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Poke Rangers in Space

Poke Rangers Hoenn Chapter 231

Chapter 1: From Out of Nowhere Part 1

Story Elements from:

Megaranger #01: Don't Let Them! The Twisted Invaders

The Poke Rangers… they have been there to protect the world for the last couple of years, defeating various amounts of enemies. However, after the Reckless Riders, the rangers sort of parted ways. There was sudden peace in the air. However, in June 2010… Hoenn will face something not ordinary.

This all started in the year 2006. The family known as the Jefferson family lived in a small town in Oldale Town. Two siblings were working on a project to develop a secret weapon to combat Mariah's forces if the rangers were destroyed. But, the computer was attacked by a virus. The virus not also infected the computer, but it infected the siblings, sending them into the network. In 2007, they were presumed dead. They left a mother, a father who left them and a 13 year old kid. Now, seventeen, things were going good for him…

The sun was shining down on the city of Oldale Town. A brown house stood next to Route 103. The sunlight went through the windows of someone's room, illuminating the room with light. A teenager stepped out of the shower and was dressed wearing blue jeans, a red t-shirt and a black leather jacket. He had a brown backpack with a keychain. He took out a silver case to hold his eight badges. He knew what the league rules were. His brown eyes looked around the room. His bed was there with a red comforter and two pillows that were fluffed. There was also a desk that had a computer and a couple of pictures. He looked at one of the pictures and sighed. He put the picture down. It was the picture of him, his brother and sister. He couldn't bear hearing what happened to them. He opened the door to his room and walked down the red carpeted steps. He was in his living room. His mother looked at him. She was wearing a sunflower dress, with green hair and red eyes. He had the same hair as his mother but different eyes like his father. She looked at him and began to tear up.

"Your brother and sister missed the opportunity to go," she said.

"I know," the trainer said, "Mom, I will make them proud."

"I know you will," she said, "I'm so proud of you. Now, go to Professor Birch. He's waiting I believe."

"Alright," he said, "Well… I love you mom."

"I love you too, Felix," she said.

Felix smiled as he walked out the door and closed it. He was about to go on his first Pokemon journey. For once, he wouldn't have to fear the attack of empires that attacked Hoenn. That was why he was not able to go, because of the attacks. But, he finally had the guts to go after a couple of weeks of peace. He smiled leaving Oldale Town and he went down toward Route 101, hoping he would have a great first day.

Meanwhile, inside the computer networks, there was a pink dot that was in the system. Inside, there was a silver ship that was finally constructed. A blue tube was on the bridge with a red dragon like face. There were also two people. Both were human. A young man was wearing grey and blue armor with a horned demonic helmet on his head. He used two sawed off shotguns as weapons, which he stores on his back and he looked at the woman who had all Kyogre armor on her. She carried a blue bow with a quiver full of arrows. Both bowed down toward the blue tube. It began glowing.

"Master Stryker, how is the plan coming along?" he asked.

"Master Nejirous, things are going well," he said, "We are ready."

"We just need to press the download and we're ready," the girl said.

"Very well, Aquafina," said Master Nejirous. (I was drinking it at the time)

The two henchmen headed toward the systems. They were ready.

"Begin the download, please," said Master Nejirous.

Master Stryker reached his hand toward the lever. He pulled it toward him. The system began to glow berserk. Outside, the pink blob began to get larger and larger by the second.

In the real world, the computers in the Space Center of Mossdeep City began to go berserk. One of the associates headed toward the president of the office.

"Dr. Shinya! The virus we've been tracking! It has expanded," said the associate.

An man, with golden frame glasses turned around. He wore a black suit with black pants and black shoes. He put his hands on the table and looked at the associate. His brown eyes began to look down at him, "This is not good."

Suddenly, the alarm began to sound. The lights began to flash red. Dr. Shinya headed toward the computer and began to start the analysis. His eyes widened as he saw a pink blob increasing.

"Oh shit, the virus is increasing by three percent every two minutes!" he said, "That means… they're going to attack the planet… within the computer system! You, bring me the files of those trainers who passed the PNET examinations."

"Why?" asked the associate.

