Chapter 3: A Conversation in A Minor

"How is a raven like a writing desk?" Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," Raven growled. She was trying to exhale her frustration with the current situation.

"Ok Raven, we need you to hold still. We are going to run the full body scan one more time," Robin said.

"You guys are just lucky I'm not claustrophobic," Raven said sarcastically from within the large, coffin-like machine encasing her body. She hadn't been able to leave the infirmary since she woke up. Robin insisted that they run a battery of tests to figure out what was causing her powers to go out of control. At first, Raven was in full support of the tests, but after five hours in the lab being poked and prodded by Robin and Cyborg, she felt more that a touch restless.

"Come on guys, this is like the third time you guys have done this scan thingy. Can't she just have a break?" Beast Boy said.

"Fourth, but who's counting," Cyborg mumbled. He turned from the controls to face Robin. "Maybe they're right, man. None of us except Raven got much sleep last night. A short break might do us all some good."

"Yes Robin, even I think that this the 'unusual and cruel' punishment," Starfire said.

"No, we can't take a break until we get this right," Robin said. "I'm sorry Raven but we can't let what happened last night happened again. This is getting more dangerous and we don't know what your powers could do next."

"But Robin I do not think..." Starfire started but was interrupted by Raven.

"Guys, I appreciate what you are trying to do for me, but Robin is right," Raven said from her metallic cocoon. Her voice echoed oddly off of the walls. "My powers have gotten out of control and I need to know why. If these machines can tell me what is wrong, I will sit through whatever discomfort necessary." She took a deep breath. "I'm ready."

"You may be but I'm not. I can't watch her do this again. I'm going to clean up the tower or something," Beast Boy said. His voice quaked in anger and he punched the wall as he walked through the doors.

"Wait, friend Beast Boy. I will go with you," Starfire said, running after him.

"Fine, just go then" Robin said. "You heard Raven, Cyborg. Start her up."

"Yeah, yeah. You just love giving orders don't you," Cyborg muttered under his breath.

"What was that Cyborg," Robin said, narrowing his eyes behind his mask.

"Never mind. Here goes."

Raven lay uncomfortably in the metal cylinder. It was true when she told the Titans that she was not claustrophobic, under normal circumstances, but these circumstances were far from normal. Each scan seemed excruciatingly long, and every time so far, something had prevented them from getting a clear image. She knew she was getting agitated and that she needed to stop so her powers wouldn't go out of control again. Unfortunately, the thought of her powers being so chaotic only served to terrify her more.

Calm down, she thought. I can do this. It won't take too much longer. I just need to think about something else. But what else?

Raven couldn't properly meditate inside the machine, but she slowed her breathing and started chanting again. Soon, her breaths became normal and her mind started to wander.

I need to understand what is happening to me. Maybe if I can remember the dream I had when my powers inundated the tower.

She thought back to when she woke up. She remembered feeling Beast Boy's body holding her tightly and shivering, before she heard anything. Then as she started to struggle to wakefulness, she realized he was saying something... but what was it? Somehow Raven knew it was something important, maybe even life-changing, but try as she might she couldn't remember what that was. It was incredibly frustrating!

Beast Boy was holding me and hew was saying something... then ordered me to wake up and then he was squeezing me so tightly I thought he might break my ribs. But what was he saying just before that? Dammit! I almost had it.

Raven had always secretly worried about her sanity. Her biggest fear was that she would lose her mind and end up alone facing her all-too-real demons. For Raven, not being able to remember things was just another sign that she was slowly losing her mind. For that reason, if she lost anything, no matter how inconsequential, she would spend hours upon hours looking for it, just to prove to herself that she wasn't going crazy.

No matter how hard she wracked her brain, she just couldn't remember what Beast Boy said. She gritted her teeth and took another deep breath.

This isn't getting me anywhere.

She didn't want to think about it, but Raven knew that if she completely lost control, people would most likely die, and there was a strong possibility that those people she would hurt the most would be her closest friends. She decided that if they couldn't find the reason her powers were overreacting, she would have to leave the tower and the Titans, possibly for good.

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