I had woken up to an empty house- no note and no sign of another being having entered the dwelling. I shook the sleep from my body, hand grabbing my thick winter coat and cursing under my breath as I reached the door, yanking it open- only to come face to face with a large burley woodsman and my missing charge.

"I believe this belongs here," the man huffed, pushing Claire gently forward and glaring at her. "You'd do well to stay out of those woods missy- its dangerous. Weird things happen up there."

Claire nodded mutely and after I thanked the man- and got a brief description of what had happened I turned on her, somewhat pissed off.

"You realize it wasn't a wolf?" She nodded silently again, face to the floor as I approached her. Coming closer to her my enhanced sense of smell picked it up, a lingering scent that seemed familiar but I couldn't place. I scratched the side of my head, unsure of what to do. Especially when I noted the small nickel size pool of water forming on the floor.

"I just wanted…I wanted to see him…and the forest…" I sighed and retreated to the bathroom, grabbing some toilet tissue and bringing it back to her.

"Claire, listen…Gray will be back. There are things he had to do, and other reasons why he left- you know? It's complicated. He doesn't want to pressure you…" I trailed off, letting her dab her eyes and blow her nose.

"He doesn't pressure me- he infuriates me. Because he says…such things to me- then just disappears. How am I supposed to understand what I'm feeling if he isn't here to explain if its me or because of him and what he is…" She mumbled out in frustration, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand roughly.

"And what did he say to you?"

"That he was my mate…"

"And what did you do?" I questioned, crossing my arms over her chest.

"I rejected him of course- wouldn't you have…before you became what you are?" I nodded at her question without hesitation. "I mean I am more accepting now, and I want him here- and he isn't. I just want him to..,"

"To be here," I finished for her, my eyes shutting comfortable. "It's normal. You yearn for him. Gray…he's more at himself as a wolf. As a human- he is awkward."

"I've noticed," she mumbled, her lips pulling into a smile. "He's very shy." I nodded, chuckling some at her description.

"It frustrates him that he cant be as confident in this form, as he is as a wolf. He isn't good with words- or really actions. Even as a human, he distributes many dominate traits that he does as a wolf."

"Like staring- that eye contact. He never breaks it," she whispered in agreement, and I nodded at her.

"It's displaying dominance. He is asserting his role- in both forms. Trust me Claire, I understand what you're saying, what you mean, and I will do my best to explain it to Gray. This for him- is just as new to him as it is to you,"

I was about to continue when there was a loud knock on the door. I hesitated, but then went to greet the visitor. Needles to say when Saibara passed by me I was a little surprised. He circled Claire once, snatched her hand and brought it to his face.

"Go shower," he ordered lowly. The woman nodded, sprinting towards the bathroom- but she didn't make it quick enough. She had been startled, as had I, by the sudden throwing open of the door as pissed off looking man came through. Obviously he had just changed near by, or so I judged , being as he was in not so warm clothes.

Gray strode purposely forward, his eyes narrowed on the pale blonde. He stopped three feet away from her, eyes widening. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up nervously, just as Saibara stepped between the two, ordering for her to shower once more.

Claire quickly obliged, disappearing into the bathroom with not so much as a peep. I imagine the aura Gray gave off- and her being able to feel bits and pieces of his emotions had probably scared her. Gray himself stood immobile for a long time.

"Now isn't the time to lose it, Pup," Saibara stated, looking at me and jerking his head to the door in a gesture to leave. I begrudgingly obeyed, hesitating for only a moment as I reached for the door handle.

"She wanted to see you," I finally stated bluntly, hand resting on the cold steel of the knob firmly. "She's been worried and she missed you," I added, my back still turned towards the other man. "She waited till I was asleep, and went to find you. She wanted…you." That said I left, pausing at the property entrance only when I heard the door open. I glanced behind me to see the old man was leaving too. And hopefully after he had a moment to cool down, Gray wouldn't take it out on Claire.