he rotated his shoulder to loosen up, "but I make a living for me by me. I hate charity," and that included any money he'd gain from a 'sugar-mama'.

"I see," she nodded and that was one of the other things about Kaguya he liked so much, there was no air of judgment about her, "I'll see you next to, Shin-kun."

"See ya'," he retorted with his usual low-effort wave before he exited the room. Somehow he wasn't shocked that as soon as he got to the elevator his phone went off, it was an effortless flip that opened it so he could place it to his ear, "hello?"


"It's good to see you," a gruff voice greeted from the intercom outside the apartment complex. He only had to let his eyes that were the color of the setting sun glided around the small entrance until they landed on the surveillance camera. "Come in," came out of the little black box before a beep told him the door was unlocked and he could walk in, up two flights of stairs and to the second door on the right. He knew it by heart, he was fairly certain he could do it in his sleep now.

He knocked twice before the door opened up and a familiar highly clothed man grinned grandly as he yanked open the door and stood aside so he could enter. The man was a freak of nature, in his opinion, but he was probably so high all the time that he didn't know that the mass amount of bandages he wore to look like something akin to a mummy.

"The usual?" the mummy inquired as he around in his mess of a foggy apartment until he found a prescription bottle.

"Yep," was his simple reply before he was thrown the red tinted bottle, "the same cost?"

"Eh," the man dragged out, "it'll be a bit more this time, it's starting to get harder to get that shit."

"I think you're just fucking with me," he retorted but that didn't stop him from shelling out the cash he just received from his finest patron.

"It's just business, Inuyasha," the man assured with his cocky, crazy smirk as he traded the bottle for the money. "You have expensive taste; I could give you heroin, cocaine, meth, hell, I could give most other proscriptions drugs for cheaper, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Valium, or Adderral."

"Fine, fine," he grunted as he stuffed the bottle into his pocket, "as long as I'm here…" and he still had just enough cash left over from his merger with Kaguya, "would you by chance have…?"

"Now that's the same price," he chuckled as he grabbed a clear little bottle to throw exchange for the remainder of the hanyou's money. "It's always pleasure doing business with you."

"Yeah," he muttered before he shoved the bottle into his pocket and heading out.

It was a ritual he did anywhere from once a week to once every two or three, it just depended on how much of a 'need' he had for them.

Lately, that need had only grown.


Love, lust, what was the difference? Wasn't it all the same? You lust after what you love, you love what you lust. Neither of those things mattered to him any longer, he'd pushed both possibilities out of his every bit of him—his heart, soul, or body. What good had either ever brought the world? He was sure if you could weigh the pain both created against the pleasure the former would always be the heaviest.

Elation was fiction, gloom was genuine.

That's why he sat back on his run down yet favorite fortunate all the same—his couch—and watched the way the invisible liquid withdrew from its container, into the needle, and down to one of the black notches in the tube. One notch above the last time he did it, far too high for any mortal to live through but that was the bitch of being a part demon, he had to have more, thus, he had to buy more.

His breath left his lips once before he squeezed his fist and placed the pointed edge of the metal to his vein, marred by scarred dotes all about his inner elbow, before he jabbed it in and released the joyful juice to mix within him.

It took no time for the affects to set in and the calm to wash over in him waves as he relaxed into the tattered and faded red cushions.

Tonight, he'd close his eyes to sleep.

Tonight, he wouldn't be haunted by those dreams.

Tonight would be the last night he'd be able to go through his habit in peace because tomorrow she'd stomp her way into his life.

A/N: Just a quick chapter to start the story. I hope it coaxed your curiosity. I've got this story figured out for the most part and I usually hate to say this but I think it's going to be pretty good, probably better than most of my others. As always, there will be twists and turns all about. I have selective writers block, as odd as that sounds, so I'm finding it awfully hard to write another chapter for Beauty & the Blood.

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