Tony waked into the hotel lobby, Ziva shortly at his heels. They walked up to the front desk.

"Agents David and DiNozzo." He said in his usual flirty tone.

"Yes" The young woman said in a thick French accent. "Your room is ready." She pulled out one room key.


"Yes. It was the only room left." She said almost innocently. Ziva tried to hide the grin on her face. Tony grunted in frustration, even though secretly he was very glad.

Ziva put on an upset face and grabbed the key then walked to the elevator. Tony sent one more smile at the woman behind the desk then sprinted after the brunette. The rode in awkward silence to their room, walked in and set their bags down.

They slowly walked into the room side by side. Ziva opened her mouth to say something but Tony cut her off. "Does this?" He started to question "Uhuh" Ziva nodded in shock. They room was almost identical to the one they had shared when they were undercover together.

"Weird." Tony said. Stunned. Ziva looked at Tony who caught her eye. Without saying a thing they came to an agreement, they would share the bed. Both got ready for bed in silence. Ziva went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Tony followed shortly. After a few giggles and exchanged glances they finished and went to bed.

Tony got under the covers while Ziva walked to the other side of the bed. They lay on opposite sides, facing away from each other. After about ten minutes they turned simultaneously to face each other.

Ziva looked into his eyes with a pleading look he nodded then pulled her close. She rested her head on his shoulder and quickly fell asleep. He waited until her breathing was steady then sighed.

"Goodnight, my love." He whispered into her hair. Then shifted slightly and drifting into a peaceful slip. He didn't notice the small smile play on her lips.

"Laila Tov." She whispered. "I love you."