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Twenty years have passed since the apocalypse ended. My name is Jack. Dean Winchester is my father. Although I never met him, I've heard stories about him from my uncle Castiel. Hearing them, I wished I had known him and I secretly wished I fought in the battle alongside him.

Uncle Cas told me all about the war, and now I'm telling you, this is his story.

They didn't have much time left, the demons were coming, and they knew their time was coming. The each took each other's hands and prayed to an absent lord…a wanted providence. The two leaders, Sam and Dean Winchester, shared memories together, of what had died along with their hearts.

Dean, the oldest, played the song of holy death, band and they symphony, in sweet sounding harmony. His men laid down their guns and closed their eyes. They knew their army was at last.

When my uncle told me this, I sat with wide eyes staring at him in wonder; I wished I were there. I begged him to continue.

They abandoned their hopes of being saved, and brought out their fears in their little houses of shelter. A song of sorrow played out onto their hearts. The rhythm of tambourine and drama of marching scene. They decided to give up, laying down their violent ways in trust of the leaders of the group. If they didn't surrender, the cost would be catastrophic.

I asked my uncle what that meant, but he wouldn't tell me. I often wondered if he would take me to see my father…he whispered, "I couldn't do that to your father"

I never asked him what he meant by that…I never asked him about my father again, it seemed to hurt his heart when he talked about the strong but weak hero, Dean Winchester.

"For when all is said and done, and our aims run, then we'll come."