"That virus threatened us the week the Reckless Riders were commencing their final attack. If the Neji Virus is expanding throughout the network, they will find a way to come here and destroy Hoenn and the galaxy," said Dr. Shinya, "So, I need those files because I am going to pick five random people to come directly here via helicopter. We have one hour. I need to speak to Professor Birch within the hour. Now, move!"

"Five random people?" asked the associate, "Sir! What does that mean?"

"It's time to use the digital ranger suits if there is an attack," said Dr. Shinya.

The associate laughed, "Five new trainers? Five rangers? HAHAHA! That's funny!"

"You know, keep up with this smack talk and you won't be laughing when the virus unleashes its attack. NOW, MOVE!" he yelled.

The associate stopped laughing and headed back to the computer. Dr. Shinya clicked on the Internet key and began to write an email to Professor Birch.

Professor Birch:

Speak to me right away! I need five random trainers that are registered to the Hoenn League. When they get there, tell them they are needed to stay until a helicopter arrives. Don't ask me why. It's a secret. Please help an old friend!

Dr. Kyosuke Shinya

President of Space Center and P-NET

In Littleroot Town, Professor Birch went on the computer before the new trainers arrived and he looked at his e-mail. He scratched his head as he picked the first top five from the registrar list. He sent them to the doctor. Suddenly, the door opened. He turned to see Felix, who was looking around in his laboratory.

"Felix Jefferson?" asked Prof. Birch.

Felix looked at him with a weird look, "Yeah?"

"My name is Professor Birch. Welcome to my laboratory. Are you here to select a Pokemon?" he asked.

Felix nodded, "Yeah. Professor, you sounded different. Is everything okay?"

Suddenly, there was a ping sound on the computer. Birch opened up and he smiled. He turned to Felix, "Before you head out on your journey, you and four others need to take a helicopter ride to Mossdeep Island."

"Mossdeep Island? That's all the way on the other side," said Felix.

"Trust me," said Birch.

Felix sighed, "Is Torchic taken? Sorry, I just wanted to get going… once this helicopter's gone."

"Nope," said Birch, "Take it. And don't worry. You will not be alone. Four others are coming with you."

Felix nodded as he grabbed Torchic's Pokeball. The Poke Ball opened up from his He released it. The chick Pokemon turned around and smiled. Felix went to pet it. That is, until he felt embers from the Pokemon. Suddenly, the door opened again. This time, there were two new trainers. One wore a white t-shirt with a black jacket with a blue hankerchief. He had blue eyes, brown hair and wore blue jeans with white sneakers. The person next to him was a girl wearing a pink tank top with blue jean shorts and leather sandals. She had black silky hair to her shoulders. Her green eyes looked at Felix and the other trainer.

"Who are you guys?" asked Professor Birch.

"I'm Darren Hitchcock. I am a reporter from the Slateport Press. However, I decided to go on a Pokemon journey," said Darren.

She looked at Felix for a second. Felix looked at her. However, Tara shook her head and turned to the professor.

"And… I'm Tara. Tara Marie Chaiera. I came from Slateport City," said Tara, quietly, "My stepdad works for PNET here."

Felix looked at the two of them, "You guys seem to know a lot more about this region."

"Well," said Darren, looking at him, "It's a long story."

"Isn't Angela coming along?" asked Tara, pulling him aside, "And what about Matt and Violet?"

"Matt and Violet have obligations. For instance, Matt needs to spend time with his family and Violet is training Barabas on what to do in Slateport with the police!" said Darren, looking at her.

Suddenly, the door swung open again. The three of them turned around to see another girl and guy. The guy wore a blue hat, blue shirt with white pants and red shoes. He smiled as he had brown eyes, looking in the area with black hair tied into a ponytail. He had a mullet if it was untied. The girl next to him has brown hair tied into a ponytail and dark brown eyes. She wore a yellow short sleeve shirt with black on the shoulders and arms. She wore dark blue jeans and white sneakers.

"I'm Angela Keeney," she said, "I came to register with Tara and Darren for the Hoenn League."

"I'm Ray Hoover," said the guy, "I came from Johto and I want to compete in this league too."

