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Last time on Poké Rangers in Space…

Angela, Darren, and Tara meet Felix and Ray, who was just about to journey around Hoenn. However, the Neji Virus attacks and the rangers get sent to Mossdeep Space Center, where they become the Space Rangers. They defeated monsters, got new equipment and gained a new ranger friend, Claese from Holon. After the defeat of the Psycho Rangers and Stryker City, the rangers teamed up with Verger, destroying Chimzor. Next, their cover was blown and they were kicked out of Hoenn. However, Danny brings them to Sky Pillar. Cyber D becomes powerful and literally totals the Lugia MegaShip and the moon base, burying the Voyager Zords. However, Cyber D was destroyed and Aquafina was Joanne: Felix's sister! Next, the villains from the past six seasons were revived and the rangers took action. After defeating them, they thought everything was fine. Jou arrives and he becomes consumed of being a virus. Felix says the only way to save Hoenn was to confront him…

Felix's POV…

Just when I thought things were going to be fine. Cyber D has been destroyed. Aquafina turned good, being my sister and Infectoid… is unknown. And just when we defeated evil, my brother reveals his face. However, he isn't my brother anymore. Now, me, Darren, Tara, Ray, and Angela must stop him. Otherwise, we will have more of a problem…

"What's wrong?" asked Felix, "Bring it on!"

Jou, who was now in a monstrous form, was laughing as he shot red beams at the rangers. Felix and the other rangers landed on the ground.

"Rangers," said Felix, "I think he needs to learn his own lesson."

"Agreed," said the rangers.

Jou laughed, "No matter what you do, you won't win."

Felix looked at the other rangers. Felix turned to Danny and Steven, "Get everybody out. This could get ugly."

As the two of them left, the five rangers stood together.

"Guys," said Claese, "I'm going to get your Voyager Zords out. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Okay," said Felix, "Rangers, let's go!"

"Alright!" said the other rangers.

"Install, Poké Rangers!"


(The Poke Rangers logo appears with a green bar going across. The terms 'Loading Complete' is activated as the screen divides in half, showing outer space. A song starts playing in the background)

10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

(A dial pad appeared on the screen as the numbers 335 are pressed with screenshots of Kyogre Megaship firing in space.)

(The rangers hang on for dear life as the shuttle leaves the Mossdeep Space Center)

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

(The Red Space Ranger holds his own personal weapon. Then it flashes to Felix sitting in the Captain's chair on the bridge wearing a uniform. "Felix Jefferson- Red Space Ranger created by Blazin' Saddles")

Rangers… in Space!

(The Black Ranger holds his own personal weapon. Then it flashes to Darren, who's working on the engines. "Darren Hitchcock- Black Space Ranger created by Psyduck Ranger")

Set controls to

(The Blue Ranger holds his own personal weapon. Then it flashes to Ray, who is sitting at the science station on the bridge. "Ray Hoover- Blue Space Ranger created by NashWalker)

Outer Space Now

(The Yellow Ranger holds her personal weapon. Then it flashes to Angela who is driving the ship. "Angela Keeney- Yellow Space Ranger created by Starfigher364")

Flying higher than ever before…

(The Pink Ranger holds her personal weapon. Then it flashes to Tara, who is sitting at the shuttle. "Tara Marie Chaiera- Pink Space Ranger" created by ClarinetWrathArineko)

Rangers (in Space)

(The Silver Ranger holds his personal weapon. Then it flashes to Clease, who's desk was messy with his feet on top of it. "Claese Flora- Silver Space Ranger" created by Cyborg-Lucario)

Go Poke Rangers

(Dr. Shinya and his tech crew turn around in the ship)

Go Poke Rangers

(The crew of the Neji Virus looks at the camera evilly with Jou Jefferson as Master Stryker in the background)

Go Poke Rangers

(The six rangers transform into their digital suits)

Go, Go, Go, FLY!

