Author's note – Let's see... it has been how long since I've updated this one? I'm kind of noticing a pattern. This has been nearly seven months.

Immunda Sub Ubi

Silence simply remained while Toshiro and Isshin stood in the room. Finally, Toshiro spoke up. "I think we need to be getting to the office. I've got work to do, and your supposed to be helping." There was another pause of silence. "It is weird, having you around, and me being the one to give the orders."

"Don't worry about it Shiro-chan. I really don't want my old position back." The elder Kurosaki smirked at the small taicho. "It isn't that I don't think I can do it, or that I hate it, but I think I'd rather be a father, proud of my kids in the living world and the one right in front of me."

At that, Hitsugaya's cheeks flushed up slightly. "I know you mean well, but truth of the matter is... I'm not comfortable with that. It's going to get some time getting used to that too. I know you did it all the time before, but now you have you own kids. It's also been awhile since I've had you call me that."

"I know. I'll try to hold back. However, I am very much used to thinking you as one of my own. That's never changed." Isshin smirked, watching as the small taicho headed for the door.

"What is with you and mushy stuff?" Toshiro though didn't expect the man's retort.

"Mushy? You think this is mushy Toshiro?" Isshin let out a deep laugh. "Oh man, when you start taking a real, true interest in the opposite sex, you'll understand what mushy is."

"What ever." The small taicho sped off, Isshin close on his heals. His two teal eyes took in the shinigami of his division chatting away, staring at the man that was a ghost. Some paled, while others seemed to have a rather pleased look on their faces. Something bothered him, but he couldn't place his finger on the matter.

Arriving at the office he glanced around, looking for the paperwork and saw only a small stack on his desk. "First things first is too..." He blinked a couple of times as Isshin headed over and picked up the papers.

"I'll do anything that doesn't require the captain to feel it out." The man stated, heading over to Rangiku's desk.

"Isshin Taicho..." Toshiro's mouth twisted into a frown. "I am very well capable of doing the paperwork myself."

"I know you are. You need a chance to relax every so often. Just take a nap on the couch." Isshin stated.

"Oi! I'm now the taicho of this division, sir. If you don't mind, I'll do the paperwork." Hitsugaya's eyebrow then twitched as he thought of something. "Plus, when you were taicho you always left me to do the paperwork."

"Which is why I am doing it now." The man stated, starting in on the paperwork.

"So your basically telling me that the job of a taicho is to good off?" Toshiro's voice rose with his irritation. "That is not what the job of a taicho is!"

"I didn't say that. Though you really could stand too goof off every once in awhile." Isshin stated, smirking at the child taicho.

"I can't do that! Nothing would ever get done!" Toshiro wrinkled his nose up in protest.

"Because Rangiku has a bad habit of goofing off. Maybe she feels she needs to do the work of two people in that regard, did you ever think about that?" The man simply continued at what he was doing. "Plus, I didn't always leave you to do the paperwork on your own."

"Yeah, you tried getting me to goof off with you, taicho." The small taicho folded his arms. "Give me some of the paperwork already."

"You are supposed to be recuperating, so my answer is a definite no." Isshin stated firmly.

"Your answer is no?" One white eyebrow raised up. "Who is the person in charge here? In fact, who is the person who isn't being childish about this whole matter?"

"The answer to the first one is, you are the person in charge here. The answer to the second one is that you are the one acting childish." The man stated. "Learn to relax a little bit more. I can't believe becoming a captain turned you into such a tightwad."

"Excuse me..." Toshiro's cheeks puffed out at this. "I never asked for you to come back you know. I'm displeased still that the fact you hid from us that you were alive. It could have settled quite a few problems you know."

"You're still acting childish, yet you are insisting that you shouldn't allow yourself to be that way. Isn't that rather hypocritical of you, Hitsugaya Taicho?" The man kept at what he was doing.

Suddenly, the small taicho looked at the man, his face twisting with sudden perceived hurt. After a few minutes he spoke up. "You called me..."

"Hitsugaya Taicho. That is your title and your rank." Isshin sighed. "You insist on Ichigo calling you by that title."

"Yes. But I never said you had to." Toshiro frowned at the man. "It is rather awkward... you do realize that. You are my former taicho, of all people."

"This is because we're in a work setting right now." The man sighed, pausing in what he was doing. "Why don't you go figure out something to do?"

"You never called me Hitsugaya fukutaicho before. And what am I supposed to do? I have a specific order I do things each day. I don't move onto the task that comes after the paperwork, until the paperwork is done. I definitely too, don't take naps when there is work to be done, unlike some other people."

"Life doesn't last forever Toshiro. I will call you by your title in the work area. Don't you have enough people who choose not to give you the respect you deserve?" Isshin stated firmly.

"Yes, but..." The small taicho closed his eyes. "You just called me by my first name. You're confusing me."

"I am trying to tell you to lighten up, kiddo. Don't take so much onto yourself." The man stood up and walked over to Toshiro, stopping with the paperwork.

"You tell me to lighten up, but whenever your around, things turn into utter chaos!" Hitsugaya complained, only to have the man reach out towards him and suddenly begin to tickle the small taicho. The boy's mouth opened wide as he tried to fight off the laughter. He ended up collapsing to the ground, which allowed Isshin easier access. "Stop! Not fair!"

As this was happening, the door opened. "Hitsugaya Taicho? I was sent... oto-san?"

At that, Isshin glanced up, while Toshiro looked at the door way literally horrified, his cheeks turning a deep red.