Here is a story about how our favorite boys, Griffyndor and Slytherin, deal with seventh year and their harboring crushes for one another. Slash as always. I can't write anything else. Just angst. Pairings are usual but if you're new I'll tell you them. James/Severus Rodolphus/Sirius Lucius/Remus. I may add more pairings if I want too. So the plot is probably going no where unless you REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

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This was screamed as Rodolphus Lestrange tripped over a shoe.

Lucius Malfoy laughed as Rodolphus stood up.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Rodolphus said.

"It was!" Lucius said still laughing. Rodolphus shook his head.

"Is the roles reversed?" he asked.

Lucius paused his insane laughter to say,

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, usually it's me that's acting insane, now it's you." Lucius looked horrified at this revalation.

"Oh. Wanna go back?" Lucius asked.

"Hell yeah!"

"You fools." A velvet voice said.

"Severus!" Rodolphus said and jumped into Severus Snape's arms.

"Ugh. Rodolphus get off." Severus said.

"Sorry!" Rodolphus said and jumped off of Severus' arms.

"Why weren't you on the train?" Lucius asked.

"Potter." Severus muttered.



"He...... ambushed me with Black and Lupin." Rodolphus perked up.

"Sirius!" Severus and Lucius looked at Rodolphus, startled.

"What?! Since when have we called Black by his first name?!" Lucius asked.

"Rodolphus, is there something you want to tell us?" Severus asked, his voice like velvet.

"Um no?" Rodolphus said uncertainly.


"Fine! Well you know third corridor? Severus and Lucius nodded.

"Well I was walking and Sirius came up to me and well, snogged me!" Rodolphus looked around at his best friends.

Severus was looking at the floor. Lucius was scratching his chin, looking pensive.

"Well I have something to tell you both." Lucius said.

"As do I." Severus said too.

Well what do you think so far? Do you want more, less? You hate it? Love it? The funny thing is that I haven't gotten a flame yet! I thought I would get lots seeing as I'm a slash writer and there are homophobes everywhere. I'm not hating on you all, I'm just saying. I'm pissed that like only 5 states have allowed gay marriage. :( It sucks. Every state should allow it!

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