(Felix uses the Astro Battlizer, his battlized mode appears)

Go Poke Rangers

(The Kyogre MegaShip and the Delta MegaShip combine to become the Astro Delta Megazord)

Go Poke Rangers

(The Rhybuster crashes on to the scene)

Go… (in Space)

(Instrumental music: the Lugia MegaShip flies out of the space dock and lands on Earth)

(Clease drives his new Auto Slider)

(The rangers jump on their Cyber Sliders)

(The Voyager Zords are launched into space)

(The two MegaShips fly away from Earth)

Go Poke Rangers

(The Mega Voyager is formed, the Silver Winger Zord is formed, the Wing Mega Voyager is formed)

Go Poke Rangers

(The Astro Megazord, the Delta Megazord, the Silver Winger zord and Mega Voyager appear in space with the six rangers, unmorphed standing on top of them)


(Season logo. © 2010 by Blazin' Saddles. Denji Sentai Megaranger © 1997-1998 by Toei. Power Rangers in Space © 1998 by Saban/Disney)

Final Chapter: Install, Poke Rangers!

Based on:

Denji Sentai Megaranger #51: Seize it! Our Diplomas!

Power Rangers in Space #41: A Line in the Sand

The Space Rangers were morphed as they circled around the rocky surface. Flames were around the area as what we used to call: Slateport City. Felix and the other rangers jumped up on Jou. Jou laughed as he kicked Angela and Tara down on the ground. He then threw a punch at Darren that was so forceful, he landed on the ground. Ray was then punched in the stomach. Ray spat blood in his helmet as he landed on the ground. Next, Felix went to attack. Felix yelled as he landed on the ground. Felix took out his Fire Saber and went to attack. However, Jou's right arm evolved into a sword. He was slashed across the chest multiple times, Jou yelled as he was thrown on to the ground.

"Felix!" yelled the other rangers. Felix got up. However, Jou flew across and slashed Felix again. Felix yelled as he landed on the ground.

"Look," said Jou, "You can't defeat me."

"What do you think we should do?" asked Ray.

"Regroup," said Tara, "I don't know."

Suddenly, they turned around to see Magbomb and Prof. Shinya heading toward them. Prof. Shinya looked at Jou, "Look what you've done."

Suddenly, the Porygon creature released a red beam at the Professor. Magbomb stretched himself out front, taking the blow.

"MAGBOMB!" yelled the rangers.

Magbomb started spinning around from the intensity of the attack, "I feel so dizzy… time to sleep."

As the Space Rangers turned around toward Jou, Felix took out his Super Fire Sniper.

"Super Fire Sniper, Battlizer Mode!"

As the Super Fire Sniper was charged up, Felix went to aim. Next, the other four Space Rangers took out the Four-Function Astro Rifle.


A blaze of red and black energy came together as Jou felt the intense pain. However, it was not as hard. Jou released two green beams from his eyes, causing the rangers to fall backwards, landing on the ground.

"Die… you…," said Jou, "OW!"

The rangers watched as shades of purple light came from his body. He kept spinning around as he materialized back. Then, he rematerialized again. Felix turned around as he took out his Fire Saber.

"Saber Slash!"

A clean cut was made down the middle, causing Jou to yell in pain. A major explosion occurred.

"Alright!" yelled the rangers.

However, the flames that erupted were reversed. Jou laughed as he was still in his monstrous form.

"Hee hee," said Jou, "The Heart of Nejirous is filled up with power. I will be able to destroy and get rid of you."

"Jou, don't!" yelled Joanne, running up toward him. Suddenly, Jou threw her on the ground.

"Joanne!" yelled Felix, running toward her.

"My powers are so invincible that neither any of you rangers can destroy them. This will be really awesome!" said Jou.

As the five rangers stood together, the earth began to shake. The rangers watched as they saw a computer glitching back and forth. The Porygon creature laughed as a silver Porygon appeared from the computer. It had red stripes on it and it had green black and yellow lines coming from the head to the back of the Pokémon.

"Meet my hideout," said Jou, laughing his brains off.

"You mean to tell me that I lived in a Porygon for four years?" asked Joanne.

