The rest of the week went by without much of an incident. Naruto still begs Sakura to copy her homework, and Shikamaru still sleeps during class. Not much more interaction has happened between Hinata and Kiba. The Inuzuka seemed so mysterious to Hinata, especially whenever he and Shino left for lunch. Both of them seem so out of reach to Hinata, so she chose to just shrug it off. She did not think much of Kiba, until the following week.

"Alright students!" said Kakashi, "It is that time again. It is time for a science project."

With this statement, most of the students groaned, whereas Hinata merely looked confused.

"Now, don't whine." Kakashi said with a smile, "It is time for some good news and bad news." Kakashi looked at his students, who were preparing for the worst. "Good news first, the project will be a group project, and you get to pick the topic." The students seem to perk up at this statement. "However" Kakashi continued, "The bad news is that I am assigning the groups. Now wait here while a go grab the list."

As soon as the masked teacher left the classroom, the students began to relax amongst themselves. Some, like Kiba and Shikamaru had their heads down.

"Hey Hina-chan, I hope we get into the same group" said Ino, "If it is you, me and Sakura I bet we can score the highest grade in class,"

Hinata giggled, "I really do hope we get partnered up together Ino-chan."

"This is going to be such a drag" replied the pineapple head in front of Ino.

"Shikamaru, you are such a lazy ass. I pity the people who turn you in your group." Reprimanded Ino as she rolled her eyes, "I don't get how you even made it pass kindergarten with that attitude."

"Troublesome woman," sighed Shikamaru, "You are worse than my mother." Shikamaru mumbled as he put his head back down,

Ino rolled her and sighed, "Typical he has been like since kindergarten."

"Have you known him long Ino-chan?" asked Hinata.

"Practically since I was born" replied Ino sarcastically, "His dad and my dad are like best friends. It is scary when they go on their man dates"

Hinata giggled at this statement. "It must be nice though, knowing somebody for that long," Hinata smiled dreamily.

"Hinata?" asked Ino, "Have you never had a childhood friend?"

At this the supposed sleeping Kiba suddenly woke up. "What's this?" He asked mischievously, "How does sweet Hinata-hime not have any friends as a child. I bet she was cute as a button."

The said girl blushed at this comment, "I-I umm" she stuttered, "My father always had to move for business, so I never really stayed too long in one place."

"Aww that is so sad. Damn you Kiba-baka, making Hinata-chan remember bad memories" yelled Ino.

"I-It wasn't all bad Ino-chan, I do remember having one friend." Said Hinata timidly. She really felt uncomfortable right now with the stares she was getting from Ino and Kiba.

"One friend?" asked Kiba, "Hmm. That is interesting, tell about it." Kiba was now looking intently at the Hyuuga girl, which did not go unnoticed by Ino.

"Um, well I met him when I was ten and-"

"OKAY I AM BACK NOW CLASS" yelled Kakashi as he came to the door, "Sorry about the wait, you see what had happened was I was helping-"

"Kakashi-sensei" interrupted a very Sakura, "We all know that you most likely lost the list and had to make up a new one, please spare us the lies."

The class giggled at this as Kakashi sweat dropped, "I see I was caught" Kakashi said nervously," Very well Ms. Haruno, I will announce the team. There will be ten teams. Three of these teams will be groups of three, while the rest will be groups of two. Team one will be…"

At this Hinata sighed in relief,"At least we got out of that conversation" she thought. Hinata did not want to reveal that she has a crush on someone she only met once, and when she was ten nonetheless.

Her relief was noticed by Kiba, who was still staring a Hinata which such intent eyes.

"Team seven will consist of…" Kakashi paused to look at the list, "Naruto Uzumaki, Sai Toryou, and Sakura Haruno."

"YAY" yelled Naruto, "I am with Sakura-chan. It is my lucky day." Naruto looked positively happy with this development; however the opposite can be said for Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei, why do I have to be in a group with Naruto?" whined Sakura, "He is the most unpredictable person in the world."

