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"I'm thinking of a song right now." Mary whispered against his mouth, and Marshall started sliding his hand along her thigh from her knee while settling her onto him more securely. Mary's eyebrows raised with the feel of his arousal.

"Mmmm…me too," he murmured as he ran his tongue over her bottom lip, "but I don't think it's the same one you have in mind." Doubts about her decision were being replaced by other, more pressing thoughts, and Marshall turned his attention to this lapful of willing woman.

Mary wiggled a bit to make him twitch and suck in a breath and she continued to tease him with kisses, "Mine has the word 'ass' in it. Thought you'd like that."

Oh, yeah, he liked that, Marshall thought, then got distracted again as his hand slid under her shirt to find she wasn't wearing a bra. Grasping the back of her head with his free hand, he brought her mouth to his and used his tongue to explore her with licks and swirls while his other hand stroked the curve of her breast and fluttered over her nipple as she moaned. Releasing her to look into her aroused eyes, Marshall countered, "But mine has the word 'table' in it."

He was pulled off the porch a few minutes and a few more moans later.

Mary pushed him up against the wall just inside the front door and ground her hips against his as she pulled his head down to continue their heated kiss. Marshall, only more than willing to pick up where they left off, ran his hands under her shirt to take both breasts into his palms and gently squeeze the soft flesh as Mary murmured and sighed into his mouth.

Suddenly, his switched his hands to cup her bottom and picked her up off the floor as she wrapped her legs around him and exclaimed, "Oh!"

He walked into the kitchen as Mary giggled and nibbled on his ear, making him grunt with the extra effort of distraction. He set her down right in front of the table and massaged both hands into her hair to capture her head and stared at her with such base need that she had to catch her breath.

"I believe you're on the menu this morning, Cowgirl." He growled, then kissed her deeply and thoroughly until she whimpered.

Releasing her, Marshall reached down to snag the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them swiftly down, panties and all, then sat her up on the table so quickly she didn't have time to protest, but did gasp as she smiled.

"It's cold!"

He pulled her pants off her ankles and tossed them aside, then raked his gaze over her hungrily and she warmed up quickly.

Marshall was aching with need for the half naked woman on the table, already looking thoroughly kissed and mussed, and when she leaned back on her palms with a saucy looked and kicked her legs playfully he moved in eagerly.

Sliding his hands slowly up her thighs, he held her eyes and watched her lick her lips in anticipation as his hands crept ever closer to their goal. When his fingertips touched her soft folds, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back with a tight groan.

"God, Marshall, you just touch me and I'm already on the edge."

He allowed his fingers to gently and lightly stroke her as he replied, "Let's see how long we can keep you there."

She was moist and hot and Marshall wasn't far from the edge himself as he knew what it would feel like to be enveloped by her. Now sliding his hands up onto her abdomen as she made a small sound of loss, he stepped in closer to lean over and capture her lips with light kisses and slow licks, pleased when she wiggled a bit towards the edge of the table to get closer to him. Leaning in even further, he now forced her to keep her palms on the table behind her hips in order to keep from lying backwards and his hands again slid onto her breasts, pushing her t-shirt up with them.

Her breasts were gorgeous, and Marshall really was torn as to whether he liked them or her ass better. The best of both worlds, he decided, as he could nibble on these and put his hands on the other.

Rolling one nipple between his thumb and fingers, he lowered his head to place open mouthed kisses on the sides and bottom of her other breast and she moaned, "Oh…I like that…". Slowly, he worked in to her nipple and swirled his tongue around the pink nub, watching her face as she watched him.

Mary's breath was coming at a pant as she watched Marshall's tongue travel over her nipple, erotic and achingly arousing. His other hand only adding to the throbbing heat infusing her belly and groin as he caressed and massaged her other breast.

"You know where I want you." she whispered, catching his eye.

His response was to suck her entire nipple into his mouth and scrape it lightly with his teeth and she jerked upward and hissed in a breath.

"Hors d'oevres" he mouthed onto that breast before suckling her again to make her twitch.

Mary couldn't even reach for him as her balance was precarious, only groan and try to thrust against him as he continued to lick and nibble his way across her chest to her other breast and slowly drive her mad some more.

Breathing hard, Marshall pulled back to look at her and kissed her hard again as he took her hips to pull her all the way to the edge of the table, reaching out with his leg to hook a chair. Standing up, he pulled away slightly to look at her.

"My God, you're beautiful."

She would've given him anything at that moment, his words and the look in his eye consuming her. Her eyes widened slightly as he pulled the chair in and had a seat while continuing to devour her with his gaze.