Jou laughed as he was materialized into the ship.

"Rangers," he yelled from the cockpit, "Take this! Tri Attack!"

From his eyes and mouth, a fire, ice and an electric attack hit the Space Rangers. The rangers yelled as a massive explosion occurred in front of them. They yelled and landed on the ground. Dr. Shinya opened his cell phone as he looked at the explosion, "Claese, the Voyager Zords, where are they?"

"I finally just got the pathways clear," said Claese, "Why?"

"They need to be used now!" said Shinya.

"Okay!" said Claese, "On my way!"

As the Sandslash began to morph, the cockpit exploded from inside. Claese yelled as he landed on the floor in his cockpit. Getting up, he looked at the inside, "I guess I'm out for this battle."

"What?" asked Dr. Shinya, "What's wrong?"

"My Sandslash zord's disabled. It needs to be repaired. I'm sending the Voyager Zords," said Claese, "Rangers, good luck."

Pressing the red button on the console, the Voyager Zords left the moon base. Felix and the other rangers got on their Cyber Sliders heading to Space. Felix landed in his zord, looking at the planet.

"Alright," said Felix, taking out his keycard, "This is it! Who's ready?"

"I'm with you all the way," said Darren.

"Let's do this!" said Ray.

"It's time to bring peace back," said Angela.

"Whenever you are ready," said Tara.

"Mega Voyager, Install!" said Felix, swiping the card.

As the Voyager Zords sped up to abnormal speeds, Magmar Voyager 1 jumped off Lapras Voyager 3. Immediately, Magnezone Voyager 4 stretched out its magnetic arms and the back part of Magnezone Voyager 4 flipped underneath. Honchkrow Voyager 2 attached to the back of Magnezone Voyager 4 with the head on top. Lapras Voyager 3 splitted in half, becoming the legs as the head of the Lapras shrunk and the feet of Lapras Voyager 3 became the feet for their Megazord. Magmar Voyager 1 shrunk its arms and legs, becoming the waist, while Xatu Voyager 5 connected to the back of Honchkrow Voyager 2. The seats of the Voyager Zords ejected them out as the five zords came together. The wings of Xatu Voyager 5 connected to the head of the Megazord. A huge green visor appeared on top as the rangers popped up in the same spots. However, it had black screens with silver trimming, colorful consoles and on the door it said P-NET Mega Voyager on the back. On top of Magnezone Voyager 4, the words Mega Voyager appeared in white letters with the PNET logo.

"Mega Voyager, transformation complete!"

The Megazord landed on the Earth's surface.

"Jou, bring it on!" said Felix, gripping the joysticks.

Jou laughed as he looked at the Mega Voyager, "My friends destroyed the Lugia MegaShip, disabled the Silver Winger and damaged the Astro Megazord. Your five combination Megazord won't have enough power to destroy me."

Down below, Danny was sitting on a rock taking out a bag of popcorn, "This looks bad."

"Why are you having popcorn at a time like this?" asked Amii.

"We are 30 miles away from disaster," said Danny, "I think we're safe."

Suddenly, the Porygon transformed. The head flipped back and the body flipped downward, making a human body. The arms split into arms and legs and the head flipped backwards revealing a human head.

"Meet Nejigon!" yelled Jou.

"Out of all things, a mechanized Porygon," said Felix, rolling his eyes.

As he moved the joystick, he threw five Mega Punches. The rangers yelled as they were thrown to the fiery ground. Danny gasped as he saw the vicious blows that were taken.

"Get out of here," said Amii, "Come on, guys. Finish him off!"

Amii reached over and grabbed some popcorn from Danny. Danny watched as Amii was pointing at the Mega Voyager, "Come on!"

The Mega Voyager stood up.

"Come on!" said Felix, "Mega Kick!"

The Mega Voyager jumped up, throwing a powerful kick at Nejigon. However, Jou was laughing as he grabbed the leg of the Mega Voyager.

"Really, a Mega Kick?" he asked, "Twister!"

