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Mollie Jarrett, the daughter of King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett, sat at the desk in her father's office. Her boots were long gone, and her feet were resting on the pine desk, the latest issue of Marie Claire in her hands. It was possibly the biggest night TNA had ever seen. Not that Mollie was all that interested. Hulk Hogan was making his TNA debut, and everyone backstage was excited, except Mollie. Mollie was never a big fan of Hogan; she personally thought he was overrated. Mollie could have been walking around backstage, asking if anyone needed a hand. Mollie didn't like that idea. She'd much rather be sitting in her father's office, reading her magazine as she waited for the show to start. There was no particular reason the blonde was at Impact, only to be there for Jeff's return, and keep an eye on her younger sisters. That wasn't working too well.

"Mollie Kendal, open the door!" She smirked when she heard her father's voice. Mollie always locked the door when she was in there.

"Hello daddy." She smiled when she opened the door and revealed her father, who was looking rather stressed out.

"Mollie, why must you lock the door?"

"People walk in and out of here as though it's their job. No one knocks, so I had to lock the door." Mollie smiled sweetly, knowing that it would get her out of trouble.

"Go find your sisters. I don't know where they got to, and you're supposed to be looking after them."

"Okay," she nodded and then bent down to pull on her boots. With one last look around the room to see if anything was important, she stepped out into the hall.


Bonnie Nash sat in The World Elite's locker room, reading the latest Muscle and Fitness Magazine and covertly watching her father, Kevin Nash, bicker with Eric Young. The blonde resisted the urge to laugh numerous times as the two fought over nonsense. She flipped the pages, finding nothing of interest in the current issue. She reached the last page of the magazine and threw it down onto the seat behind her, deciding it was more interesting to watch the two men argue. Watching the argument led to her thinking about the debut of Scott Hall and the return of Sean Waltman, or Syxx-Pac, in TNA. She knew tonight was a big deal for everyone on the roster. So many people were going to be appearing tonight, some people knew about, others were going to be a surprise. Every now and then Bonnie would open her mouth to comment, but quickly close it, knowing that it would only make Kevin angrier.

"Bonnie, could you go take a work? I need to talk with Eric," her father finally said, and Bonnie sighed, "Please, Bonnie."

"Fine." She groaned and pulled on a jacket over her ring attire. She picked up her cell phone and slid it into her pocket before she stepped out into the hall.


Aiden Carlton resisted the urge to scream out in anger. She was currently working on Lacey Von Erich's attire for the evening, but the tall blonde wasn't cooperating.

"Lacey, could you please stop moving?" Aiden begged, resting back on her heels and looking up at her. Lacey was talking on the phone, and making animated actions as she spoke, "I need to finish your skirt, and if you keep moving I am going to end up pricking you with a pin."

"Ugh, fine. Look, I'm going to have to call you back. The seamstress is being a pain." She scoffed and hung up on who ever she was talking to, "You have five minutes."

"Five is all I need." She said and went back to work. It was well known that Lacey Von Erich wasn't the nicest person at TNA, and Aiden wanted to do anything but displease her.

As promised, Aiden was finished five minutes later.

"Good." Lacey said, looking at her reflection in the mirror before strolling out of the room. Aiden let out a sigh of relief once Lacey was gone. The small blonde took hold of a nearby water bottle, and decided she was going to go for a walk. Aiden took a drink from the water bottle and stepped into the hall.


Alex Shelley was talking with his best friend Chris Sabin before the TNA live 3 hour broadcast. Both Motor City Machineguns were very excited to be joined by such big names.

"Man, this is going to put TNA on the map." Sabin commented as Shelley did up his boots,

"I know! This is going to be great. Hogan, Flair… Sean, Scott… Bischoff." Alex reeled off the names of some debuting people.

"Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are coming back." Chris added and Alex nodded in agreement. He knew that this was such a big night for TNA, and he was glad to be apart of it.

"We better not get thrown onto the sidelines again, we should be more important than the new guys." Alex said, looking over to his team mate.

"Hogan's here, Hogan will help us out." Chris said, with a reassuring nod.

"I'm gonna go for a walk." Alex said and Chris nodded, watching his partner walk out of the room and step into the hall. Alex had been walking for no more than five minutes when he was at an intersection in the hallway. He froze when he heard his name called, three times, by three different blondes.