Midnight Snack

In an urban apartment in the heart of Los Angeles, it's just a typical Saturday night. Well, as 'typical' as it can possibly be for a blonde mafia boss and a be-goggled computer hacker. The two roommates sit on opposite sides of the room, Matt sprawled out on a couch, and Mello slumped over on a dining chair.

Mello raises his head and his eyes dart to the other man, "Matt, run to the store for me." the gamer gives no response, "I said, 'Go to the store.'" Still without a response, Mello stands up from his chair and storms over to Matt. With two fingers, he pulls the familiar goggles a few inches from Matt's face, and releases them, letting snap back .

"What the hell was that for, man!?" Matt whines with his goggles off center.

"What do you think? There's no food left in the apartment, and I need some chocolate! So get your lazy ass off the couch and go to Wal-Mart or something before I beat you to a bloody pulp!"

Matt ignores the threat without even looking up from his game, "Not now, I'm in the middle of a boss battle, I'll go later or something…"

"No," Mello grabs the red head by his vest and pulls him up to eye level, glaring intensely, "I think you'll go now."

"I-I think I see your point…" Matt stutters, thinking, Wow, Mello's face is scary when he's angry… When Mello releases his grip on Matt and lets him fall back onto the ratty couch, Matt gets a brilliant idea. Although it's not so much brilliant, but rather just smart enough to trick a chocolate craving (and thusly impatient and gullible) Mello into going to the store with him. He jumps up from the couch and wraps his scrawny arms around his partner in crime, "Will ya come with me? Pretty please?"

Mello brushes off the embrace looking annoyed, "If I wanted to go, I'd go by myself, idiot."

Matt smirks and takes a few steps back, trying to make it look like he's giving in, "Okay, if you want to eat ramen noodles all week too, that's cool with me."

When Mello doesn't shout back at him, Matt knows that he's won. Mello turns around and faces Matt. He grabs Matt's shoulder looking too exhausted to put up a fight, (most likely as a result of his lack of chocolate) "Fine, but you're buying, and I'm dri-"

"Sweet, I'm driving!" Matt cuts off Mello and then snatches up lying on the table a split-second before Mello would have set his hand on them himself. He takes off sprinting out of the building and too his car, while Mello takes his time walking down the stairs, realizing what he just got himself into.

By the time Mello finished declining four flights of stairs; Matt is already waiting for him outside the apartment complex with the radio from his 1970 Chevy Camaro blasting at the highest volume.

"Matt, turn the damn music off, do you really want the neighbors knocking on our door in the middle of the night again?"

"Oh yeah, right…" Matt blushes a bit at the memory.

Matt kicks open the passenger door for Mello and waits for him to get in. Once the door closes, the cherry red car speeds into the flow of traffic. When the traffic slows down because of a red light, Matt takes the opportunity to light a cigarette. At first, instead of uselessly expressing his anger, Mello tries to hold his breath. Obviously, his lungs can only last a little more than a minute without oxygen, causing him to take a deep breath of smoke-saturated air. Upon breathing in, Mello coughs and wheezes like an asthmatic water buffalo (for those of you who don't know what that sounds like, trust me, you aren't missing out on anything). With some composure gained, he now expresses his fury, "Jesus Christ Matt, open a window!" he exploded, "How the hell can you stand this?"

"Oh come on, I know that you don't like the smoke, but it's not that bad." With than, Matt takes a long drag on his cigarette and blows a puff of smoke at the pissed off blonde. That doesn't really make anything better.

"That is it!" with Matt's reluctance to do anything, Mello takes things into his own leather gloved hands. He leans on top of Matt who is still driving, unrestricted by a seat belt, and seizes the cigarette from his hand, and the entire pack from his hand. He hits the window control with his elbow and waits for it to come down with Matt squirming underneath him. Once the window is down enough, Mello chucks the cancer sticks out as far away as he can, given his awkward position. When Matt stares out the window, his eyes almost watering, Mello kicks his feet up on the dash.

"Th-that was my last pack!"

"Well, next time roll down the window when I tell you to, and don't stutter it gets very annoying,"

While arguing with Mello, Matt misses the turn off into Wal-Mart. Mello notices this before the driver himself does, "Hey, watch the road."

"Oh shit!" Matt skillfully maneuvers the car, making a sudden U-turn, sliding gracefully (considering the point that he didn't hit any other cars while doing so) into the other lane. During the turn, the speed and the unexpected force send the passenger crashing into the side of the car and then to the floor. After turning, Matt pulls carefully into the parking lot without violating any more laws.

Matt stops the car and turns to Mello, trying without success to hide the wide grin on his face, "Hey Mell," he plucks the strap stretched across his chest, "seat belt."

"You…" Mello gasps, "BASTARD!! Care to tell me why the fuck you felt the need to make a gangster turn? We do not need any extra attention from the cops!"

"Relax, they won't even notice-"

Mello stops him before he can finish, "Oh really? Because that's what you said the last time, but I still had to bail your sorry ass out of jail."

"Last time doesn't count."

"Yeah, going 65 in a 25 zone doesn't attract attention at all." Mello rolls his eyes and steps out of the car, "Let's just get this over with."

"Okay." Matt hops out too and trots after Mello who is already half way to the building, "Hey Mells, I'm sorr-"While attempting to apologize, Matt crashes face-first into a pole. Hearing a metallic ring, Mello stops where he's at and walks back over to his fallen companion.

"Get up." Mello kicks Matt square in the ribs with his pointed boot.

"Gahh! Where's the love, man?" Matt slowly rises to his feet, shaking due to running into the pole and the kick. Mostly the kick.

Mello looks Matt in the eyes, "No wonder you ran into a pole," he again snaps Matt's goggles, "tinted goggles in the middle of the night? Can you see anything?"

"… … I can see the light…"

Of course, the light Matt is referring to is the glow of the thousands of fluorescent lights illuminating the area around the sliding glass doors. Not to be confused with anything else, Mello does not kick that hard (even if he might like to think that he does), and absolutely not to be confused with a certain psychopathic serial killer.

The duo slowly make their way to the entrance. They would be a lot faster, however while refusing to take his goggles off, Matt collided with a parked car.

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