mad world

a / n; A little twisted, a little skewed from what I had intended, a lot overdue, a ton of fun. Enjoy.

requestor; Nanaho-hime
prompt; mad world
characters; Lee, Fred, George, Katie, Angelina, Alicia

They live at the top of a spiral to hell -- gryffindor tower, scarlet and gold like blood and mold (only they haven't realized it yet), lining up to get their funeral announcements.

All heroes are dead and buried and this is their legacy.

Lovely, Katie thinks, like Lee's hair and Angelina's teeth and the twins' tangled arms and the jut of Alicia's hips. She meets them in the Hall, all young and familiar, all Quidditch and sweat and synapses firing.

They're gravity defying -- blood warm and smiles warmer. They don't even have the sense to be grim, even when the spells start flying. They're bold and reckless and staring down this mad world like Alice in Wonderland -- down the rabbit-hole you go (but even the wolves reach there sometimes).

Even this ending is desirable.