"It's nice to see you again. Look at you. You are wearing yellow like there's no tomorrow," said Tara.

"And you're wearing pink!" said Angela.

Tara giggled, "Hey, I need to get in touch with my feminine side."

Felix chuckled a little bit. Angela turned to him, "Wow… you laugh at everything don't you?"

Felix looked at her and turned around, "What are you saying?"

"I think you just don't want to admit it," said Angela, "It's okay."

She put her arm on Felix's shoulder. Felix shrugged as he turned toward Angela. She smiled, "You like me."

Felix started to blush, "No, I don't."

"Yes, you do. Admit it," she said, "Come with us!"

Felix turned toward her and then looked at the others, "Really? I mean, you guys have known each other for so long. I don't want to do anything to uh… disturb you."

Suddenly, Ray stepped in, "Can I come along?"

Tara looked at him and then turned to Darren. Darren nodded, "Sure… why not?"

Tara turned around. Darren looked at her. They started fussing around in whispers, but Darren set her straight. Tara sighed and looked at Ray. Darren shook his head and then turned to Professor Birch.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

The rangers looked to see Professor Birch, shaking in fear as he couldn't believe what he saw. The five trainers looked at him. He then noticed Darren, Tara, and Angela.

"Yo, you scared or something?" asked Ray, "Damn, you are a great actor, you know?"

"Um," said Felix, "He doesn't look like he's acting?"

"And how would you know?" asked Ray.

"Hey," said Darren, "He was just making a point."

"A DUMB point," said Ray, "You are talking to a genius."

"A genius with a bad personality," said Felix sarcastically. He rolled his eyes as he turned toward Ray.

After that nasty comment, Ray grabbed him by the collar, "Want to battle? My Seadra is already to go."

"I am new to Pokemon training," said Felix, gulping. Ray threw him down on the ground. Tara sighed and Darren looked at Felix. Angela looked at the two of them, "Enough with the fighting!"

Suddenly, the rangers turned around to see the computer screen glitch. A purple glow came out of the computer screen. There were tons of purple creatures with yellow 'N's on them. The five teenagers looked at them and were really scared. The purple creatures started attacking the lab. Professor Birch started quivering. The five trainers started to run away from them. They were heading out of the lab. However, they saw more purple creatures surrounding them.

"Just when I thought things were going so well," said Felix to himself.

The trainers grabbed their Poke Balls, including Felix. But, Ray pushed him back, "Leave this to the trainers who actually trained their Pokemon and didn't just get it."

Felix looked at him, clenching his fists, "Fine."

"Seadra!" yelled Ray.

"Treecko!" yelled Darren, grabbing one from the desk.

"Staraptor!" yelled Tara.

"Chansey!" said Angela.

The four Pokemon were released from the Poke Balls. Angela turned to Felix, "Are you really going to listen to this sarcastic asshole?"

Felix nodded as he took out his Poke Ball. Ray looked at Felix and shook his head as Torchic was released. Ember attacks, Bubblebeam attacks, Pound attacks, Wing Attacks and Egg Bomb attacks affected them, but they weren't damaged easily.

"Shit! They are powerful!" said Ray.

The five trainers stood in the middle of the cluster. Tara, Darren, and Angela nodded.

"I'm just letting you know," said Darren, "We are not just average trainers."

Ray turned around, "Then, who are you?"

"Ever heard of the Poke Rangers?" asked Angela.

"Yeah," said Felix.

"Hi, I'm the Red Turbo Ranger," said Tara.

"I'm the Green Turbo Ranger," said Darren.

"I'm the Pink Turbo Ranger," said Angela.

The three of them jumped up to kick the virus soldiers. Darren jumped up and kicked two of them in the face. He then jumped up to kick the virus in the face. Tara jumped up and punched another virus soldier in the face. Angela kicked the next solder in the face. Felix turned around as he was grabbed by one of them. He blocked his reach and kicked the soldier in the stomach. Ray turned around as he saw one come toward him. He punched him in the face.

Behind the crowd, Professor Birch turned to the computer and activated the webcam. Dr. Shinya looked at him.

