Naruto's advice Disclaimer and warnings:

Summary: Sakura is depressed by another of Sasuke's rejections and turns to Naruto expecting to be uplifted by his crush. What she gets instead may change her whole outlook on life and her purpose in it. This is just a couple days after becoming a team. I'm assuming you have some background knowledge of the series.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the associated characters. I may or may not own any jutsu that I come up with but as I doubt I'll make any money off them just tell me if you use em. I also do not own Bleach but some of the concepts I'm using will come from there. I'm sorry about any spoilers from anything but that's the risk of reading fanfiction.

Helpful: the map I'm using. .com/art/Naruto-Map-65093228 Probably not exact but you get the idea.

A/N: this started as a one-shot Naruto/Sakura kinky smex thing and it grew quickly out of proportion in my attempts to put in a proper lead-in. Don't worry if that's not what you're looking for; there will be kinky, likely borderline disturbing smex just be patient. It's starting to look like a harem fic and if you don't like those things I'm sorry but too bad there are just too many good reasons for Naruto to end up with all the girls. I'll try to keep it down to three or four but we'll see how it goes. Like I said, this had grown like a population of rabid bunnies on speed and they are all currently cannibalizing my muse. And with that amazing visual on with some warnings:


This story will have multiple instances of graphic violence and occasionally there will be kinky or possible offensive styles of sex. That is why it's rated M! If you cannot handle that, then you shouldn't be reading my work. Precedence has been set by my other stories here on . I like this site because it's easier for me to use than and it doesn't often screw up my stories. If this gets pulled off this site I won't be editing the content and reposting it like I've seen some other authors doing. I'll try to post it on too but as I said I don't like the way they post so… there you have it. Even though it sounds cliché it really is about personal responsibility. If you get offended by iffy subject matter than you should start looking at stories that are rated lower. It isn't the responsibility of the site to monitor what is being posted so they don't offend anyone. They can't be responsible for the thousands of people posting and to do so would totally destroy the spirit of the site. If they started telling us what to post it wouldn't be original or author driven. This is about creativity and creating something unique and entertaining, that comes in all forms and if you don't like a form of it don't read it.

Sorry about that rant but it gets on my nerves to see stories I like taken down and the authors give up on them because someone blabbed to the site manager and bitched enough to get it taken down. The "report story abuse" button should be changed to "report plagiarism" because that is a serious problem that site managers should look into. Obviously people writing about sex and marking it 'T for teen' notwithstanding.

Atom-of-Ice's writing key:



Inner-Sakura/Kyuubi thoughts

"Summons/Kyuubi talking"

-- break -- drastic change of scene or time (basically where nothing important happens, like sleeping or walking)

-- perspective change from one character to another without an accompanying scene change

-flashback- will denote a flashback… surprise. The entire flashback will be in italics to help separate it from the current time

I'll try to put in my Japanese technique translations but if I miss some and you can't figure them out from the story context please review and tell me so. Thanks