"Well Ms. Haruno, maybe he unpredictable luck will help your team have the best project." Kakashi continued, "Now team eight will consist of: Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuuga. Team nine will be…"

Hinata was surprised by this turn of events. She looked in front of her and saw no reaction from the Aburame, however when she turned her head she saw Kiba grinning rather mischievously. "Guess we are going to be a team now, huh?" Kiba said, "Please take care of me." Kiba smiled at the Huuyga.

"Um, yeah" Hinata blushed, "Please take care of me too."

"And finally team ten will consist of: Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akamichi, and Ino Yamanaka." Kakashi finished. "

Ino was just about to say something when Kakashi interrupted, "Now before you start complaining let me tell you the guidelines. As I said before you may choose the topic from anything we have already covered. You will need to make a presentation, and write a written report. Which means a speech and poster or something, and no not everybody needs to talk during the presentation to get a grade. The final grade will be based on the presentation and the report. The rest of the class time is to prepare with your groups and write me a proposal for your topics." With that Kakashi went to the desk and started reading a book called Icha Icha Tactics.

"Damn that Kakashi" mumbled Ino, "Sorry Hinata to leave you, but…"

"Ino quit your worrying." Said a very annoyed Inuzuka, "It is not like Shino and I are going to rape her or something."

"If you so much touch Hina-chan" replied an angry Ino, "I will-"

"Ino-san" interrupted Shino. The group looked at Shino, forgetting he was even there. "I know what Kiba just said was stupid, but do you think that I will harm Hinata-san in any way?" His voice did not sound angry, but rather slightly hurt.

"Don't worry about it Ino-chan." Hinata smiled at her friend, "I will be fine."

"I trust Shino, but Kiba if I so much-"

"Ino, we would like to discuss our project today if you don't mind" said an annoyed Shikamaru.

Ino huffed, "Why is everybody interrupting me today?" With one last glare at Kiba, the blond left to join her group.

"Well now that Ino is gone, we can get right to business" grinned Kiba as he moved his desk closer to Hinata's. "Now, I say the first thing we need to do is divide the work."

"Um actually" Hinata began, "I think-"

However Kiba was not paying attention and kept going, "Let's see. " he pondered, "I think that I should present and talk since I love to talk, and Shino is good at writing so he can make the report. Which leaves…" Kiba turned to the Hyuuga and gave her a toothy smile and in a cheery voice said, "…our Hinata-hime to do the poster. Now that we figures that our, it is time to get to work."

Hinata and Shino just started at the dog like boy. Suddenly Shino lifted his hand, and in a flash curled it to a fist and hit Kiba right on the head.

"OUCH!" said Kiba as she put his hand on his head, "Shino, what the hell?"

"Kiba" Shino replied seriously, "How can we divide the work, if we don't even know what we are doing. I am sure that is what Hinata-san was trying to explain to you."

"Eh Hinata?" asked Kiba confused.

"Yes" replied Shino, "You interrupted her."

Kiba looked at Hinata, who was blushing slightly from all the attention on her. "Oh geez Hinata-hime" said the Inuzuka, "Sorry for not paying attention. You should have just yelled at me or something."

"Um it is okay Kiba-kun" said Hinata, "And you don't have to call me –hime"

"Nope, no can do" replied Kiba with a sly grin.

"Eh?" asked Hinata, "But why?"

However, Kiba merely gave her a grin, and started to slowly get closer to her face. The close contact made Hinata feel very uncomfortable. She could feel his breath in her ear, and she could smell his cologne.

"Because" he whispered in her ear, which sent shivers down her spine, "You are my personal princess."

Hinata's eyes widened at this. So many questions went through her head at that moment; however something broke the mood between them.

"Ahem" interrupted Shino with annoyance, "If this mindless chatter is done, I believe we must discuss a topic before the class ends."

Hinata looked up at the Aburame with her face flushed with embarrassment, "Sorry" she mumbled.

Kiba however rolled his eyes and said," Whatever you say Captain Shino."

For the rest of the class Hinata tried to look directly into Kiba's eyes. Ino had warned her that he was a flirt and to not let him get to her. However, Hinata was finding that was easier said than done.

"Okay", started Shino, "Since Hinata-san is new, we should see what subjects she is comfortable with." Hinata nodded in agreement, while Kiba just shrugged his shoulders and put his hands over his head.