Suddenly, Nejigon began to spin the Mega Voyager around. The rangers were screaming as they were being spun around. Suddenly, they were thrown to a rock wall. The head of the Megazord smacked into the cliff wall. The rangers yelled as sparks were flying.

"Hee," he said, "You can't win."

"Really?" asked Felix.

"Yes," said Jou, "Brother, why don't you surrender to me? Together, we can become a great team."

Felix gripped the joystick harder, "Hell no! You're not my brother. You killed him, you bastard. Now, I'm going to really rough you up. Xatu Voyager 5, Missile Mode!"

The body of Xatu Voyager 5 came up from the back of the Mega Voyager and it was held by the Mega Voyager's right hand. It began to glow as all the Psychic Energy began to build from the outside.

"Yeah, like that will destroy everything in this robot!" he said.

"Cosmic Deletion!" yelled Felix, pressing the trigger.

The head of the Xatu flew right towards Nejigon. An explosion occurred in the ship. Jou yelled as sparks flew from the cockpit. A hole appeared in the middle of the body.

"Whoo-hoo!" yelled Tara, "That should destroy him."

"Uh-uh," said Jou, "Recover!"

Suddenly, in a flash of white light, Nejigon was revived. Angela turned toward Felix, "Felix, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but your so-called brother decided to recover from all damages we attempted to make. The energy has increased indefinitely!"

"What the heck?" asked Felix.

"You mean to tell me that there's no way to defeat him?" asked Darren.

"Unless you want to make it a miracle," said Angela.

"That's it," said Felix, "We need to find it's weak spot. Tara and Angela, analyze. Darren and Ray, the three of us will bide time."

"How?" asked Darren.

"Simple, the Charge Beams," said Ray.

Felix nodded, "Divert all power to Charge Beams."

As Tara stopped analyzing, she typed in a couple of keywords. Suddenly, yellow lightning came from the bottom and the top. The chest began to glow bright yellow.

"Alright," said Tara, "Weapons Charged and Ready!"

Felix turned to the other guys, "Charge Beams, locked on and firing!"

A long ray of yellow electricity came out of the Mega Voyager, hurting Nejigon. Jou yelled as he felt the waves of energy hit him. As the beams kept firing, Angela and Tara kept looking for a weak spot. Down below, Danny was looking at the whole battle with Amii next to him.

"Epic battle," said Amii.

"Hopefully," said Danny.

Suddenly, Jack arrived with the others. Spencer stood in shock as the beams still kept firing. Nejigon started marching forward, ready to attack.

"Searching… so far nothing," said Angela.

"Well, hurry," said Ray, "We're overheating!"

Suddenly, an explosion occurred in the Mega Voyager cockpit. Jou laughed as he smacked the Mega Voyager down on the dirt.

"How does it feel to be inferior?" he asked, laughing.

Felix turned to the others, "We can't give up! Let's get back on our feet!"

The Mega Voyager stood up one more time. However, Nejigon revealed a silver sword that had sharp edgings on the blade.

"Oh boy," said Felix, "What's that?"

"My chainsaw like blade," said Jou, "Time to mutilate and cut you down to size!"

The blade sliced the chest armor of the Mega Voyager. The rangers yelled as they were sliced by the blade a couple of times. The Mega Voyager fell backwards on the ground. Jou laughed as he moved Nejigon up toward the Mega Voyager. As he pulled out the sword, the Mega Voyager rolled to one side, causing the sword to destroy a couple of trees.

"Mega Kick!" yelled Felix.

With full force, the kick smacked Jou's little robot sky high. Nejigon landed on the ground.

"Why… you!" yelled Jou.

He threw the sword at the Mega Voyager's right arm. The right arm fell down on the ground.

"He amputated the right arm," said Ray, "What the hell?"

"Great," said Angela, "Sorry, Professor."

Suddenly, Jou laughed as he pressed a couple of buttons in his cockpit. Purple lights began to surround the area as he saw the energy bars rise.

