Part of Press the Revelations, my series of drabble-y one-shots. When Bella moves to Forks. More of her thoughts and feelings.

I looked around me to see the lengthy cacti and sun in the sky, then closed my teary eyes. A tear streamed down my reddened face while I let hot air out of my lungs. I watched it fall, slowly, down to the sand, my sand.

Moving was something I have never experienced before. To be honest, I never even thought leaving would happen to me. I didn't want to make the moving a big deal, but this is my home.

I sighed inwardly and reached down to take hold of a palm-ful of smooth sand.

My life would start over... that fact horrified me. My life was changing. It spun my head around and killed me. It felt as if I was being sucked out of reality, shaken in a vortex.

I opened my palm so the grains of sand, hope, could funnel its way out of misery. I wished I could do the same.

I let my toes curve around the fine sand, my face caressed by the wind, and let the music of the wind, a sound I love, surround me one last time and take my last bit of soul away. If this was it, my last time I was going to be here for a while. I tried to make the best of it.

I would do anything to prevent my mind forgetting this moment where the sand sprinkled on my toes, and the cool wind whipping my hair around my sun-kissed cheek. If I could come back after this, every weekend, I would do it.

I looked up at the sky and my eyes and nose wrinkled as I said my goodbyes to the sand, sun, and seagulls.

"Are you ready to go Bella?" Mom inquired

"Not really."

Mom stared at me and put my stuffed suitcase down on the sidewalk. She took two steps over to where I was standing and rubbed my back. "Oh, come on Bella, it's going to be fine. Your father loves Forks. And you will too, I promise." She pulled me in closer to hug me, a tight embrace.

"Really? " I looked up at her face nearly as identical to mine

"I promise. Now, go put your stuff in the car." she pat my back

Mom trailed off to retrieve the other things we are carrying along. Basically, everything.

My black suitcase rolled across the asphalt to the car. I turned my head back to the condos and let out a deep breath. The wind blew almost as if it was telling me goodbye. My eyes again got glassy for a moment. You have to go. I turned my head to face the van again, then walked grimly over to it. I threw my luggage into the hatchback and got into the backseat.