A/N: A little Halloween Present to my readers. I've been wanting to do more with this story, but didn't know what. So here it is, I hope you like it.

"ALICE!" I couldn't believe that she was making me wear this. Out of all the stereotypical and ridiculous costumes for me to wear, did I really have to be a vampire? "Alice, you have got to be kidding me."

I stomped my way into her room, holding up the bag with the ripped and blood covered eighteenth century dress, which really would have been the perfect costume all on its own if it hadn't been Alice-enized. But of course, she had to get her hands on it.

Her door was open to reveal that she was already dressed and ready to go. She was simply applying that last of the glitter to her face, because of course, she was a fairy. "Don't be ridiculous, Bella. It was either this or something that no one would understand. Because I knew that both you and Edward wanted something that wouldn't reveal too much of your skin, and that really didn't leave me too many options."

"But a vampire?" I asked unable to really get around the main point of the argument. Though I was grateful that she hadn't gone and gotten me a slutty nurse costume, I still couldn't understand why she felt the need to make me this dark, tormented, demon that couldn't survive without feasting on human blood. Really? Was that so necessary?

"Just get over it, Bella." She said waving me off toward my room. "You need to get dressed before that Neanderthal of a boyfriend decides to knock down our door and have his way with you because you didn't give him his daily fix yet."

I couldn't help but blush, though I wasn't sure if it was from the embarrassment or the indignation. "Alice, we aren't that bad."

She snorted, "Oh yes you are. And you're not quiet by the way. How you got away with doing it in that study room in the library I will never know."

"Could you please not repeat that?" I said in a whisper, although both Rose and Angela already knew about that particular escapade. "Edward and I could both get into serious trouble if someone found out what happened?"

"You won't get in trouble," Alice flitted over to her bed where she picked up her phone, smiling when she saw the message that I was sure was from her blonde history nerd, who I'd recently discovered was name Jasper Whitlock. For someone who was really good at forcing others to tell their personal shit, she was terrible about feedback. Seriously, she kept her own secrets like they didn't exist.

"Is he coming tonight, or is the poor demented pixie going to have to flit around the garden all by her lonesome?" I had yet to be formerly introduced to him, but I knew that one of Emmett's parties definitely wasn't his scene. Actually, it was hard for me to believe that he could handle Alice, but they'd been together for over a year now officially, and she seemed happy.

"He's coming," she said happily before turning her eyes on me. "And you are going to go get dressed. I'm not dealing with the repercussions of Edward not seeing you. He's already pissed at me for this weekend."

I smirked and slinked around the corner not wanting her to know that he was actually mad at her on my account, not because he was upset about not seeing me. Alice had forced me to spend all Saturday and Sunday with her two hundred miles away from our school, shopping. I didn't think she'd been serious when she'd said a weekend full of shopping. I'd kind of assumed that we'd shop a bit and we'd rest a lot. It had been a long weekend after all. But no. Alice had to find the one mall in the world that had a hotel attached to it and force me to literally shop for more than twenty four hours.

Reluctantly, I pulled on the dress that Alice had told me was appropriate. And if she wasn't a liar. For some reason, I had forgotten that women of the eighteenth century dressed for one purpose and one purpose alone, to attract a husband. So of course, there was very little that was actually appropriate about the costume that I was squeezing myself into now. It was a dark, stereotypically blood red colored dress. The bodice hugged me like a corset, pushing my meager C cups up to look like I should fall over from the imbalance, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't on the verge of doing so. The ties across the front, though they held the dress together just fine, looked as though they were about to bust open and reveal my breasts to anyone who looked at it for just a moment too long.

The skirt flared out and fell to the ground, giving me enough wiggle room that no one would know that I was wearing my converse rather than the hooker heels that Alice had wanted me to. It was actually kind of nice, to know that my chance of tripping over my own two feet had actually decreased a bit. The converse were actually a surprise for Edward. He'd recently admitted to me how hot he thought it would be to fuck me in a pair of knee high-high tops….and nothing else. I smirked as I realized what fun it would be to see his face when he finally got this dress off of me tonight.