"Full Power at Maximum," he said, "Say goodbye! Neji Psychic Attack!"

Suddenly, a blast of cosmic energy came out of Nejigon, hitting Mega Voyager. The Space Rangers yelled as the cockpits were exploding once again. The Mega Voyager landed on the ground. The viewscreen exploded causing all the glass and wires to break. The outside of the screen was black with fire all around it. However, there was a major hole where Nejirous could be seen. It laid motionless for a couple of minutes. In the cockpit, a hand with blood on it was holding on to the joystick. Felix got up as smoke filled the area. Noticing a couple of bruises on his faces, he looked around. Darren climbed up on his seat with holes on his clothes with blood running down his mouth. Ray yelled as he had a red line across his forehead. His hair was frazzled and he had a couple of holes in his shirt. Tara and Angela got up and sat in their seats. Angela had a couple of scratches and bruises while Tara's face had a line of blood down her face.

"That moron short-circuited the grid," said Ray, "He knew exactly where to hit us."

"We can't morph, can we?" asked Darren.

Ray nodded. Angela sighed looking at the robot, "Well, what are we going to do?"

Felix turned to the other rangers, "You guys know that we don't need powers to destroy a force."

"Felix is right. We really can't give up on this battle!" said Tara.

Suddenly, Jou was laughing as he looked at the rangers, "Rangers, you can forget it. Courage and Perseverance is something not gained when you battle someone like me."

"Rangers," yelled Danny, from below, "You can do it, Felix!"

"Tara, I know you can. You guys are strong!" said Amii.

"Ray, apply yourself and you will win!" said Sean.

"Let's go, Angela!" yelled Violet, "We want you to win!"

"Darren," said Jack, "I believe in you!"

Joanne nodded, "Felix, you must do what you can to defeat him."

Suddenly, Geki and Sid were running with the citizens.

"Come on Rangers!" yelled Geki and Sid.

The citizens of Slateport City were cheering the rangers as the Space Rangers stood in the Megazord cockpit.

"I guess," said Felix, "We're going to win!"

"Agreed," said Angela.

"Everyone," said Felix, "Let's do our best!"

As the Mega Voyager jumped back up, it headed straight for Nejigon.

"Fools," said Jou, pressing the button.

A rainbow beam came out of Nejigon. However, the Mega Voyager dodged the attack. The Mega Voyager jumped up in the air.

"Mega Punch!"

The punch was so forceful, that the Nejigon robot fell back. The sword flew out of his hand and the Mega Voyager caught it. Felix looked at the red and black lines that pinpointed to the middle.

"There's the weak spot," said Felix, "Hopefully."

"Huh?" asked Jou.

Using Nejigon's sword, the blade struck toward the head. Jou yelled as the sword stabbed his chest. Blood was pouring out of his body as an explosion appeared in the cockpit. The sword was released and the blade fell on the ground. Jou yelled as he saw a minor hole. He was dragging himself to the cockpit.

"Surrender," said Felix.

Jou pressed the blue button on the intercom. His mouth was filled with blood as he began to speak, "Felix Jefferson… I… won't… lose. This time… it's personal. Infectoid!"

Suddenly, Infectoid arrived, damaged from the wreckage. He had a couple of bruises, "Yes?"

"Activate the device, now!" yelled Jou.

Infectoid nodded as he took out a silver device with a black button on it. As he pressed it, an alarm began to sound in the ship.

"Hey," said Angela, "There's an energy entity forming inside Nejigon."

"What?" asked Felix.

"Sensors show that… oh my," said Tara.

"What?" asked Felix.

"Jou just activated an energy bomb. Nejigon's going to self-destruct in 1 minute. We need to get it off the planet!" said Tara.

Ray turned toward Felix. Felix nodded, "Alright."

As he grabbed the joystick, the Mega Voyager grabbed on to Nejigon. Jou tried to break free, but the Mega Voyager held its grip.

"Fire the thrusters!" yelled Felix.

As Tara pressed the button, the Mega Voyager began to float up into the sky.

