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After the cannons blasted the 5 Points all to hell, and the dust covered like fog, I lay by what was left of a fence. I had been hurled about three to five feet from where I was standing with the Dead Rabbits and back first into that fence. I stayed there as if I were dead when I heard the muskets going off. Being fired by the traitors that had joined the army once they got here. Can't believe they fired on their own people just because that's what they were told to do and they can't think for themselves.

In the dusty fog I saw the butcher and Amsterdam. Bill took a crouching position and charged at Amsterdam and sliced the back of his knee. I tried to shout out to Amsterdam to warn him but the shockwave of the cannons rendered me unable to do so. I heard Amsterdam cry out once more. I knew Bill had sliced him again. I at first had lost feeling in me body. But now I suddenly feel me legs and arms again and realize where I be.

Now at the current I'm able to stand. I see a piece of the fence, sharp and curved; I pick it up and wait for Bill to charge at Amsterdam again. He had just cut Amsterdam's shoulder and Amsterdam cut him in the back after Amsterdam killed one of those traitors in uniform. Amsterdam may have a tiff of business to settle with the butcher. So did I. Vengeance for me son is all I want.

He had told the doctor to pay no mind to me son just because he was Irish. Me son couldn't get the medicine needed. Me son takes precedence over Amsterdam's tiff. The cannons go off again. I duck and take me position. I charge at the butcher after the first explosion. When the dust begins to become a fog again, I keep charging.

He drops to the ground and lays like a baby when the explosions began. I dropped to a knee next to him because I know he can't see me through the dusty fog. I brought me arm upward, piece of sharp fence in hand, and thrust it downward. I feel it go into the butcher's chest. I told him me name is Ian and that was for me son as I run off before the dusty fog can settle again. When it does I see the butcher and Amsterdam facing each other when I look back at them.

Amsterdam's realizing that someone beat him to killing the butcher! He's gonna have to settle for finishing him off. I meant not to take the glory, but me own business is more important to me. I've gotten me payback I sure have. Then I suddenly see McGloin and me good friend who me and me son came here with, get killed by the traitors in uniform. McGloin's been blown half way to hell by their muskets and Shang charges them only to get thrown to the ground and then kicked and slammed by the butts of their muskets.

Before I can shed a tear or react, I turn around and see Bill yank the fence piece out of his chest. Bill looks at Amsterdam and then mutters something and Amsterdam hurls his knife into him to finish him off. This is a beautiful site. I'm watching the life slip out of the butcher. I turn around and face three traitors with their muskets pointed at me. I hear something loud as I turn to run……