As I examined the dress, knowing that I'd have to go back to Alice so she could put the finishing touches on as she saw fit, I couldn't deny that the dress did look good on me. Even though there were gaping holes in the skirt where you could see through to my black sheer slip, which luckily didn't reveal my surprise. I also could have done without the dark stains on the material at the top. Alice would go over the top and somehow have blood trailing from my mouth to the tops of my breasts, making sure everyone knew what the dark stains were supposed to be.

"Are you ready for the final touches?" previously mentioned demented pixie asked as she popped her head around the door to see me. She smiled, "Oh, I knew that would be prefect."

I rolled my eyes, "Yes, yes, you found the perfect costume. Congratulations."

Alice snorted before pushing me down on my bed, forcing me to look away from the mirror. She got off on seeing my face when she'd completed her project. I'd never understood it, but she had this before and after fetish. And I decided that I'd appease her, on this one thing. And probably everything else, too. Sadly, the little woman scared the living daylights out of me.

"So what is Jasper going to come as?" I asked needing to distract myself from the pulling at my hair and the poking at my face.

"Civil War hero," she said sadly. "I wanted him to go as Peter Pan to my Tinkerbelle, but he wouldn't do it."

I snorted, "You mean someone actually said no to you?"

She shrugged, "It's really kind of sad. He would have looked great in those tights." Alice zoned out for a second, her eyes glazing over and her hands leaving my person. When she finally came too she shook her head. "Maybe next year. This year I'm just glad that he's decided he's willing to meet my friends. He's such a recluse."

"And yet he's dating the social butterfly." I shook my head which earned me a glare. I wasn't supposed to move.

"At first it was kind of exciting. You know, it was a secret relationship," Alice smirked as I'm sure she remembered the secret rendezvous and such. But then she shook her head, "Once I realized that this was actually something more than an exciting fling, I knew that I'd eventually have to draw him into our little circle. But then our circle expanded to include Emmett when he and Rose hooked up. Then you and Edward," her eyes sparkled, "Well you know."

"No," I said glaring at her. "If my memory serves me correctly, someone got me so drunk on tequila shots that I can't actually remember what happened that first night."

Alice shrugged, "Like you would have actually talked to him if you were sober."

"But was it really necessary for you to get me that drunk. I mean, if I was just tipsy, then I wouldn't have forgotten the night that was a major turning point in my life."

"Yeah," Alice agreed, "Then maybe Edward wouldn't have fucked the life out of you the next day in the library. Honestly, I don't know why you're so upset. It really turned out for the best. And if I remember correctly, you were the one who suggested shots."

I really couldn't come up with anything to say to her after that. It was true. I'd wanted to loosen up, and the shots had been the first thing I'd thought of. And while I hadn't made the safest decisions when I'd blacked out, I had ended up with my current boyfriend and love of my life. And maybe it was best that I didn't remember the pain of losing my virginity. I smirked, and it had taken months for me to 'make it up' to Edward for not remembering our first time together.

Alice clapped her hands. "All done. Now all you need is the fangs."

"Ew," I pushed her away. "I am not wearing those things. They're impossible to talk around and you know that people always end up drooling because you can't close your mouth and swallow properly."

Alice held up a little coffin shaped package for my inspection. "I wouldn't do that to you. These aren't the fangs that we grew up with. These are just caps. I just wouldn't suggest eating with them on. They're not supposed to, but they might just get stuck in whatever you're eating, and that wouldn't be fun." She smiled, proud of herself because I had nothing to say in return. "Now, open your mouth Missy. I'm putting these in so that we can leave. Rose and Angela are already gone, and Jasper will be there soon."

I wanted to argue with her, I really did. But I couldn't bring myself to. The faster she got those teeth into my mouth, the faster I could get away from her. And while I'd denied it to her, I really did need my daily fix of Edward. I hadn't seen him all day. We'd been texting off and on, but it really wasn't enough. I didn't know how it happened, but after that first time with Edward, I'd become insatiable. Well second time. Even though I knew every detail of our first time through Edward's retelling, I still didn't remember it.