"What's going on?" asked Danny, over the intercom.

"Just a little bomb, no big deal," said Angela.

As the Mega Voyager and Nejigon flew upwards toward the Stratosphere, the rangers turned to Felix.

"Alright, everyone evacuate!" yelled Felix.

As they went toward the door, Angela tried to open the door, "Thanks to him, the emergency doors are in place. We can't get out!"

"What?" yelled the rangers.

Jou laughed as he looked at the rangers, "You know… this could be the end for you."


The Mega Voyager was now heading back down toward the atmosphere. The rangers tried to hold it in place.


The Mega Voyager kicked Nejigon, causing both of them to go back up again. Danny and Amii looked at each other as they were heading back up to space. The citizens watched in suspense.

"Alright!" said Ray, "The doors are open!"

"Let's go!" said Felix.

As the rangers began to leave, Jou laughed as he looked at them.

"3… 2… 1," said Jou, "Detonation Time! DIE RANGERS!"

As he pressed the button, a purple bomb of energy came out of Nejigon. Jou and Infectoid yelled as they blowing up into pieces. Meanwhile, the rangers yelled as they went to escape. Down below, everyone watched as a purple sphere emerged from both zords, creating a massive shockwave. Everyone flew back as a white wave came across the region, cutting trees and houses.

Five minutes later…

"Ugh…," said Danny, looking at the ground. The whole area was bare. No trees or houses that were nearby existed. He turned to see the other rangers, getting up.

"Did we make it?" asked Amii.

"Ugh… yeah," said Danny.

Suddenly, Matt and Violet got out and looked at the area, "No way," said Matt.

"Agreed," said Violet.

"At least the world is saved," said Spencer.

Everyone began to cheer. However, Jenna looked at the sky, "Um… if the world is saved, then where are the others?"

Spencer looked up in the sky, "You don't think…"

Suddenly, a silver beam came down from the sky, materializing into Claese. The rangers looked at Claese.

"I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news," said Claese, looking down, "But, the rangers died in the explosion. I can't find any trace of morphing energy."

There was a lot of silence that occurred.

The next day…

Rain was coming down in the eastern part of the Hoenn region. Danny stood on the Sky Pillar with the other rangers. Joanne, who was sitting there, was also sniffling as Danny looked at the five flowers that were planted in the ground. Claese was about to be a basket case as he sighed. The other rangers turned around to see Jack looking at the sky. He nodded to himself as he walked down the stairs. Barabas and Magbomb shook their heads, with tears in their eyes. Amii looked at what happened and Derik just couldn't believe it happened. Matt and Violet were hugging each other, crying. Mika watched them as they looked at the flowers. Max looked down at it, wrapping his arm around Spencer and Drew. Jenna started sobbing as Jack walked down the stairs.

"Rangers," said Jack. His voice was soft, "We had a great battle. Mariah and Dawson are defeated, along with their minions. The Machine Fortress and the Reckless Riders got what they deserved. However, the Neji Virus… the virus that the current rangers were in caused this destruction to happen. Master Stryker killed Jou Jefferson's body, becoming one with it. With him, he destroyed the Mega Voyager and the other rangers with them. I think we should pay respects to our honored dead."

As the rangers stood in a circle, they heard something come over them. Danny looked up as he saw the five rangers standing together.

"You thought we died?" asked Felix, "The Mega Voyager is critically damaged. It's going to be fine."

The rangers cheered as the Space Rangers jumped on to the ground. Danny smiled as he looked at him, "Felix…"

Claese ran over to them, hugging the five rangers. Felix chuckled as he rubbed Claese's hair a little bit. The six rangers turned around toward the other rangers.

"Felix Jefferson! Omnipotent Warrior, Red Space Ranger!"

"Darren Hitchcock! Strategist Warrior, Black Space Ranger!"

"Raymond Hoover! Dimension Warrior, Blue Space Ranger!"

"Angela Keeney! Analytical Warrior, Yellow Space Ranger!"