"So far, we studied biology and chemistry" Shino said, "Which do you prefer Hinata-san?"

"Um I prefer biology over chemistry," Hinata mumbled, "Do you have a topic in mind Shino-kun?"

"As of matter of fact" Shino started, "I do."

"Here he goes" Kiba sighed, "I bet you it has something to do with bugs right?"

If Shino was not wearing his dark glasses, Hinata could almost see the death glare he gave Kiba. "If you have a better idea Kiba, I would love to hear it." Shino said icily. Kiba looked scared for a second, but smiled at his friend and said, "Nope, go on."

Shino pushed his glasses further up and continued, "I was thinking we should research butterflies, and if the temperature of their environment affects their growth."

Hinata's eyes lit up at this idea, "That sounds like a wonderful idea Shino-kun," she exclaimed, "But… How are we suppose to get caterpillars?"

"That is not a problem," Shino started, "The Insect Society-"

"Bug Club" Kiba interrupted with a smirk. "Don't try to make it sound better to Hinata-hime. It is bug club."

"Kiba you are a pain" Shino stated, which caused Hinata to giggle. "Anyway, The Insect society is going bug hunting this weekend, so I will be able to catch a few caterpillars."

Hinata nodded in agreement, "Okay, would you like me to write the proposal?"

"That's will not be necessary Hinata-san" Shino said, "I have already written one, and I will hand it in."

"Oh!" Hinata said, "Um okay. So I guess we will start next week?"

"Yes" replied Shino.

Suddenly the bell, signaling school was over, rang.

"Okay class," Kakashi said, "You have exactly a month to finish this project. Don't forget to bring me your proposals."

Shino grabbed his bag and got up, "I will deliver the proposal to Kakashi-sensei." He left his desk, leaving Hinata and Kiba alone.

"So" Kiba started, "Ready for this project, my Hinata-hime?"

Hinata blushed at this nickname, remembering what he said before, "Oh!, Umm, yes. It sounds fun. I am very excited to work on it."

Kiba laughed, "Now, don't go all bug queen on me Hime. I don't want a female version of Shino here. I like you just the way you are."

The Hyuuga heiress was completely red by this comment, and did not know what to say. Thankfully she did not have to say anything.

"Kiba-baka" called out Ino, "Stop messing around with Hina-chan!" Ino left her desk, with her bag on hand, and went toward Kiba and Hinata.

"What are you?" Kiba asked, "Her mother?"

Ino chose to ignore him, "Hey Hina-chan. You want to go to the mall on Saturday?" Ino's eyes shone brightly at this question.

"Um well, I don't know. Hinata replied nervously.

Ino's face went into a pout, "Awww, Come-on Hinata! I bet we would totally have fun. Please? For me?" Ino eyes suddenly became big, like a puppy. "I'll buy you ice cream" she said.

Hinata laughed, "Um okay, I guess." Ino's expression perked up at this. "Cool. So I'll meet you in the middle of Hokage Park at two? Right on top of the bridge that is the middle of the lake."

"Um, that sounds good." Hinata smiled at her friend.

"Well ladies." Kiba said, "As much as I want to make plans with you, I have soccer practice right now."

"Kiba" Ino said with an annoyed voice, "Nobody wants to make plans with you."

The Inuzuka gave a wolfish grin, "Well goodbye then. " He grabbed his bag and got up. He then paused in front of Hinata and ruffled her hair, which made Hinata's heart skip a beat. "Try not to miss me too much Hinata-hime." Kiba said as he exited the classroom.

This left Hinata blushing furiously. Ino stared at Hinata before saying, "Don't worry about him. He is just a big flirt."

"Y-yeah" Hinata agreed, "I need to go now, before Neji-nii-chan wonders what is taking me too long."

"Okay" Ino said, "See you tomorrow Hina-chan."

Hinata smiled, grabbed her bag and exited the classroom. So many thoughts went through her head. They had to do with her shopping date with Ino, and the actions of Kiba. Either way, Hinata knew she could count on one person to talk to about this.

"Kurenai-nee-chan is going to have a field day with this" Hinata thought as walked through the hallway, "I hope she can help me."


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