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Your body is a wonderland
Your body is a wonder (I'll use my hands)
Your body is a wonderland

--- Body is a Wonderland, John Mayer

"You're an idiot," Mary took in the sight of him; t-shirt, jeans and barefoot with damp hair and smoldering eyes, and she knew the ice tea could just damn well wait, "But you're my idiot." Reaching up, she drew him down to her to continue what they had started outside.

Their kisses were deep, long and full of desire and love. Marshall discovered she would thrust her hips against him every time he sucked on her bottom lip, and Mary could make him emit the most wonderful moan from deep in his chest when she sucked on his tongue. His hands skimmed her hips, ribs, back as he wanted to touch every part of her, and he settled his hips into hers to make her groan and seek out the bottom of his shirt to splay her hands against the skin on his ribs.

Marshall shifted to bury one hand in her hair and tilt her head back as he broke the kiss to explore her neck and ears with kisses and nips. Never leaving a mark, but managing to suckle at points over her pounding pulse that made her knees weak and she gasped when his other hand slid under her shirt to caress her waist and abdomen. His touch on her bare skin like fire.

"You taste so damn good, Mare," he was whispering, "I want to taste all of you. Just spend a whole day devouring you."

His words were incredibly erotic, and Mary slid her hands down his back to grab his ass and pull him against her roughly, feeling the decidedly aroused portion of her partner press into her.

"We have too many clothes on for this." She gasped as his sweet torture of her neck continued.

Marshall straightened suddenly, grasped the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head in one swift move. Mary chuckled, then just watched him look at her. She had worn a simple bra, but it was nearly sheer with a thin satin border and Marshall was entranced.

She looked so soft and smooth, and Marshall didn't know what to enjoy first. He trailed his fingers across her collarbone, following her bra straps down to the cups, then along the satin over the swell of her breasts, catching his breath as her nipples tightened with the sensation. He dragged his eyes back up her darkened ones.

"You are gorgeous…exotic….mesmerizing." each word accompanied by a slow kiss as his hands trailed over her breasts to feel each curve.

Mary was going to either pass out from pleasure or rip his clothes off in order to get to him. Her breathing was shallow and her groin heavy with need, and she traced her hands back up his chest to scrape her nails over his nipples as tease him as he did her. Marshall looked at her with a mischievous grin as he reached behind her. Before she could connect the dots, he had the ice cube in his hand and allowed a cold drop to fall onto the valley between her breasts.

"Did you think I was kidding about the ice cubes?" his voice low and sultry…nothing like what she had heard before. More streaks of lightning shot through her core as he slowly rested the ice cube against her skin and dragged it down as he watched the goosebumps rise behind it, over her bra to wet the fabric and make her nipple tighten nearly painfully and she groaned.

Marshall hissed in a breath with her reaction, and he bent forward to trail kisses along the wet track the ice cube had made, then shifted to lower himself slightly to kiss her nipple through the wet fabric and Mary jumped with the sensation while she grabbed onto the counter, "Oh, God."

He smiled crookedly as his hands held her ribcage and ran his tongue over the straining bud while Mary squirmed, finally suckling her breast through her bra and thought he might just explode right there as she looked down at him with such raw desire in her eyes that he caught his breath. Holding her gaze, Marshall slowly tortured her other breast in the same way, and Mary actually whimpered as his mouth closed over her and he nipped her lightly.

That was a sound he had never heard come out of his partner before, and Marshall knew he was not long for this world if he didn't have her soon. Spinning her around quickly, he put his back against the counter and pulled her to him to settle her between his thighs with a grunt, his hands cupping her bottom as he strained against her.

Mary smiled at his obvious frustration, and her hands began to work at the button on his jeans, "We really need to do something about that, partner."

She unzipped him and smoothed her hand down the length of him through his boxers as she leaned up to capture his lips again with hers. Mary was impressed, those large hands really did match other parts of him, "It seems you're full of surprises too." she whispered against his lips as he groaned with her touch.

Marshall suddenly grabbed her hands to still her and panted for a moment. Mary waited, not sure of his motivation.

"Christ, Mare, you make me insane. I'm so ramped up that I'm going to come if you even blow on me right now." He watched her face to see a sly smile appear and the eyes narrow with intent, "Oh, dear God…" was all he could mutter.

"Let's see if that's true." She said as she knelt in front of him and Marshall could only watch.

Mary loosened his jeans a little more and again stroked him through the fabric of his underwear to watch him close his eyes with pleasure. She slowly inched down his boxers to release him to her touch and was fascinated by the beauty of the man in front of her. As her hands touched him, Marshall shifted and swore and Mary was only encouraged.

Making enough room for her hands to stroke the length of him and his testicles, she purred as the velvety smoothness of his skin and ran her fingers through his pubic hair to hear him gasp. Using his own moisture, Mary ran her index finger over and down the tip of him then firmly grasped him and slid her hand down to feel all of him. Marshall grabbed her head with both hands and mumbled something obscene as Mary began to stroke him slowly.

It was better than his wildest fantasy, and Marshall opened his eyes to look at her as her hands slid over him like gloves of fire. The temptress on her knees looked up at him under her lashes as she kissed him from tip to base, then swirled her tongue back up to lightly lick the bead of moisture from him. Speechless, he couldn't even beg, only able to widen his stance for balance.

He tasted a little like sweat and musk and soap all combined, and Mary just wanted more. She licked and stroked him while watching his face, enjoying the feel of his hands gripped in her hair and the ever deepening blue of his eyes as he became critically aroused. She knew it was time to bring him to release, and as her tongue again swirled around his tip, she leaned in and took him fully into her mouth.

"Ah, fuck…Mary…so good." Marshall stuttered as his head fell back with the feel of her lips and tongue completely surrounding him and her hands still stroking him. He forced himself to look down at her again and knew he was going to come apart soon, the image so incredibly erotic. He tried not to grip her head too tightly as she swallowed him again and again, but his vision started to blur as purred against him and flicked her tongue just so. Cursing again, Marshall pushed his hips into her strokes and quiet pleas fell from his lips before he barked something unintelligible and became rigid while holding her against him. No longer seeing or hearing as the orgasm propelled him into oblivion.

Mary swallowed him deeply while he came, so incredibly aroused and pleased that she could make this man beg, curse and shout while writhing against the counter. This was definitely on the to do list for many years to come. His fingers clenched and unclenched in her hair as he relaxed from the intensity of the orgasm, and she felt him begin to sag while she released him and looked up.

Marshall's eyes were closed with a look of intense pleasure and concentration, mouth open as he panted and groaned breathlessly. Mary steadied him with one arm while she stood and grabbed a chair with the other. Placing it next to him, she coaxed him to sit before he fell over, and Marshall oozed into the seat while Mary stood straddled over his thighs with a huge grin.

She took his face in her hands, and as he opened his eyes to gaze at the goddess before him she spoke.

"Welcome to Georgia, Cowboy."

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