Some Sugar Tonight

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight.

A/N: Alright new story time, I know I shouldn't start another one but I can't help it. cherrybomb13 is helping out with this one. Just a head's up its going to be extremely smutty in later chapters. so you have been warned, if you don't like it don't read it. I only own Ajay. Aiden belongsot cherrybomb13, Mollie belongs to Demi, and Bailey belongs to BourneBetter67.

Ajay pulled her front door open smiling seeing Aiden standing there her arms laden down with bags, "Hey Cookie, come on in." "Are the others here yet?" "Nope. You are here first." "Where is Joey?" Aiden asked following Ajay into her living room. "He is with my brothers for the week in Toronto. They do this from time to time where they will all get some time off and take Joey and Jericho's son Ash and go off on this week long getaway. It's nice why he is gone but he comes back knowing swear words." Ajay answered taking a seat in her arm chair and putting her bag of ice back on her knee. Aiden nodded her head, and sat her bags on the ground and took a seat next to her. "What's wrong?" Ajay asked looking at her.

"I am just worried about Mollie." "Don't worry about Mollie, I will handle Mollie if she becomes too much." Ajay stated, "Bailey is going to be on her best behavior already." "How do you know that?" Aiden asked. "Because I offered to baby-sit the twins one night while Riley is over with you and Alex that way she and Petey can go out for the night alone." Ajay answered, "I told her that I only do it if she behaved and got along with you." "You are good." "I know." Ajay stated shaking her head arrogantly causing Aiden to start laughing.

Traci, Mollie, Bailey and Jessica walked into Chris and Ajay's house a while later, "HELLO!" Jessica called. "IN HERE!" Ajay called back not moving to get up from her seat. "Don't get up on our behalf there Ajay." Mollie stated snottily. "I won't, if you didn't see Velvet and the two other skanks messed my knee up, Doc said I should be taking it easy." Ajay stated rolling her eyes. "But that was one nasty ass spear you delivered to the pig." Jessica stated. "Thank you bitch deserved it." Aiden shifted nervously in her seat. "Chill out Cookie." Ajay stated, "We are nothing but bitches and." "Sluts." Traci stated.

"Speak for yourself, I have only slept with Chris in the past year.' Ajay said propping up her middle finger. "Yeah but you also fucked Johnny Devine, Both members of Beer Money, Lance Hoyt and John Cena." "And in my defense I was totally drunk when I slept with Johnny and Cena." Ajay stated, "God at least with Lance and James there was some sort of foreplay. With Chris there is nothing anymore." All 5 women looked at the blonde who was suddenly interesting with her ice pack that was currently melting on her knee. "What do you mean?" Bailey asked. "I mean that its straight to the main event no sort of foreplay whatsoever." Ajay answered, "Pretty pathetic huh? We have been together for years now its all about him jumping me and that's it."

"You two used to do foreplay?" Traci asked. "When we first got together we did, then it died out." Ajay answered, "I think most of it had to do with me living with the guys on Team Canada and he wanted to prove to Bobby I was his. The last time I even thought about teasing him before the striptease, we almost broke the dining room table." "Eww! Ajay we eat at that table!" Bailey stated "It was in Orlando and I gave it to Adam when he got his apartment down in Orlando." Ajay stated with a grin. "Does your brother know that you did that?"

"Nope, they don't like hearing that their baby sister has more sex then they do in a 2 month time frame." Ajay answered, "I just wish there was some excitement or something like that you know?" "Like how?" Aiden asked. "I don't know like some foreplay stuff like that." Ajay answered shifting her position. "Didn't he use to make you scream at the top of your lungs?" Bailey asked.

"Oh yeah, the night it happened Bobby and Petey came running to my room banging on the door asking me if I was alright." Ajay laughed, "They thought I had fallen out of bed again or I spilled and fell in the shower." "All things that Ajay is notorious for.' Mollie laughed. "Yeah, but they never brother me again after Johnny shimmed the lock and they all rushed in there." Ajay laughed. Aiden looked at Ajay smirking. "Don't start cookie, we don't need to know about your sex life with Alex then we already hear." Ajay stated.

"I wasn't going to say much." Aiden said, "Expect for he is damn good." Mollie and Bailey nodded their heads in agreement. Ajay and Jessica rolled their eyes. They had been the only two in the house who hadn't slept with Alex Shelley. "Hey Cookie, what exactly does Alex do?" Ajay questioned causing the blond sitting to her to blush and shift nervously as Mollie and Bailey set their harsh glares on the poor Georgia peach. "I don't know if I should tell you." "Aiden honey, you trust me right?" Ajay asked looking at her. Aiden nodded her head looking down at the star tattoo on her wrist she had trusted Ajay enough to let her take for her for a tattoo. "What do you want to know?" Aiden asked sighing. Ajay smirked deviously at her, "Everything."