"Tara Marie Chaiera! Command Warrior, Pink Space Ranger!"

"Claese Flora! Prototype Warrior, Silver Space Ranger!"

"Install," said Felix, "Poké Rangers… in Space!"

Danny and the other rangers cheered.

"Thank you," said Felix, "Being a ranger was awesome."

"Yeah," said Darren, "It was fun while it lasted."

"True," said Ray, "It was great to go into a digital dimension."

"Thank you so much for supporting us at our darkest hour," said Angela, smiling.

"It was worth it. The region is at peace again," said Tara, looking at Claese.

Claese smiled looking at the other rangers, "It was a tough battle. We managed to overcome the obstacles."

"How did you escape?" asked Mika.

"Well, we escaped using the Cyber Sliders," said Darren, "We flew back to Dewford Town just before it exploded. We were having fun until I heard someone that we died, then we had to come back to clear things up."

"Cool, at least you're okay," said Jack, "I guess then it's time for the ceremony. Danny, bring the torch."

Danny walked over to a golden torch that was empty and gave it to Tara. Danny smiled as he gave the torch. Tara nodded as she walked to the Turbo fire. She grabbed Felix by the arm.

"You know," said Tara, "It's been seven months since I touched the fire. This is for the leaders of the Poké Rangers: Hoenn. Every time a threat is defeated, leaders must step down with their teammates as active rangers. You are the fourth leader of the team and I'm proud to be your second-in command of this team."

She kissed him on the cheek. Felix nodded as he stretched the torch in the air.

"As the Red Space Ranger, I, Felix Jefferson hereby say that my team steps down from being active. I step down today as Red Ranger," he said, striking the torch in the ground. As he did so, a picture of a computer appeared with a fire symbol on it.

Two Weeks Later…

The Jefferson family had their funeral for Jou. Felix's mom was happy to see that Joanne was okay. It was hard for her to find out that Jou actually died both mind and body. It was going to be hard for them. After Felix put the flower in, he turned around to see the other rangers. Angela, Ray, Darren, Tara, and Claese all had bags on their bodies.

"What?" asked Felix.

"Don't just sit there," said Tara, "Get your backpack."

"Why?" asked Felix.

Tara stretched her arm out, "We are going to start our Pokemon journey together… a second chance."

"What?" asked Felix, looking at them, "Really?"

"Yeah," said Darren, "I think we need to step away from space and computers for a very long time."

Felix nodded, "Then, let's go!"

As Felix grabbed his backpack, the rangers put their hands together and then up in the air. They started heading toward Petalburg City while the credits began to roll. The rangers have saved the Earth from the Neji Virus and they can finally go back to normal lives. The Space Rangers as of right now, their adventures are over.

But, a new adventure for new rangers is just beginning.

(Credits- Poke Rangers in Space Theme)

(Felix learns how to box (19) Felix is at Disney World (33) Felix shakes hands with Crane (46))

(Darren runs into Luann (7) Darren battles Wraith Rover by himself (14) Darren finishes Joltaker (34))

(Ray and Felix fight each other (3) Ray knocks down CroaVire (9) Ray and the other Blue Rangers arrive (41))

(Angela and Aquafina have a battle (11) Angela meets her grandmother (27) Angela and Darren speak together (39))

(Tara gets trapped in a building (6) Tara and Angela defeat Lady Doomrak (18) Tara runs away from the Psychos (42))

(Claese appears (24) Claese and Darren defeat a virus (28) Claese gets his full power back (36) Claese and Scott take down Steven Mutant (48))



Poké Rangers: Bandstand!

Jason: Let's rock and roll! Chapter 1!

?: We're going to rock this place.

Kricketune: By 2 in the morning, a meteor will hit and the world will fall apart.

?: I feel powerful. Now, let's rock.

Cam: Rangers, let's go!

Rangers: Right, Bandstand, Rock Out!

Poké Rangers: Bandstand Chapter 1- Let There Be Rock Part 1

Double Chapter Season Premiere- September 1st, 2010

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