"Done," Alice said before hauling me to my feet and turning me toward the mirror. I was right. Alice had painted my skin a pale color, only marred by the red leaking from my lips down to the tops of my dress. I wasn't sure whether I liked the fact that my prominent cleavage now had more drawing attention to it. Although, once Edward saw it, he'd not be able to leave my side. He claimed that he was always having to scare other boys away. Tonight, I suppose I could take advantage of that.

Twenty minutes later, we were finally making our way into the boys' apartment. It wasn't very big, but the entire floor had collaborated to create this Halloween party. So the actual party was actually happening in the hallway. The rooms had different foods and alcohol. It was really quite impressive. But I wasn't interested. The moment we were on the right floor, I left Alice to find her soldier. My eyes were trained on the copper mess that I saw slip into a room down the hall several yards from where I was.

On a normal day, it would have taken seconds to cross the space to him, but not today. No, today, the halls were so packed that it took me twenty minutes just to get to the room that I'd seen him go in to. And when I got there, I couldn't see him. It was disappointing because this could be a really long game of cat and mouse if he couldn't stand in the same spot long enough for me to catch up with him.

Suddenly, a strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me back into a very warm, very comfortable, very familiar chest. I smiled as I felt something sharp press into my neck.

I turned in Edward's arms and looked up into his jade eyes. I should have known that Alice would get us matching costumes. And I should have known that he was going to look far too delicious, as usual.

"I've been looking everywhere for you," he said leaning down to whisper in my ear. He scraped his fake fangs across my neck again, causing shivers to run down my spine.

"W-we just got here," I stuttered out. I could feel him smile against my neck. "I couldn't leave the apartment without arguing with her about this ridiculous costume."

Edward pulled back to look down at me, and of course that meant right down into my bodice. He smirked, "I don't see anything ridiculous about this costume my dear. In fact," his eyes darkened the longer he looked at me, and I could help but shiver again, because I knew exactly where this was leading. "You look so fucking good, I could just sink my teeth into you."

I bit my lips and tried not to laugh. Why oh why did he have to be so cheesy?

His eye darkened again as he leaned down so his breath washed over my face. "Don't do that, Isabella," he said in a voice I knew all too well. "My room is currently not available for the type of activity I want. Please, don't tempt me."

Releasing my lip from the confines of my teeth, I tried to catch my breath. There was something so commanding about Edward's presence. I knew that he loved me. He'd said it to me and he'd shown it to me on multiple occasions. But when he spoke to me like that, I was right back to that little study room, and there was nothing but pure lust radiating between us. I wondered if someone tried to get between us at that moment if they'd literally be shocked by the energy that pulsed between us.

He smirked, realizing the affect he had on me and leaned forward so that he could whisper in my ear again. I swear, I think I moaned as his breath caressed my neck. "Don't drink too much tonight. I want you to remember every moment."

I whimpered and pulled back to look into his dark green eyes. It had been over a year since that fateful night, but nothing had changed. I was still that girl in the stands at his baseball games that he could turn to goo just by looking in my direction. I was his, mind, body, heart, and soul.

The party seemed to drag on forever. I wanted to pull Edward into his room have my way with him, but the boys had turned their room into some kind of haunted house, and Edward's room was just one of the stops along the way.

I was torn between loving and hating Halloween. Edward looked more than edible in the costume that Alice had chosen for him. Obviously the outfits had been chosen together, because his too was torn and bloodied. But Alice had not done his makeup, so there was no blood dripping from his mouth, leaving me too look like the eve and the temptress.

Finally, the party eventually left his apartment, moving toward the rooms that had the alcohol and food, and Edward was dragging me away from the rest of the party. I'd had a few drinks, under Edward's supervision, and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and ready to get Edward out of his clothes.