"So, did you find them?" asked Dr. Shinya.

"Yeah, but creatures came out of the computer system!" yelled Prof. Birch.

"WHAT?" yelled Dr. Shinya, "What's going on outside?"

Professor Birch looked outside. The rangers were being kicked and punched by the purple creatures. Their Pokemon already fainted.

"Doesn't look so good," said Professor Birch.

"Well, the helicopter won't make it," said Dr. Shinya, "I'm going to teleport them."

The doctor turned off the web cam and headed toward the teleportation system. He found the five people he was looking for and pressed the green button. Outside, the five trainers were running in excruciating pain with their fainted Pokemon in their arms when suddenly, from out of nowhere, a blue beam came out of Professor Birch's office, zapping the five trainers into the computer network. They were digitized as their molecules were scrambled into the system. The purple creatures then disappeared. Professor Birch sighed. He then went back to work. However, he turned to see a long line of trainers heading toward the lab.

"SHIT!" yelled the Professor, "I only have Mudkip left."

(A picture of Felix is shown. Commercial Break)

(The Red Space Ranger poses. Commercial End)

At Mossdeep Space Center, the computer began to flash. A blue beam came out of their, teleporting the five trainers. Felix looked around, "Where are we?"

"This is awkward," said Darren.

"Welcome," said Dr. Shinya, heading toward them. Darren looked at him, astonished with what was going on, "Where the hell are we?"

"You are in Mossdeep City," said Dr. Shinya. The five trainers looked outside to see that they were on the other side of Hoenn.

"Ooh… and I thought teleportation was not… invented in the 21st century," said Ray.

Tara sighed as she looked at Staraptor. Staraptor turned around and smiled. She smiled as she went to pet her. Ray turned around and looked at her, "Hey, I can't believe we survived."

Dr. Shinya looked at him, "Ray! Now is not the time to be flirting. Come with me!"

The five trainers headed out of the office and started walking toward the main control center.

Meanwhile, within the network, Master Nejirous looked at Master Stryker and Aquafina. The blue tube looked to see the purple creatures come toward him.

"Aw… Neji Soldiers, what happened?" asked Master Nejirous.

"We fought five trainers and they were easily beaten," he said, "The Earth seemed defenseless. However…"

"However?" asked Master Nejirous.

"A blue beam zapped those trainers into the network," said one of the soldiers.

"Master Stryker, scan that trace we found earlier. Where did they go?" asked Aquafina.

"Simple," said Master Stryker, pressing a couple of buttons, "Mossdeep Space Center."

"Ooh…," said Master Nejirous, "Their technology is so vulnerable. We will commence our assault on Mossdeep Space Center!"

The five trainers had looks of confusion as they walked into the associates' office, and then they were walking into a couple of corridors. It took at least five minutes for them to arrive at Mission Control. They had a huge HD TV Screen with computers in each row.

"Welcome to P-NET headquarters," said Tara, looking at them with a smile.

"Wait a minute? PNET?" asked Darren, "Your father works here?"

"Yeah," said Tara, "He's off today…"

"No way," said Felix, "This is so cool!"

Darren, Tara, Ray, and Angela looked at him. Ray patted him on the back, "You know nothing about technology, now do you?"

Felix looked at him and then shrugged him. Suddenly, the alarm started to go off again. Lights were flashing and the computers started to flash again. The associate started running into the room.

"Sir, the virus is attacking the Space Center! They are already in the front desk destroying things! And they are lead by some guy looking like Diagla…" said the associate.

"Do you have the key?" asked Shinya.

The associate gave him the key and Shinya sighed, "Get out of here."

The associate nodded as he started to leave the area with the rest of mission control personnel. Dr. Shinya headed into one of the computers and activated the passwords. The five trainers looked at each other as their wrists began to glow red, black, blue, yellow, and pink. A wrist morpher appeared with four red lights next to a black cover with a silver Poke Ball at the end of the wrist morpher.

"These are your Astro Morphers," said the doctor.

"Astro Morphers?" asked Darren, "What does that mean?"

Tara turned to Darren, "This was the secret I kept from all of you. Just listen up!"