"Marshall…this is…" her protest and slight nervousness quickly cut off as the hands he had on her hips trailed inward to stroked over groin and down the insides of her thighs.

"This is what?" he raised an eyebrow as his hands retraced their route, pushing her thighs outward to access more of her and delighting in her softness.

"…making me crazy…Jesus…" she panted, watching him and his hands.

Scooting in closer, and smiling as Mary caught her breath with his action, he slowly placed each of her feet on his thighs so her legs wouldn't dangle uncomfortably. This also allowed him fan her knees apart and he blew slowly along the inside of one thigh until he reached the junction of her groin and watched his breath part her curls. She raised her hips slightly in anticipation. He was entranced, and Mary was barely hanging on.

"Dammit, Marshall, tie on a napkin and dig in already." She demanded with a hitched breath and he smiled some more. Driving her mad was driving him mad, but it was worth the nearly painful ache.

He played with her with one finger, slowly parting her and circling and teasing until she whimpered and pleaded softly, and only then did he lean in to place a light kiss on her center and she jumped with the sensation. Still using his finger to caress and probe, Marshall now began to lightly run his tongue around the sensitive bud and Mary moaned while she continued to watch him.

She had never watched a man do this to her before, never being in this position before, and the sight of him enjoying her nearly made her dizzy. He was teasing and licking lightly and she felt the curl of need tighten and intensify, making small noises of want come out of her mouth.

He heard her and began to flatten his tongue with each pass over her folds, causing her hip to swivel and twist slightly as she guided his actions. Her feet pressed into his thighs and Marshall leaned in just a little more, keeping one hand now gripped on her hip to make sure she didn't fall off the table. Knowing what she wanted, he now swirled two finger tips around her opening, and when he moved his tongue back up he swiftly pushed into her while suckling with his mouth and she fell backwards onto the table with her arms out to the sides.

"Oh God!...feels so good…keep…that…" Her eyes were closed now and one hand gripped the edge of the table while the other reached down to grab his hair.

He thrust into her slowly and deeply with his fingers while matching that rhythm with his tongue and mouth and he moaned with her as her actions only served to heighten his desire. She held his head firmly and he gripped her hip harder as her writhing increased with his tempo. He felt her muscles begin to squeeze his fingers and concentrated on pressing into her to hit just the right spot.

Mary could only hold onto him as her body swelled with arousal, then infused with heat as she was pushed into orgasm by his fingers and tongue, shuddering and twisting with a keening cry that nearly drove him over the edge with her. Groaning into her as he took her through the wave.

Before she could come completely down from the high, he stood and released himself from his sweats, stepped in and thrust into her as he pulled her hips towards him.

"Jesus….ah, God, Mary…." Marshall nearly shouted with intense pleasure of softness surrounding him.

Mary gasped and felt herself ride right back up towards another climax with his thrust, his angle of entry allowing her to feel him deep inside of her and she wrapped her legs around his waist to hold him to her.

"Marshall," she gasped, "I'm going to go again, hurry."

He had a look of intensity on his face and looped his arm under one knee to draw her leg up towards his shoulder as he thrust into her with both hands on her hips for leverage.

Mary gasped and Marshall cursed as he thrust hard and fast, speeding towards release as she clenched around him and he slid against her. Mary yelled his name and grabbed his arms as she curled up slightly, Marshall only knowing he heard the table scrape against the floor as his world exploded in light and pleasure, hips driving on instinct.

Panting as he focused slowly again a few moments later, he leaned over her to rest his forearms on the table since his legs were shaking and he didn't want to fall down. She was still shuddering slightly and her inner muscles twitched and tightened with little aftershocks, causing him to jerk also with sensitivity. Resting his head on her chest, Marshall lightly kissed the sweaty valley between her breasts.

"This place is definitely worth the wait." he whispered with a chuckle.

She moaned with a grin, "And the service just can't be beat."

He was thinking they were going to need a towel, then closed his eyes as he realized what that meant.


"I know."

"Are we…"

"Does it really matter?" Mary ran her fingers through his hair and raised his head to meet her eyes. The blue gaze deep and concerned.

Her eyes were calm and focused, and Marshall knew the answer, "Not anymore."

He kissed her, then they chuckled as they tried to extricate themselves from their precarious position without a mess and failed miserably, now laughing while gathering clothing and placing the table back in the spot it somehow was moved from.

Wobbly and sated, the pair weaved their way to the bedroom to lie on their backs and allow the cool breeze to soothe them.

"That was a wild ride, Cowboy." she sighed.

"Wait 'til you see what I can do with my spurs on." he retorted.

Mary clubbed him with a pillow.

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