Deterred again, Edward left me in the kitchen with water, and went to tear down all the decorations in his room. He left me saying, "When you scream, it will be out of pleasure, not because you saw one of Emmett's stupid decorations. The heat of my blush actually made my eyes water. Though that could have something to do with the alcohol. It did have a tendency to make me a bit more emotional.

So here I sat, in the kitchen, by myself, thinking about my fuck hot boyfriend and how this dress was too tight, and how he'd been in his room for far too long. It just wasn't worth it any long. I didn't care what was hanging on his walls. He was all I could think about and all I could see.

When I finally reached his room, because it took a few minutes to get there the way that I was stumbling all over myself, he was tearing down the last of the spider webs. There were piles of things on the floor, but they were unimportant. I didn't even bother to look down at them, because a rather sweaty Edward had just turned his eyes on me.

One minute I was in the middle of the room, and the next my back was against the wall, Edward's lips attached to mine. My head hitting the wall stung and my eyes teared up, but that didn't matter, because I was finally getting what I'd wanted all night, what I'd wanted all day. I was getting my Edward, and he was going to fuck me hard.

I tried to lift my leg up and hook it around his waist, but his bloody cape and my stupid skirt were in the way. Luckily, Edward seemed to understand my grunts of irritation, because, he began to tug at my dress, trying to will it down. Eventually he pulled back to look down at his hands which were tugging at the strings, "How do I get this damn thing off of you?"

I shoved his hands away and turned around placing my hands against the wall for support, I revealed the hidden zipper to him. Quickly and deftly, the zipper was pulled down and he pushed it off my shoulders.

When I heard his gasp, I knew that he'd discovered my surprise for him. He leaned forward, placing his hands over mine, and tucked his face into my neck. Groaning, he thrust his cloth covered cock into my back. "Damnit, could you be anymore perfect?"

Humming I wiggled my hips back into him causing a growl to escape his chest. He quickly flipped me, his now forest green eyes boring into mine. "Undress me," he whispered gruffly. "Alice will kill me if I rip this, and I can't be gentle right now."

My stomach fluttered. I reached forward and began to tug at the various ties and buttons of his costume, wondering how people during the eighteenth century had endured the time it took to get their clothes off. If Edward and I had actually lived during that time, we would have gone through so many clothes that getting dressed would have been pointless all together.

I smiled at the thought, and Edward groaned as I finally began to come into contact with his skin. First I got rid of his cape, then his shirt, and finally his pantaloons, as he'd had the foresight to get rid of his shoes before I entered the room.

Freed of everything, Edward pushed me back into the wall, this time lifting me up just enough so that he could quickly plunge into me. "Mother of fucking Christ," Edward ground out as he pumped into me over and over again. "You are so wet," he ground out.

The pleasure that rippled through my body hindered any form of response, so instead I just groaned and dug my nails deeper into his back.

"Fuck!" Edward grabbed my thighs, forcing my legs up over his shoulder, so that the chuck star was up by his ears, and he continued to pound into my at a frantic pace. The new angle was painfully amazing. I couldn't prevent myself from screaming out. There were no words, it was just simply an earsplitting cry of pleasure.

"Baby," Edward grunted. "I can't hold out. Come for me," he took a few shallow breaths. "NOW!"

"EDWARD!" I cried out as my body clamped down hard on his milking him of everything he was worth. We both came furiously, and only Edward's weight against me kept us from falling to the ground.

As my breathing found its way to a healthier rate, I began to move my legs down Edward's arms, wrapping them around his waist, because I wasn't ready to be separated from him. Leaning my head back against the wall, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the little aftershocks that continued as Edward softened within me.

"We need a shower," he said into my shoulder, though he made no move away from me or the wall.

"Hmmm," I scratched my nails through his hair, simply enjoying the afterglow.

Eventually, Edward did pull us away from the wall. Keeping my legs around his waist, he carried me to the bed. Gently, he laid me down so that he was hovering over me. He brushed my sweat damp hair from my forehead. "I love you," he said softly.

It wasn't the first time he'd said it, but every time felt like the first. I choked on a sob and smiled up at him, "I love you too, so much."

