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I was ten when it first happened. My friend and I were walking home from school and this kid, Ethan I think was his name, came up to us and just started beating on us for being and I quote, "The nerdest kids in school." My friend, Casey, was already on the ground when he took a swing at me. I rolled to the ground but the damage was done. Appearing next to him and punching him in the side of the head didn't help the freak factor. Casey thought I was a freak as well and after that, she did keep her mouth shut but she froze me out. I became the outcast of every friend circle.

Now as I look in the mirror, I see a seventeen-year-old young woman. This was my last week of school and my shoulder length brown hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail. I had on a fleece vest with a dark green baggy-ish shirt that had a black Celtic like pattern across the front and wrapped along the sides. I had a black lace cami under my shirt with a Japanese coin necklace. My jeans were covering my black converse high tops. I had a brown messenger bag that had my books, calculator and band folder in it. Walking down the stairs, I grabbed an orange and orange peeler, and walked out my door to go to school.

Living in Chicago, Illinois, I had learned to take care of myself, so when my parents died when I was fifteen and my not caring Aunt moved into our house to watch over me, I knew how to ignore her very well. My Aunt and I lived in a small apartment by Millennium Park. My parents died of a shootout near the Cadillac Palace after seeing the musical "In the Heights". I managed to jump away before anyone shot me, but I watched my parents die. My Aunt came to stay with me after that because I was under eighteen and couldn't live by myself. My Aunt Mae truly didn't care about me; really she was just there for all the Chicago guys that she can bring back to the apartment. Her current one's name was Gary, Gerald, or something along those line, I didn't keep track.

As I walked to the nearest bus stop I looked around. The towering skyscrapers were bleak against the gray rainy sky of the Windy City. The bus that I took into my school area pulled up and the doors opened with a soft sigh of air. I walked up the stairs, paid my fare and took my seat up in the front of the bus. Joanne, the bus driver, nodded to me, "Mornin' Avery."

I smiled and nodded back, "Good Morning Joan." Joanne had been driving the bus I took ever since I was little. She always stopped people before they started picking on me or the guys who wanted to hit on me. She was the closest thing to a mother figure I had at this point in my life. I said bye to Joanne and stepped off the bus into the light drizzle of rain appearing from the sky.

I pulled up the collar of my vest and jogged into the building of Jefferson High School. Arriving at my locker, I pulled my books out for my Japanese, Pre-Cal and Bio. Glancing over to my left, I saw Casey coming towards me,

"Hey Freak." She sneered at me and I just rolled my eyes. Apparently, she had forgotten the times when I had saved her ass from people that were bullying her on the playground. I looked up at her from my big red locker,

"Hello Casey still being the bitch queen of the school?" She scoffed at my greeting,

"I'm not a bitch; you are a freak, that's all." I raised an eyebrow at her,

"Same shit, different day." I said with a shrug. She scoffed again and walked off with her nose in the air. I just laughed inwardly at her behavior. It's strange, when you grow up with someone and gradually drift apart. You know probably more than anyone about everything in their childhood yet they still give the coldest shoulder on Earth towards you. I shouldered my bag and went off towards my Biology Class, also known as the beginning of my hellish day.


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