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The second Matt sees Mello peering out of their bedroom, with eyes glazed over, he drops his game. The system slipped from his hands to crash to the floor- creating a spider web crack on the top screen. Even as his precious game fell, he never looked away from the blonde longing for him- a freak hurricane could pass through and he would be none the wiser.

"Matt, you'd best not make me wait…" Mello calls out beckoning him into the dimly lit room, he himself disappearing into the dark.

Shaking, the red head stands and creeps to the open door. A carefully manicured hand throws him onto their bed and slams the door shut. Mello kneels down over Matt to release a snarl from the back of his throat. He quickly strips his target to the skin, pinning him to the mattress while he removes most of his own as well- only leaving on his jeans. Paying special attention to the orange tinted goggles- making sure they crash into a wall. Then he takes the cheap belt he shed along with the other clothes, to bind Matt's hands skillfully to the bedpost.

Before the now naked man could even process what was happening, he's straddled just above the hips by a Mello's thin frame, "Ah! Mello, w-what are you doing?" he's stopped by Mello sliding back to sit just above his member, not touching it with his body, and cupping his hand around his mouth.

"Shhh, if you make a move or even a little sound, I'll bite…"

He places his lips along the muscle in Matt's neck. Sucking and biting as he feels him up and down his chest. Occasionally raking his nails across to hard and leaving thin trails of blood in their place. Mello begins to move lower, closing in on his stomach. But stops mere hairs short of touching him.

Matt, who had his head thrown back in need, snapped back up to see what was wrong. The only thing he saw was Mello smiling like the devil he is, "Is this hurting you?" he reaches directly behind his back to lightly brush past Matt's growing erection, his grin expanding to cover even more of his face, "Let me see what I can do about it…" He slides himself back to sit on Matt's knees. Keeping him forced down while he tears his final piece of clothing off, revealing all of himself to his captive.

Matt twists and squirms to try to alleviate his desire, but a painful pressure on his joints stills him. Mello bends over his pet to run his tongue over the soft skin of his inner thigh, working his way ever slowly inward to where Matt wanted him. He sets his mouth over the sensitive organ, only flicking over the head a few times, never going at a speed to suit Matt.

"Ah-"Matt breaks the forced silence, gasping out in agony. "Don't Mello, j-just a little bit…"

Meeting his pleas, Mello takes more of the restrained man in his mouth. The farther he goes, the harder he scrapes his teeth into his manhood, holding strong to his threat. Making Matt groan under him encouraged him even more. It pushes him to go faster, testing the limits of Matt's self control.

The blonde pauses playing with his toy and snakes his way back up. Unable to resist the deep rouge blush setting in, he snaps up Matt's lower lip between his teeth, creating a muffled yelp. All that he needed to invade the other's mouth was in that slight movement. He swiftly dominates his mouth, leaving no room for defiance. At that same moment, he lets his fingers trail again, finding and pinching Matt's exposed nipples, hardened by the cool night air flowing in through windows left open in haste. As he plays with the red head's chest, he still draws him into the kiss, demanding more of him while he tastes every part of his mouth.

Mello breaks off the kiss to press the side of his face to Matt's flushed cheek and feel his silken (even if slightly greasy) hair. Attempting to take in as much as possible, he breathes in deeply and audibly.

"Do you want me?" he whispers into him, "How bad do you want me?"

Trembling from the touch, Matt falters over his words, "I… I… so much, I need you in me… more than anything now, please."

"If you really need me, I guess I might be able to help-"Mello teases. He sits up straight and traces small circles on the smaller man's chest with his forefinger, "And you did say please…"

Mello stares at Matt's emerald eyes, slicking each of three fingers slowly, one at a time. The strain of waiting took away the last of the gamer's nerve, making him tremble and shake with any little movement from the blonde on top of him. Slowly, his moist fingers find their way down to Matt's entrance. He roughly presses two fingers inside of him with little effort. Then he inserts a third, spreading them all apart, but still taunting and preventing him from a full release.

Matt arches his back into Mello, attempting to bring himself closer to the fickle pleasure that was driving him wild. His bound hands clasped together to the point of turning white, and his toes gripping the bed sheets. As Mello finishes preparing him, he relaxes a bit, panting during the short time without contact. But Mello doesn't make the smaller man wait long before replacing this hand with his own painfully hardened length, slamming in hard right away.

"Ah!" Matt cries out in utter pain, "F-Fuck Mello!"

The blonde places his idle hands on Matt's upright knees to push them farther apart, giving him more access to the sweet flesh between them. Still thrusting, but not as forcefully, he slumps down to brush his lips past Matt's stomach, whispering into him, "Heh, Matty, you're so shameless… I love it…"

Matt wraps his parted legs around Mello's muscular body, urging him to go deeper. Mello licks across his tense center, drawing out his suffering. He looks to the tightly closed eyes of his captive before returning to penetrate the red head with renewed purpose- intent of seeing him completely undone. He pushes into him again, growing faster with each unstable movement to hear Matt's moans- warm and filled with satisfaction, but tinged with an icy, biting pain.

With one final move, Mello slams into Matt perfectly, causing him to spill himself between the two. In moments of feeling his lover reach his climax, Mello too releases the long pent up pressure inside of him, seeping into Matt's opening, and slightly overflowing into his thighs. He pulls his now softer length and looks over Matt, dripping in sweat and his own juices. Dipping down low, the Russian laps up the liquid on the other's chest, before curling into him.

As Mello nestles into him, Matt's arms begin to fall asleep, "Uh, Mello, my arms…"

"What about them?" he cuddles in more, wrapping his arms around Matt's neck, getting a firm hold of him.

"Aren't you going to untie me?"

"No." Mello stares plainly. No hint of sarcasm or humor in his husky voice.

Matt sighs realizing this is what he meant by a punishment. He looks down at his lover who is gently drifting into a much needed sleep after a stressful night. A light pink blush creeping over him, giving a false look of innocence. If his hands weren't tied together, he would have run them through Mello's golden tresses damp with sweat. Instead, he does the second best thing, he relaxes, (as much as possible with his shoulders in a stiff position, wrists burning, and completely nude right next to an open window) watching the slight rise and fall of his pale chest, already tranquil in a slumber.

One thought echoes throughout his mind before also wandering into a strained sleep-

Best negative-reinforcement ever...

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