Leaning down, Edward brushed his lips against mine sweetly before pulling out. I whimpered as a cold empty feeling encompassed me, but Edward pushed it away by deepening the kiss. Carefully, he pulled away, lifting my legs so that he could unzip my Converse, removing each shoe slowly and taking time to massage my legs. He smiled, "I can't believe you actually bought them."

I just smiled. I loved this part of our nights just as much as I loved when he lost all control. I looked forward to this moment, when he would take care of me, when he would go overboard making sure that he hadn't hurt me. The only way that he could hurt me was by not wanting me anymore.

Once I was beginning to feel like Jell-o beneath his gentle hands, he wrapped my legs around his waist again, lifting me and carrying me off to the bathroom. Setting me on the counter, he went to prepare the shower.

While he was busy with the temperature of the water, I reached into my mouth and removed the fangs. When Edward began to walk back toward me I gestured for him to come closer, "Open." He obediently opened his mouth and I removed his fangs as well. We both smiled as he ran his tongue along his teeth.

He held out his hand for me and I scooted off the counter, grabbing a washcloth before joining him. With gentle and loving hands, we worked together to remove the makeup and sweat that we'd accumulated during our tryst. When all evidence off the evening was gone, Edward wrapped me in his arms and just held me as we stood under the streaming water.

He kissed my hair, "Stay with me?"

I smiled into his chest, humming my acquiescence.

"No," Edward pulled back, turning off the shower, forcing me to look at him. "Stay with me forever, Bella. There is no one in the world as perfect for me as you and there is no one that I could ever love even half as much as I love you. We graduate in the spring and I want us to start our life in the real world together. Because I can't live without you. Please, Bella, marry me."

Tears jumped to my eyes and my hand flew to my mouth. "You want me to marry you?"

Edward nodded, uncertainty in his eyes. He was scared that I would reject him.

"Yes," I whispered. Then I repeated it, louder, "Yes, Edward. I will marry you."

Edward lifted me into his arms, cradling me tightly to his chest as he kissed me. He ignored the towels heading straight back into the room and toward the bed. He placed me gently into the middle of the bed, then crawled to hover above me.

He framed my face with hands before bending down to kiss me. Then he pulled back, looking a little surprised. "I almost forgot." He reached over and pulled something out of his bedside table. He lifted up my left hand and slipped something cold onto my finger.

I lifted my hand and looked down at the solitary diamond that now adorned my hand. It was simple, it was beautiful, it was perfect.

Lacing our fingers together, Edward lifted my hands up above my head. He leaned down and captured my lips as he pushed in to me, ever so slowly.

"Edward," I whimpered, tears brimming in my eyes. "I love you so much."

I could feel his smile against my skin, "I love you too," he whispered as he dragged his lips down my throat. He sucked on my collar bone lightly before finally making it to his destination. Taking my nipple into his mouth, he stroked it with his tongue eliciting a moan from deep within my chest.

"Bella," he whispered against my breast. "I knew from that first night that you were different, that you were going to be so important to me."

He looked up at me with glassy eyes, "You accept me, all of me, for exactly who I am."

I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him with everything that I was, because there were no words to explain to him how much I loved him, everything about him. I loved both the dominating side of him that needed to take me hard and fast, and the side of him that loved me slowly and deeply, bringing us both to our release in the sweetest way possible.

Like now. I was so close to the edge, and I knew he was too. His thrusts were getting jerky. I held his face above mine, wanting to watch him as he fell over the edge. "Let go for me, Edward," I whispered.

And when he did, I fell over with him. He collapsed on top of me, the weight of him making me feel safe, home, loved. And I would have this the rest of my life. "You are my other half," I whispered into his hair. "We fit in every way. No one else has ever touched me the way that you have, and I don't want anyone else to. You're it for me, and I love you so much."

Rolling onto his side, Edward pulled me into his chest, hugging me tightly. As I fell asleep, I couldn't help but smile as I realized that this was just one more night that Edward had made sure that I would never forget.