"You are the five trainers that are selected to fight the virus! You are now known as the Space Poke Rangers," said Shinya, "You will have many weapons to your disposal. But,-."

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a person that had a body shaped like Diagla appeared with his sword in his hand, barging through the entrance with a couple of Neji Soldiers. Dr. Shinya turned to see the henchman shoot silver beams at him. The doctor yelled as he was sent flying into the air. He landed on one of the computer systems. The henchman started shooting the computer screens. Explosions came out of the computers. The trainers hit the deck as flames and support beams started falling down. The doctor got up slowly as he saw the monster. He turned to Felix. Felix looked up at him. His face was dripping with blood, "Guys, the code is 335 and Install."

Felix got up slowly with the other four rangers. The other four looked at him.

"I think this is fake," said Ray.

"Let's… try it out," said Darren, "I'm intrigued."

The other two girls nodded. Felix went to his morpher, "If I press the code in, and it works out, will you do it?"

The other four nodded in response. Ray looked at Felix, "Come on, Rookie. Are you serious?"

Felix looked at him silently and then pressed the buttons 335 on the number pad and pressed the green key on the lower right hand corner. The device began to flash.

"Install, Poke Rangers!" yelled Felix.

The four rangers looked at him silently. Ray, however, started cracking up. However, his mood changed when the morpher began to glow red. Everybody was in shock.

(Transformation Scene)

Felix put his arms down and he began to glow red. His digital suit appeared. He was turning around in a 360 degree turn counterclockwise with the statistics on the screens. A green bar began to appear with a yellow line coming across. The bar flashed red and it said, "MORPHING COMPLETE." Felix was dressed in a red suit with a yellow stripe that covered his shoulder blades. He had a white strip across his chest with blue, yellow, red, pink, and black on it. He had red on top and red below the belt. He had white gloves with red arms. He had red legs with white boots and had a white belt with a golden rectangle in the middle that had a triangle engraved in the middle. He had a blue blaster on the left hand side. His helmet was a Magmar helmet with a black screen on top. A fire insignia appeared on the screen.

"Red Space Ranger!" yelled Felix, "Whoa, this is really cool."

Darren, Ray, Tara, and Angela nodded as they opened up their morphers and pressed the same digits.

"Install, Poke Rangers!"

Darren put his arms down and began to go black. His digital suit appeared as he went in a 360 degree turn. The green box appeared with a yellow bar going across. The bar flashed purple and it said, "MORPHING COMPLETE." He wore the black version of what Felix wore. His helmet however was a helmet of a Honchkrow. On the black screen, a dark type symbol appeared.

"Black Space Ranger!" yelled Darren.

Ray put his arms down and began to glow blue. He did the same thing as the other two. The green bar flashed blue and said, "MORPHING COMPLETE!" The helmet was different. His helmet was in the shape of a Lapras's head. On the black screen, there was a water type symbol.

"Blue Space Ranger!" yelled Ray.

Tara put her arms down and she began to glow pink. As the other three, the green bar flashed pink and it said, "MORPHING COMPLETE!" She wore the pink version of the other three and she has a skirt. Her helmet was in the shape of a Xatu. A psychic symbol appeared on the black screen.

"Pink Space Ranger!" yelled Tara.

Angela put her arms down and began to glow yellow. Like the other four, the green bar flashed yellow and it said, "MORPHING COMPLETE!" She wore the yellow version of the other four with a skirt. Her helmet was the shape of a Magnezone. An electric symbol appeared on her screen.

"Yellow Space Ranger!" yelled Angela.

"Poke Rangers in Space!" yelled the rangers.

Ray looked to see the henchman looking at them. The five of them yelled as they turned to the doctor.

"I'm sending you and the enemies out of here!" yelled the doctor, pressing a red button on the control panel.

Suddenly, the rangers felt themselves lifted with the enemies. They were sent through a rainbow like network. A bright white light appeared. Outside, a blue portal magically appeared teleporting the Space Rangers with the enemies. Ray turned around toward them, "Digital transformation, nice!"

Cyber D came out in front of the clan, "Kill them."

"How do we fight them?" asked Felix.

