The day had started out so well for Sasuke Uchiha, lots of training, and hanging out with friends afterwards.

That is, until IT was mentioned.


The website that constantly plagued Sasuke's life, taking over every conversation, even chasing him in his dreams.

It didn't help that everyone was on it.

And, when Sasuke said everyone, he meant EVERYONE.

Sakura had started it, then EVERYONE decided to get on it.

"Why don't you go on Facebook, Sasuke?" The question was so simple, yet it made Sasuke choke.

"HN" It was a logical answer.

But that simple question had scratched at him all day, causing him to be moody and secretive, not that he wasn't that always, but more than ever.

When he got home, the computer was like a magnet, calling him to it with it's telepathic mind.

At first, he tried to resist.

That OBVIOUSLY didn't work.

Sasuke approached his computer…

Should he?

After all, he had heard so many cool things about it….

Still, his stubborn uchiha-ness stopped his finger from touching the mouse that was hovering oh-so-innocently over the internet explorer icon.

His hands were shaking…

Why should he become a member of the largest website in the world?

It was addicting, and people spent too much time on their computers when they should be training. That's why.

Still, one little look couldn't hurt…he could always back out later…right?

He had never gotten addicted to something before…

He brought up the internet explorer window, googled Facebook, and clicked on it. It showed a web of people across the country all connected.

"what the hell" he said, and entered in his info.

All of a sudden, a large neon picture flashed across the screen.

Sasuke's eyes widened, then he felt a trickle of blood running from his nose.

Well, that trickle turned into a full-on explosive nosebleed.

Ah, poor Sasuke. After all, how was he to know that Naruto and master Kakashi rigged his computer to go from Facebook to Icha-Icha paradise.

The poor boy woke up the next morning with one hell of a headache, swearing he'd never go to Facebook again.

He was scarred for life.

Sasuke is being such a Drama Queen, isn't he?

I love him though.

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