"Simple," said Dr. Shinya, on the intercom, "The ability to fight is already programmed within your helmets."

Felix nodded, "Let's go!"

The other rangers nodded as their computer systems inside their helmets started to activate. The five rangers started walking toward the enemies. Felix's helmet went online as he saw the moves he could do to the Neji Soldiers. He punched the first one and kneed the soldier in the stomach. He then kicked another one in the face. He jumped up and kicked both of them that were coming toward him.

"This is so cool!" said Felix.

Next, Darren had to struggle with more of them. They all began to grab him on either side. The dark symbol appeared and he could see what he could do. Using his eyes he moved to the top right and the attack was made. He began to glow purple. He threw the Neji Soldiers into the pavement. He started beating them up repeatedly. Darren laughed as he finished them with no problem.

"Good job," said Darren to himself.

Then, Tara looked at the Neji Soldiers coming toward her. She then saw the computer list come up on her helmet. She then saw her Astro Blaster on the screen. She went to pick it up and she aimed at the soldiers. She took out the black part of the blue blaster. Both beams destroyed each soldier that was around her. She smiled as she finished them off with no problem.

Next, the Neji Soldiers began to come toward Ray and Angela. Their screens began to light up as they saw a Dimension Window.

"Hey, want to send them into a different dimension?" asked Ray.

"Sure," said Angela.

The screens began to glow blue and yellow and they aimed at the grunts. They were teleported into a black dimension with green lines. The two rangers arrived and they spiraled across the screens. Ray punched and kicked the Neji Grunts while Angela kicked another grunt and chopped two of them in the shoulder. Ray and Angela then kicked the last grunt out of the dimension. The two nodded as they gave each other high fives.

"Finished," said the two rangers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shinya and his associate were walking across toward the main shuttle bay where they passed the gas tanks. A huge golden device appeared with the time ticking down to three minutes.

"Shit!" yelled the doctor, "Someone set a device to blow the base up! We got to run!"

The doctor turned to his pocket. He took out his cell phone and the two of them started running, "Begin auto-launch for the Shuttle!"

Outside, the five rangers were fighting the henchman known as Cyber D. Cyber D slaughtered them with his sword. The five of them were on the ground in excruciating pain. However, he was interrupted as he looked to see a huge shuttle appear from the ground.

"So, that's why I was told to bomb the Space Center," he said.

"WHAT?" asked Felix, "What are you talking about?"

"We know that Space Center has been tracking our whereabouts. We were told to destroy," he said.

His eyes began to glow red and he electrocuted the five rangers. Cyber D laughed as he went to finish them off. Suddenly, Felix's weapon screen appeared. A sword appeared in a spiral shape. It also had a flame tip at the end.

"Fire Saber!" yelled Felix, "Flamethrower!"

He released a flame attack at Cyber D. Cyber D yelled as he felt the flames around him. Cyber D turned around toward him and laughed, "Say goodbye to the Space Center!"

He disappeared in thin air. The five rangers looked at each other. Darren turned to Felix, "We better get into that shuttle."

The five rangers started to head toward the Space Center. The timer however was ticking down on the gas pipes.





The boiler room exploded into a million pieces and the front desk exploded. Walls came crashing down with debris falling. The Space Rangers quickly made their way through the mission control room, which was exploding into a million pieces as well due to the bombs. They turned to the left to see the shuttle. Explosions were coming from behind as they turned to see the shuttle ready to launch its engines. The Space Rangers got in the elevator that was there and started heading toward the inside of the shuttle. The rangers walked inside as the shuttle bay chamber started to explode. The shuttle began to ignite as it headed up toward the sky. Citizens watched as the Space Center exploded into a million pieces. Felix watched as he saw the shuttle was heading out of Earth's atmosphere, heading toward where no Pokemon or ranger has gone before… in space.

To Be Continued…

Next Chapter…

The Space Rangers are on a spaceship, learning about the new threat. However, the Neji Virus plans their attack in Oldale Town, where Felix's mother is taken hostage. Can the Space Rangers stop this threat?

Chapter 2: From Out of Nowhere Part 2

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